How to communicate with your personal injury attorney effectively

After sustaining an injury from a car accident, you may be thinking about a personal injury attorney. You may already have a personal injury attorney and are wondering what the best way is to communicate with them to get the most out of your case, and make sure your injuries are properly addressed. When you have an injury attorney representing you, the following list of quick tips will help so you don’t feel left in the dark, and you attorney can properly give you the information you need.

1) Be clear about your injuries and what you want from representation

Make sure your attorney knows after you retain his or her services, what you expect. This conversation should take place early on. Speak to the injury lawyer and his or her staff about your injuries, and your expectations.

2) Understand the process

Ask questions, and make sure you understand the process. There should be a lot of contact between you and the law firm early on in your case, so your injuries can be established, and expectations can be addressed. After that, you will likely be receiving medical treatment and hopefully recovering from your injuries. During that time, you will likely speak to the law firm less, because while you are treating, your lawyer is developing legal strategy for your case.  Depending on your injury and the type of treatment necessary to address them, this time period of your treatment will vary. After your treatment process is complete, you will likely start speaking to the lawyer or his or her staff more frequently again, as your treatment is now complete, and it is time to start speaking to the party that caused your injury to determine if your case can be settled without a lawsuit.

3) Your injury lawyer is trying to help you

If you don’t win, we don’t win. If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid. So why would your attorney do things to hurt your case? Even though you may not talk to your attorney’s office every day, that doesn’t mean they aren’t working on your case. There are many things that go into any injury case behind the scenes, so you are successful and get the settlement you want. While communication is important, you have to keep in mind, though you may have not heard from your attorney’s office in a week, that doesn’t mean they didn’t work on your case that week. If you ever have a question, just call the firm. Don’t hold a grudge because someone from the firm hasn’t called. If there is ever new information, the law firm will always call you. In the meantime, just give your lawyer a buzz if you need something.

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