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Are Autonomous Vehicles Safe? 4 Stats on Self-Driving Car Safety Regardless of what any of us think about self-driving cars, you should rest assured that they are on their way to a road near you. Because these driverless vehicles are just getting their start, the self-driving car safety statistics are a bit thin, but they help to flesh out... Read More
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Impaired Driving Statistics – How Common Does It Happen in TX? The statistics related to impaired driving are sobering at best. Although there is no doubt about the danger associated with impairment, the numbers show that there are far too many impaired motorists out there. If you’ve been injured by an impaired driver, you need the professional legal counsel of... Read More
How Many Drunk Driving Deaths Per Year in Texas? We’re all aware that drunk driving is incredibly dangerous, but the numbers may surprise you. Drunk driving is an exceptionally dangerous driving practice that continues to plague our roads. If a drunk driver leaves you or someone you love injured, protect your rights, your recovery, and your rightful compensation... Read More
2022 Distracted Driving Statistics in Texas When you see a motorist in your midst who doesn’t respond to driving cues the way he or she should – whose driving is a bit off – it’s often directly attributable to distraction behind the wheel. In fact, you may even catch a motorist in the telltale position... Read More
How Many People Died from Being High and Driving? Driving while High Statistics in TX When we think of impaired driving, driving under the influence of alcohol generally comes to mind, but motorists who are under the influence of marijuana represent another significant concern. It is more difficult to identify motorists who are high, which makes accurate statistics more difficult to come by. What... Read More
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Do More Accidents Happen on the Highway or in Town? Highway Accident Statistics in Texas Car accidents endanger lives, and knowing how to avoid them is key to your safety and welfare. Obeying the rules of the road, making safety your top priority, and better understanding when you are most at risk can all help you and your family stay safe out there. If... Read More
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