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Injured in an Accident with a Company Vehicle?

Company Vehicle accidents occur all over the United States every day. These heavy-duty vehicles, often hauling large equipment and tools, can cause massive destruction to personal property as well as life-changing injuries.  Too often, when these vehicles cause a violent accident, the company that is responsible will try to avoid taking accountability for the damage it caused. Don’t be taken advantage of after a company vehicle accident. Instead, call The Patel Firm PLLC and ensure you receive every penny you deserve.  Contact us today. 24/7/365, someone at The Patel Firm PLLC is ready and able to take your call.

Common Reasons Company Vehicle Accidents Occur

Driver Fatigue. Driver fatigue is one of the top reasons avoidable accidents caused by company vehicles occur. Drivers are forced to work long hours past a normal work shift to get jobs done. Excess hours lead to tired drivers who risk falling asleep at the wheel and causing massive injuries.

Driver Inattention.Driver inattention or distracted driving is another common cause of big truck and company vehicle accidents. Company employees using cell phones or otherwise trying to conduct business while driving a company vehicle can cause car wrecks and accidents that have devastating consequences.

Unsafe Maneuvering. Changing lanes abruptly, Misjudging traffic, merging improperly, braking quickly, failure to slow down or speed up, and unsafe passing are all common reasons company trucks and company vehicles cause accidents. When company drivers are unfamiliar with the roads they are traveling, there is an increased chance that they will cause an accident that could cause overwhelming injury and destruction.

Alcohol or Drug Use. Drunk driving or intoxicated driving are also common reasons for company vehicle accidents. No driver should be intoxicated when operating a vehicle. Company employees driving large company trucks and company vehicles should be especially cautious, knowing that the types of vehicles they are operating can could cause catastrophic injury, or even death.

FAQ’s about Company Vehicle Collisions

Q: What is a Company Vehicle?

A: A company vehicle can generally be understood as any vehicle that is being utilized for the furthering of a business interest at the time of the collision.  The following is a short list of vehicles that would be considered a company vehicle: 18- wheeler, Box truck, van, dump truck, garbage truck, cement truck, construction truck, logo vehicles, passenger pick up vehicle, limos, food trucks, and buses.

Q: How long do I have to file a claim against a Company if I was hit by a Company Vehicle?

A: The statute of limitations, or the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit for injuries if you were injured in a car accident is the same, regardless of if you were hit by a company vehicle or a regular vehicle. The specific state where the accident took place, will determine the statute of limitations. In Texas, the statute of limitations for personal injury is 2 years.

Q: Should I hire a Company Vehicle Accident Injury Attorney?

A: Yes. It is one thing to try to navigate a small injury claim by yourself during a fender bender, it is quite another to try to do the same when going up against a company and their employee. A company has an endless amount of resources to try and cover up the damage they have caused and take advantage of you if they can. Don’t let them. Make sure you speak to an injury attorney as soon as you can.

Q: Who is liable for my damages if I get hit by a company vehicle?

A: The company and the driver are both individually and collectively responsible for your damages. Because the driver was performing a job duty when you were injured, ultimately his or her negligence is the responsibility of the company and its insurance carrier.

Q: Will my matter take longer if I was hit by a company vehicle?

A: It is difficult say. Generally speaking, being hit by a company vehicle doesn’t mean your claim will take longer than if you were hit by a regular vehicle. It really depends on your specific injuries and your recovery. All injury claims are different.

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If you or a loved one were involved in a company vehicle accident or have been injured by a company vehicle, make sure your rights are protected and call The Patel Firm PLLC today. 24/7/365, there is always some ready to assist. Contact us today.

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