Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney

Injured in a Motorcycle Accident?

Being hit on a motorcycle, being thrown from a motorcycle, or having to lay a motorcycle down to avoid great risk, are all common ways motorcycle enthusiasts can be significantly injured when enjoying a ride. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2015, it was six times more likely that a motorcycle accident ended in a fatality, when compared to traditional passenger vehicles. When injuries occur after a motorcycle accident, it is important to understand your rights and the steps to take moving forward. Contact The Patel Firm PLLC today to speak with a trusted motorcycle injury attorney about your options. 24/7/365, someone is ready to speak with you. Give us a call today.

Common Injuries After a Motorcycle Accident

The following is brief list of common injuries after a motorcycle collision:

Road Rash

Broken or Fractured Bones


Deep Cuts and Lacerations

Deep Bruising

Herniated Discs

Spinal Cord Injury

Catastrophic Injury

Motorcycle Safety Tips

1. Make sure you are visible. Where clothes that are bright and identifying so other motorists can see you clearly.

2. Wear a helmet! This is the easiest way to stay safe. Don’t be an idiot. It’s cooler to wear a helmet.

3. Monitor the roads for large truck and 18 wheelers. Make sure you are riding defensively and watching out for large vehicles on the roadways. Always maintain a safe distance from the vehicles traveling around you.

4. Check your motorcycle before you take off. Brakes work? Throttle work? Horn work? Don’t take off until you make sure your motorcycle is properly operational.

Motorcycle Accident FAQ’s

Q: Do I need specific insurance or a license to ride a motorcycle?

A: Yes! You need to have specific motorcycle insurance to properly insure your motorcycle. You also need to be licensed to operate a motorcycle in the state you live in.

Q: Do I need an attorney after being hit on my motorcycle?

A: At the very least, you should sit down with an injury attorney to discuss your rights and make sure you are making good decisions. 24/7/365, someone at The Patel Firm is ready and available to speak with you. Contact us today.

Q: My helmet and riding jacket got destroyed when I was hit. Will I be reimbursed?

A: Yes. Similar to a property damage claim in a passenger vehicle, a motorcycle rider who has been hit by a negligent driver can recover all damages to their motorcycle and their personal property resulting from the wreck, such as a damaged helmet or torn riding jacket.

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