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2022 Drunk Driving Statistics While it comes as no surprise that drunk driving is exceptionally dangerous, far too many motorists fail to lose their taste for it. The danger associated with drunk driving isn’t going away any time soon, and understanding the latest relevant statistics can give you a feel for just how... Read More

Do More Accidents Happen on the Highway or in Town? Highway Accident Statistics in Texas Car accidents endanger lives, and knowing how to avoid them is key to your safety and welfare. Obeying the rules of the road, making safety your top priority, and better understanding when you are most at risk can all help you and your family stay safe out there. If... Read More

Which Color Cars Have the Most Accidents? When you purchase a new car, you likely have a preference regarding color, but that preference probably has nothing to do with safety. The fact is that research suggests the color of your car can play a role in how likely you are to be in a car accident.... Read More

Holiday Car Accident Statistics & Ways to Stay Safe The holidays – whether it’s the holiday season, the Fourth of July, or Memorial Day – are opportunities to gather with loved ones and enjoy the festivities, but statistics show that these holidays see more car accidents than any other time of year. Fortunately, there are things you can... Read More

Car Accident Frequency Stats – How Often Do Car Accidents Happen in Texas? If you have been injured by another driver’s negligence in Texas, you are not alone. In fact, Texas sees a disproportionate share of dangerous car crashes on its roadways. A car accident can leave you facing considerable losses in terms of property damage to your vehicle, medical expenses, lost... Read More

Elderly Car Accident Statistics in TX – Do Elderly Drivers Cause More Car Accidents? Car accidents are a fact of driving, and some groups of people are more closely linked to dangerous car accidents than others (according to available statistics). You probably recognize that teenagers are a high-risk group, but if you think that elderly drivers can’t be far behind, you are in... Read More

Car Accident Deaths vs Gun Deaths Comparison in Texas It may surprise you to learn that traffic accidents kill at least as many people every year as guns do. In fact, many call it a car crash epidemic. Driving is the most dangerous thing that most of us do on a regular basis, and it’s more dangerous than... Read More

Car Accident Statistics on Male vs Female – Who Causes More Car Accidents? If you ever wondered who causes more car accidents – men or women – and how they compare, you’ve come to the right place. Car accidents are dangerous regardless of who causes them, and they are typically caused by driver negligence – whether the driver in question is a... Read More

5 Important Car Accident Texting and Driving Statistics in Texas Distracted driving, including texting (the most dangerous distraction of all) is a serious problem across the entire nation and beyond, and Texas is no exception. When motorists don’t pay adequate attention to their driving, they make car accidents more likely, and they increase the risks for everyone. If you’ve... Read More

9 Texas Rental Car Accident Statistics – Everything You Need to Know If you’re injured by the negligence of another driver who is behind the wheel of a rental car, it can make a complicated matter seem more so. The fact of the matter is, however, that driver negligence is driver negligence regardless of whether the negligent driver is behind the... Read More

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