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Can Other Accidents on Your Driving Record Affect an Austin Injury Claim? If you have been injured by another driver’s negligence, you need just compensation in order to pursue your most complete recovery. If you already have another accident under your belt, you may be wondering if accidents on your driving record can affect your injury claim, and the answer is... Read More

Can I Recover Compensation if I Get Injured in an Austin Brake-Checking Accident? Brake checking refers to hitting the brakes in order to put another driver in his or her place, and it can lead to serious rear-end accidents, which are among the most common and most dangerous accidents out there. If you’ve been injured by another driver’s negligence in a brake-checking... Read More

Does PIP Cover My Injuries if I was a Passenger or Not in a Vehicle in Austin, TX? If you have been injured in a car accident in which you weren’t driving but instead were a passenger in someone else’s vehicle – or if you weren’t in a car at all (such as if you were a pedestrian) – you’re very likely concerned about whose coverage is... Read More

How a Traffic Ticket May Affect Your Austin Accident Claim If you’ve been injured by another motorist’s negligence, you are likely confused about how best to proceed, and you may be at your most vulnerable. After all, you’ve suffered painful physical injuries, are facing cascading related medical expenses, may experience lost earnings, and may also experience serious emotional consequences... Read More

Who Is Liable for a Austin Car Accident Due to Snow? In Texas, we don’t regularly experience snowstorms or blizzards, but that doesn’t mean they are an impossibility – as recent winters have demonstrated. Car accidents due to snow happen, and when they do, many people are confused regarding who is responsible. Better understanding the basics can give you a... Read More

Are Autonomous Vehicles Safe? 4 Stats on Self-Driving Car Safety Regardless of what any of us think about self-driving cars, you should rest assured that they are on their way to a road near you. Because these driverless vehicles are just getting their start, the self-driving car safety statistics are a bit thin, but they help to flesh out... Read More

Stats on Speeding and Traffic Safety in Texas Driving is obviously not without risk, but one factor that consistently makes it that much riskier is excess speed. Far too many motorists ignore speed limits – or refuse to reduce their speed in relation to the condition of the roads they travel on – and they make our... Read More

Can Driver’s Stress Lead to Car Accidents? 5 Driving Stress Statistics There are a lot of factors that can affect a motorist’s ability to drive safely, but one factor that does not receive the attention it deserves is stress level. It’s well understood that stress affects us negatively, and this extends to when we’re behind the wheel. If you’ve been... Read More

Impaired Driving Statistics – How Common Does It Happen in TX? The statistics related to impaired driving are sobering at best. Although there is no doubt about the danger associated with impairment, the numbers show that there are far too many impaired motorists out there. If you’ve been injured by an impaired driver, you need the professional legal counsel of... Read More

How Many Drunk Driving Deaths Per Year in Texas? We’re all aware that drunk driving is incredibly dangerous, but the numbers may surprise you. Drunk driving is an exceptionally dangerous driving practice that continues to plague our roads. If a drunk driver leaves you or someone you love injured, protect your rights, your recovery, and your rightful compensation... Read More