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What to Do in a Motorcycle Accident in Texas? The freedom that comes with hitting the open road on your bike can be exhilarating, but motorcycle accidents are some of the deadliest accidents out there. Not only are you more difficult to see when you’re on your bike but you are also far more vulnerable to the risks... Read More

How Do I Negotiate More Money from a Car Accident Claim in Austin, TX? If another driver’s negligence leaves you injured in a car accident, obtaining the compensation to which you are entitled will play an important role in your recovery process. As such, it is important to hold out for a settlement that is just and that covers your physical, financial, and... Read More

How Does a Car Accident Settlement Work in Austin, TX? If another motorist’s negligence leaves you injured in a car accident, you’ll file a car accident claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance provider. From here, you will resolve your claim with a settlement that addresses the damages (or losses) you’ve suffered. Because this settlement will directly affect your ability... Read More

What Is the Best Way to Settle a Car Accident in Austin, TX? If you’ve been injured by another driver’s negligence, you are no doubt reeling from the wide range of negative consequences you’re facing, and you may have no idea what the best way to settle the matter is. Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate the difficult path forward on your... Read More

How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth? Because a personal injury can have lasting effects on your future, people are usually eager to know how much their case is worth. If they are under a lot of stress or pressure due to their financial obligations—which may have been directly impacted by their injury—it stands to reason... Read More

Texas Road Safety Statistics – How Safe is it to Drive in Texas? Every day approximately 18,510 crashes take place on US roads. These incidents are the leading cause of death amongst those aged 1-54 in the United States. That’s why we wanted to discover just how safe (or dangerous) it is to drive in Texas in 2021. We conducted a survey... Read More

A Courtesy We Add—For Free One of the most significant contributors to why we practice personal injury is a desire to help others. After a severe injury, people are left wondering what their future will look like. If they have been seriously hurt in a car accident, they may no longer have a car.... Read More

3 Things To Do After A Car Accident Formulating a plan for what to do in a car accident—before one happens—may set you up for long-term success. Why? If you are seriously injured in an accident, you may need to seek financial compensation in conjunction with lost wages and medical bills. Or the injuries you have sustained... Read More

How Are Personal Injury Settlements Paid Out? Read Our 2021 Report Coming to a settlement agreement with the insurance company is not the end of a personal injury lawsuit. You must wait for the settlement check, and it must be distributed according to your debts. It is important for you to know how personal injury settlements are paid out and... Read More

Types of Damages In Personal Injury Cases You Must Know About In personal injury cases, you can receive financial compensation for the losses you suffered as the result of an injury. The legal term for this compensation is damages.  There are many kinds of personal injury compensation. No matter where you are in your case, it is important for you... Read More

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