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Client Testimonials

Call the Patel Firm. The guided us through it all. We would have been lost without them. They brought justice to us.

The Rodriguez Family

They helped me after my slip and fall accident and kept me informed throughout the whole process! They were always friendly …

Marina Sanchez

The Patel law firm is very fair and easy to work with, they understand and care for all their clients, I highly recommend them …

Frankie Martinez

Great services, great communications Mr. Patel and Joann are knowledgeable and took their time to answer my questions …

Martha Navarro

Minesh has gone above and beyond for our Houston Celebrity, ESG and our team of Managers and Crew. Thank you Patel Firm!!

Trill Republik

I’ve never felt so at home in an Attorney’s office! These people are so down to earth and REALLY care about their clients ….

Peter Higgins

The Patel Firm is simply fantastic. He is reliable and informative throughout the entire process. I would say that I was most impressed …

Cody Dempsey
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McAllen Personal Injury Lawyer

Grounded in a legacy of numerous triumphs, the McAllen personal injury lawyers at The Patel Firm serve as unwavering advocates for those who have suffered injuries in the dynamic city of McAllen, Texas. Our devoted team of compassionate and determined legal professionals stands with you during these difficult times. Our ultimate objective is to guide you towards justice and recovery.

People can suffer injuries in a wide variety of possible accidents in the greater McAllen area of Texas, and the results can often mean that victims will face lengthy periods of hospitalization and rehabilitation that can mean many months or even years away from resuming work while also dealing with a basic inability to care for themselves. Every person who sustains severe injuries in any kind of accident will want to quickly speak with a McAllen personal injury lawyer about possible legal options relating to recovering financial compensation for all of the costs they are now incurring because of an accident.

The most recent Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) report shows there were 2,386 total motor vehicle crashes, including eight fatal crashes causing 10 fatalities in McAllen, 34 suspected serious injury crashes causing 42 suspected serious injuries, 1,033 possible injury crashes causing 1,889 possible injuries, and 60 unknown severity crashes involving 235 unknown injuries. TxDOT also reports that Hidalgo County saw 64 total fatal crashes, including 522 total speed-involved crashes, including 12 fatal crashes causing 16 fatalities, 654 commercial motor vehicle crashes, including four fatal crashes causing four fatalities, 1,477 distracted driving crashes, including four fatal crashes causing four fatalities, and 812 crashes involving driving while intoxicated (DWI).


The Patel Firm PLLC handles many different kinds of personal injury cases in the McAllen area, but our four primary areas of focus often include:

Wrongful Death

Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 71.002 establishes that the phrase wrongful death refers to an injury causing a person’s death when an injury is the result of another person’s or their representative’s wrongful act, neglect, carelessness, unskillfulness, or default. Under Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 71.004, wrongful death actions are for the exclusive benefit of surviving spouses, children, and parents of deceased people, although they can bring such actions individually or for the benefit of all parties. When spouses, children, or parents do not begin an action within three months of a death, then a deceased person’s executor or administrator can bring an action if the surviving spouse, children, and parents allow them to do so. Siblings are not able to file wrongful death claims in Texas. Exemplary damages (which are better known as punitive damages) are also recoverable in addition to actual damages under Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 71.009 when a death results from a wilful act, omission, or gross negligence of a defendant. Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003 provides that a person has to bring suit within two years of the day a cause of action accrues in an action for an injury resulting in death. This means that the cause of action accrues on the date of a person’s death, not the date of an accident, so a person could die several days, weeks, or months after an initial accident.

Truck Accidents

Commercial vehicles take many forms, and most accidents involving large trucks have the potential to cause catastrophic injuries because of the size of such vehicles. Common kinds of commercial trucks include, but are not limited to semi-trailer trucks, day cab trucks, flat roof, mid-roof, or raised roof sleepers, hydrovacs, garbage trucks including front loaders, rear loaders, and side loaders, package delivery trucks, bucket trucks, car haulers, grapple trucks, box trucks, refrigerator trucks, dump trucks, heavy haulers, concrete mixers, tow trucks, reefers, platform trucks, flatbed trucks, tanker trucks, refuse trucks, winch tractors, tractor-trailers, log carriers, and septic trucks.

Car Accidents

Many people in Texas own their own cars and need them to get to and from destinations such as work and other activities, so the number of people on the road is generally high most times of day in the McAllen area. The Texas Comptroller reports that approximately 23.7 million Texans or almost 83 percent of the state’s population have a Texas driver’s license or a DPS-issued identification card, and the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) reports that there are over 22 million registered vehicles in the state. Car accidents can stem from various kinds of causes, including DWI, driver fatigue, failure to yield right of way, improper lane changes or turns, wrong-way driving, distracted driving, speeding, reckless or aggressive driving, road rage, tire blowouts, running stop signs or stop lights, motor vehicle defects, tailgating, not adjusting to inclement weather conditions, and potholes or other dangerous road conditions.

18 Wheeler Accidents

Common kinds of 18 wheeler accidents may include rollover accidents, jackknife accidents, override accidents, underride accidents, wide turn accidents, blind spot accidents, head-on collisions, rear-end collisions, side impact or T-bone collisions, intersection accidents, sideswipe accidents, work zone or highway construction crashes, lane change or merging accidents, left or right turn accidents, multiple-vehicle accidents, brake failure accidents, lost cargo accidents, tire blowout accidents, and hazardous material spills. These accidents may be the result of truck driver fatigue, distracted driving, drug or alcohol use, truck drivers misjudging speeds or distances of other vehicles, speeding, reckless driving, poor cargo loading, or failure to adjust to inclement weather.

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The Patel Firm PLLC is a Texas personal injury law firm with it’s principal office in Corpus Christi. The firm is dedicated to providing first-class representation for injury victims & their loved ones.

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Our Areas of Practice

The Patel Firm, equipped with a wealth of experience, resources, and expertise, is committed to assisting residents and visitors in McAllen to secure the rightful compensation under Texas law for injuries caused by the negligence of others. Our McAllen personal injury lawyers regularly handle cases encompassing a wide range of personal injury matters.

Car Accidents Car Accidents

Like any metropolitan area, McAllen sees its share of tragic car accidents. To an outsider, these crashes may seem more-or-less routine; but there is nothing routine about an accident for its victims, who often sustain catastrophic, life-altering injuries. At The Patel Firm, we understand how car accident injuries create enormous physical, emotional, and financial challenges in our clients’ lives. Our mission is to hold whomever caused that accident to account, and to ensure our clients receive the compensation they need to recover from their injuries. Read More

18-Wheeler Accidents 18-Wheeler Accidents

Truck accidents, like car accidents, inflict enormous suffering on their victims. Unlike many car accidents, however, truck accidents frequently involve significant legal and factual complications that make recovering compensation difficult. The team at The Patel Firm knows how to sort through the physical devastation and legal tangles caused by a car accident to pinpoint and pursue the parties with legal liability for paying injured victims their due in damages. Read More

Wrongful Death Wrongful Death

No family should ever have to suffer the tragedy of losing a loved one to an accidental injury. When the worst occurs, however, Texas law allows surviving family members to pursue legal action for wrongful death. The Patel Firm never hopes to see anyone come through our doors mourning an untimely death, but we give the full measure of our commitment when families need our help-seeking justice and damages for their loved one. Read More

Serving clients in McAllen

Austin Personal Injury Law Firm McAllen is the 21st largest city in Texas located in Hidalgo County at the southern tip of Texas in an area that is known as the Rio Grande Valley, which sits along the northern bank of the dividing waterway between the United States and Mexico, the Rio Grande River, and stretches over 4,244 square miles and the four counties of Cameron County, Hidalgo County, Starr County, and Willacy County. McAllen is roughly five miles away from the Mexican border and is situated along United States Route 83 (US 83), with other major highways servicing the city, including United States Route 281 (US 281) and Texas State Highway 107 (SH 107).

People can find regional air transportation at McAllen International Airport, which was built in 1993 and expanded and remodeled in 2015. The airport serves some 2.4 million people annually.

Airline partners include American Airlines, United, Allegiant, and Aeromar. The airport averages 18 daily nonstop flights to Dallas, Houston, and Las Vegas, as well as Mexico City, Monterrey, and Guadalajara in Mexico, as well as extended service to Puerto Vallarta, San Luis Potosí, Aguascalientes, and Torreón and seasonal flights to Los Angeles, Orlando, and Nashville.

History of McAllen, TX

John McAllen was a developer who settled in the Rio Grande Valley in the late 1800s, forming the McAllen Townsite Company and establishing a town site in 1904 known as West McAllen. Other developers soon started a neighboring town by the name of East McAllen, which saw some 5,000 acres of crops under cultivation, including citrus fruits, cotton, grapes, alfalfa, figs, and broom corn.


After East McAllen reached a population of 1,000 and West McAllen ceased to exist, the two eventually joined forces, and the City of McAllen became incorporated in 1911. McAllen then saw steady growth and by the 1970s saw an increase in both industrial trade and manufacturing because of the activation of the Free Trade Zone (FTZ).

According to the 2020 United States Census, McAllen is home to 123,250 Hispanic or Latino persons, making up 86.67 percent of the population. The remainder is 13,032 or 9.16 percent white, 3,576 or 2.51 percent Asian, 894 or 0.63 percent Black, 887 or 0.62 percent mixed or multi-racial, 409 or 0.29 percent some other race, 141 or 0.1 percent Native American or Alaska Native, and 21 or 0.01 percent Pacific Islander.

The population of McAllen has steadily increased every Census period, going from 150 in 1910 to a 3,454.0 percent increase of 5,331 in 1920. After that, the city was home to 9,074 people in 1930, 11,877 in 1940, 20,067 in 1950, 32,728 in 1960, 37,636 in 1970, 66,281 in 1980, 89,000 in 1990, 106,414 in 2000, 129,877 in 2010, and 142,210 in 2020.

What to do in McAllen

When you are seeking art and culture, the International Museum of Art and Science (IMAS) is a Smithsonian Affiliate that is fully accredited by the American Alliance of Museums. IMAS contains more than 50,000 square feet of exhibit space, and its galleries host a number of revolving art and science exhibits every year.

The museum’s permanent collection features over 2,000 natural history and geology specimens as well as 4,500 folk art and textile objects. There are 1,500 fine artworks in the permanent collection that reflect several countries and artistic movements well beyond Mexico, dating from the 16th century to the present.

Quinta Mazatlan World Birding Center is a Spanish-revival estate located among sprawling tropical gardens that feature more than 250 species of birds. The Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge saw establishment in 1943 for the protection of migratory birds and is along an east-west and north-south juncture of two major migratory routes for several species of birds.

The McAllen Nature Center, formerly known as the McAllen Botanical Gardens, is a 33-acre nature site that caters to the enjoyment of the outdoors. There are 1.6 miles of trails through the forest.

Town Lake at Firemen’s Park offers boat and fishing pole rentals, tackle, bait, and refreshments for sale. There are also pedal boat, kayak, and stand-up paddleboard rentals.

Hiking and biking trails in McAllen include the La Vista Park Trail & Fitness System at 100 La Vista, Las Palmas Park Trail at 2500 Quince, Los Encinos Park Trail & Fitness System at 2900 Sarah, McAllen Hike & Bike Trails at Second Street and Bicentennial, Retama Village Park Trail at 2500 Laurel, Schupp Park Trail & Fitness System at 1300 Zinnia, and Westside Park Trail at 1000 S. Ware Road. The McAllen Municipal Swimming Pool is located at 1921 N. Bicentennial, while Zinnia Splash Park is at 29th and Zinnia and Palm View Splash Spray Park is at 3401 Jordan Road West.

McAllen Injury Statistics

According to the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), the most recent statistics show that there were 68,750 nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses involving days away from work in private industry. The total includes 13,180 total goods producing injuries with 1,620 relating to natural resources and mining, 4,130 relating to construction, and 7,430 relating to manufacturing, while another 55,570 were service providing such as 18,640 relating to trade, transportation, and utilities, 490 relating to information, 3,360 financial activities, 5,410 professional and business services, 21,090 education and health services, 4,360 leisure and hospitality, and 2,220 other services.

TxDOT found that the 4,489 motor vehicle deaths statewide in 2021 represented a 15.22 percent increase from the year before and involved $51,400,000,000 in estimated economic losses.

McAllen Local Law Enforcement

Some of the major law enforcement agencies in the McAllen area include:

McAllen Police Department

1601 N. Bicentennial Blvd.

McAllen, TX 78501

(956) 681-2000


Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department

711 E. El Cibolo Rd.

Edinburg, TX 78541

(956) 383-8114


Hidalgo County District Attorney

100 E. Cano St.

Edinburg, TX 78539

(956) 292-7600


Texas Department of Public Safety

1414 N. Bicentennial Blvd.

McAllen, TX 78501

(956) 984-5700


Texas Rangers

Company “D”

2525 N. International Blvd

Weslaco, TX 78599

(956) 565-7651


Texas DPS Criminal Investigations Division

South Region

2525 North International Boulevard

Weslaco, TX  78599

(956) 565-7611

McAllen Hospitals & Medical Centers

Some of the most common hospitals and medical centers people visit in the McAllen area include:

South Texas Health System McAllen

301 West Expressway 83

McAllen, TX 78503

(956) 632-4000


McAllen Medical Center

301 W. Expressway 83

McAllen, TX 78503

(956) 632-4000


Rio Grande Regional Hospital

101 East Ridge Road

McAllen, TX 78503

(956) 632-6000


Doctors Hospital At Renaissance

5501 S. McColl Rd.

Edinburg, TX 78539

(956) 362-8677


Mission Regional Medical Center

900 S. Bryan Rd.

Mission, TX 78572

(956) 323-9000


Cornerstone Regional Hospital

2302 Cornerstone Blvd.

Edinburg, TX 78539

(956) 618-4444


Knapp Medical Center

1401 E. 8th St.

Weslaco, TX 78596

(956) 968-8567

McAllen Chiropractors

Several chiropractors serve the McAllen area, including:

The Joint Chiropractic

8001 N. 10th St.

Ste. 170

McAllen, TX 78504

(956) 305-1244


Hendrick Wellness Center

5403 N. McColl Road

McAllen, TX 78504

(956) 630-2255


Dr. Pablo Tagle III Chiropractic Wellness Center

3130 N. 23rd Street

McAllen, TX, 78501

(956) 686-8060


Chiropractic Center of McAllen

3515 N 10th St

McAllen, TX 78501

(956) 687-7705


Garcia Chiropractic

2921 N. 23rd St.

McAllen, TX 78501

(956) 687-7878


Martin Chiropractic Clinic

206 West Nolana

McAllen, TX 78504

(956) 682-7351

McAllen Court System

Some of the courthouses in McAllen include:

City of McAllen Municipal Court

1601 N. Bicentennial Blvd.

McAllen, TX 78501

(956) 681-2900


United States District and Bankruptcy Court

Southern District of Texas

United States Courthouse

1701 W. Business Hwy 83,

McAllen, TX 78501

(956) 618-8065


Hidalgo County Courthouse

100 North Closner Blvd.

Edinburg, Texas 78539

(956) 292-7090


Thirteenth Court of Appeals

Hidalgo County

Courthouse Annex III

100 E. Cano, 5th Floor

Edinburg, Texas 78539

(956) 318-2405


93rd District Court

100 N. Closner

2nd Floor

Edinburg, TX 78539

(956) 318-2255


139th District Court

100 N. Closner

Edinburg, TX 78539

(956) 318-2260


206th District Court

100 N. Closner

2nd Floor

Edinburg, TX 78539

(956) 318-2265


275th District Court

100 N. Closner

2nd Floor

Edinburg, TX 78539

(956) 318-2270


332nd District Court

100 N. Closner

Edinburg, TX 78539

(956) 318-2275


370th District Court

100 N. Closner

2nd Floor

Edinburg, TX 78539

(956) 318-2280


389th District Court

100 N. Closner

2nd Floor

Edinburg, TX 78539

(956) 318-2080


398th District Court

100 N. Closner

Second Floor

Edinburg, TX 78539

(956) 318-2470


430th District Court

111 S. 9th St.

Edinburg, TX 78539

(956) 318-2900


449th District Court

1001 N. Doolittle Rd

Edinburg, TX 78539

(956) 381-0744


464th District Court

100 N. Closner Blvd.

Third Floor

Edinburg, TX 78539

(956) 292-7046

McAllen Rehab Facilities

Several rehabilitation facilities serve McAllen, including:

South Texas Health System McAllen

301 West Expressway 83

McAllen, TX 78503

(956) 632-4000


DHR Health Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

1200 E. Savannah Avenue

Suite 10

McAllen, TX 78503

(956) 362-6680


Pure Physical Therapy

5413 N 23rd St

McAllen, TX 78504

(956) 994-8880


Rio Grande Valley Orthopedic Center

1005 E. Nolana Avenue

McAllen, Texas 78504

(956) 686-6510


XO Physical Therapy

2001 South D. Street

Mcallen, Texas 78503

(956) 686-2242


Legend Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center

2109 South K Center Street

McAllen, TX 78503

(956) 686-9100


McAllen Transitional Care Center

2109 South K Center Street

McAllen, TX 78503

(956) 686-9100


Grand Terrace Rehabilitation and Healthcare

812 West Houston Avenue

McAllen, TX 78501

(956) 682-6331


Briarcliff Nursing And Rehabilitation Center

3201 N. Ware Rd.

McAllen, TX 78501

(956) 631-5542


Las Palmas Healthcare Center

1301 East Quebec

McAllen, Texas 78503

(956) 972-0049

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