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The Patel Firm is a Corpus Christi-based personal injury law firm that represents South Texans harmed by other people’s careless, reckless, or intentional conduct. Personal injury law is the sole focus of our law practice. We believe that anyone injured because of another person’s or company’s wrongful actions deserves quality legal representation in seeking compensation for their injuries.

Our founder, Attorney Minesh J. Patel, has committed his legal career to the mission of providing an unmatched level of legal service to his clients across a wide range of personal injury matters. Our team is equally at ease representing clients injured in motor vehicle crashes, accidental falls, dog bites, and oil rig accidents, to name just a few. We have a track record of success to show for our deep commitment to serving our clients’ interests.

Not only has our team secured millions of dollars in recoveries for our clients, but we have also earned our clients’ trust and praise time-and-again. Of course, no personal injury matter has a guaranteed outcome. However, clients of The Patel Firm can always rest assured that their lawyer has their back, and works tirelessly in their best interests.

About The Patel Firm
Not only has our team secured millions of dollars in recoveries for our clients, we have also earned our clients' trust and praise time-and-again.
Our Areas of Practice +
Car Accidents Car Accidents Like any metropolitan area, Corpus Christi sees its share of tragic car accidents. To an outsider, these crashes may seem more-or-less routine; but there is nothing routine about an accident for its victims, who often sustain catastrophic, life-altering injuries. At The Patel Firm, we understand how car accident injuries create enormous physical, emotional, and financial challenges in our clients’ lives. Our mission is to hold whomever caused that accident to account, and to ensure our clients receive the compensation they need to recover from their injuries. Read More
Bicycle Accidents Bicycle Accidents You do not have to drive a motor vehicle to use a roadway in Corpus Christi. Lots of local residents and visitors ride bicycles to commute and for exercise. Like motorcyclists, pedal cyclists have the right to occupy a lane of traffic and to have motor vehicles yield to them. Unfortunately, also like motorcyclists, bicyclists often get short shrift from motorists who refuse to share the road and to observe safe habits. Bicycle accidents can leave cyclists with life-threatening injuries. The Patel Firm fights for compensation to help injured cyclists get back in the saddle. Read More
Oilfield Accidents Oilfield Accidents Workers on offshore oil rigs and on-shore refineries do jobs that sometimes put them in harm’s way. An accident that leaves a rig operator or refinery employee injured triggers legal obligations for the worker’s employer and others intended to make sure workers do not sacrifice their bodies for a job, only to lack the resources to recover. The Patel Firm has years of experience helping oil-industry workers pursue the compensation they have every right to expect for the injuries they sustain on the job. Read More
Slip & Fall Accidents Slip & Fall Accidents Falling down, as ordinary as it might seem, constitutes one of the most common ways that Corpus Christi residents and visitors, particularly those over age 65, sustain catastrophic injuries. Lawyers sometimes refer to accidental falls as slip-and-fall incidents, but of course we all know that slipping is just one of many ways a person can take a tumble. Property owners have legal obligations to keep visitors to their properties safe. Our team works to hold property owners to account when someone takes a fall because of their failure to uphold those obligations. Read More
Pedestrian Injury Pedestrian Injury Anyone operating a vehicle on a road in Corpus Christi, be it a car, truck, motorcycle, or bicycle, assumes the critical responsibility of taking care to keep pedestrians safe. Crossing the street or walking along a road shoulder should never amount to risking one’s life. The team at The Patel Firm understands the devastation a collision between a motor vehicle and a human being can cause. We fight to make sure pedestrian victims and their families receive every dollar of compensation they deserve. Read More
Motorcycle Accidents Motorcycle Accidents Motorcyclists know they take some risks by riding in the open air. In an accident, little protects a biker from a violent impact with another vehicle, a roadside object, or the road itself. Still, just because motorcyclists take risks does not mean that other motorists have a right to disregard motorcyclist safety on the roads. Motorcycles have the right to occupy a full lane of traffic, and to expect cars and trucks to yield to them as they would to any other vehicle. At The Patel Firm, we fight for compensation for motorcyclists when motorists instead take a careless approach to biker safety. Read More
18-Wheeler Accidents 18-Wheeler Accidents Truck accidents, like car accidents, inflict enormous suffering on their victims. Unlike many car accidents, however, truck accidents frequently involve significant legal and factual complications that make recovering compensation difficult. The team at The Patel Firm knows how to sort through the physical devastation and legal tangles caused by a car accident to pinpoint and pursue the parties with legal liability for paying injured victims their due in damages. Read More
Wrongful Death Wrongful Death No family should ever have to suffer the tragedy of losing a loved one to an accidental injury. When the worst occurs, however, Texas law allows surviving family members to pursue legal action for wrongful death. The Patel Firm never hopes to see anyone come through our doors mourning an untimely death, but we give the full measure of our commitment when families need our help-seeking justice and damages for their loved one. Read More
Car Accidents Read More
Slip & Fall Accidents Read More
18-Wheeler Accidents Read More
Oilfield Accidents Read More
Bicycle Accidents Read More
Pedestrian Injury Read More
Motorcycle Accidents Read More
Wrongful Death Read More
Types of Injuries
Traumatic Brain Injuries Traumatic Brain Injuries

A jolt, blow, or penetrating injury to the head, and accidents and incidents that deprive the brain of oxygen, can result in significant brain injuries that impair a person’s ability to speak, move, think, and feel. Brain injuries involve a complex and uncertain area of medicine. Recovering from a brain injury is not a straightforward or predictable process. Victims need strong support. Our team helps them obtain the compensation they need to afford the help they need.

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Burn Injuries Burn Injuries

Any kind of injury can devastate an innocent person’s life; burns, however, are especially horrific. Whether caused by fire, chemicals, or electricity, a burn inflicts intense, long-lasting pain. Treating a severe burn frequently requires multiple agonizing surgeries and months of recovery time. Victims commonly suffer permanent physical limitations and disfigurement. The team at The Patel Firm understands the excruciating process, and massive costs, associated with recovering from severe burns, and works tirelessly to obtain compensation for burn victim clients.

Learn More
Spinal Cord Injuries Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries devastate lives. Victims of these injuries, which are frequently the result of motor vehicle accidents and falls, often face life transformed. Spinal cord injuries can leave a person partially or totally paralyzed, confined to a wheelchair and in need of around-the-clock assistance with basic day-to-day activities, at least in the near-term. The medical care and life assistance spinal cord injury victims need can cost millions of dollars over a lifetime. The Patel Firm works hard to make sure those victims receive that money from the parties at fault.

Learn More
Amputation Injuries Amputation Injuries

Motor vehicle and industrial accidents often cause catastrophic injuries when a victim’s limb gets pinned or crushed under or between heavy objects. Oftentimes, doctors have no choice but to amputate the limb to save the victim’s life. Living with an amputated or non-functioning limb entails significant adjustments to one’s environment and daily activities, and requires long-term medical care, all of which cost time and money. The Patel Term aims to make sure victims of these injuries have the financial resources they need to adjust to the new normal.

Learn More
Client Testimonials What People Are Saying

Client Testimonials

Call the Patel Firm. The guided us through it all. We would have been lost without them. They brought justice to us. The Rodriguez Family
They helped me after my slip and fall accident and kept me informed throughout the whole process! They were always friendly ... Marina Sanchez
The Patel law firm is very fair and easy to work with, they understand and care for all their clients, I highly recommend them ... Frankie Martinez
Great services, great communications Mr. Patel and Joann are knowledgeable and took their time to answer my questions ... Martha Navarro
Minesh has gone above and beyond for our Houston Celebrity, ESG and our team of Managers and Crew. Thank you Patel Firm!! Trill Republik
I've never felt so at home in an Attorney's office! These people are so down to earth and REALLY care about their clients .... Peter Higgins
The Patel Firm is simply fantastic. He is reliable and informative throughout the entire process. I would say that I was most impressed ... Cody Dempsey
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Meet The Team

The Patel Firm PLLC is a Texas personal injury law firm with it's principal office in Corpus Christi. The firm is dedicated to providing first-class representation for injury victims & their loved ones. Meet the Whole Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, accidents and injuries happen every day. Accidents typically happen when you least expect them—spending time with family and friends, on your way to work, or during recreational activities. When accidents cause injury to those involved, the consequences can quickly become overwhelming. Victims often must focus on their physical recovery and emotional well-being, while handling the financial challenges of medical expenses and missed time from work.

Personal injury law provides injured victims with legal rights and protections. Accident victims whom another person injured may seek compensation from responsible parties. Personal injury law intends to compensate individuals for damages related to an accident that was no fault of their own. The fundamental concept of personal injury law is that if someone has harmed you, he or she owes you compensation.

The goal is to hold the at-fault party accountable and, as much as possible, make the injured party “whole” again. While the law cannot restore your health or your property, it can ensure that you receive money that would put you in the same position as if the accident never happened. The law places a dollar value on every aspect of your accident experience to fairly compensate you.

Can I file a Corpus Christi personal injury lawsuit?

Not every injured victim will necessarily be entitled to financial compensation from another. To recover damages in a personal injury claim, the other party must be legally liable for your injuries. Oftentimes, parties will be responsible for the injuries they cause when they are behaving negligently. To show negligence, you must prove an individual had a duty to act reasonably, they failed to act reasonably, and as a result, you suffered damages.

Formally, the elements of negligence are:

  • The existence of a legal duty that the defendant owed to the plaintiff;
  • Defendant’s breach of that duty;
  • Plaintiff’s sufferance of an injury; and
  • Proof that the defendant’s breach caused the injury.

You must successfully prove each of these four elements to receive financial compensation. The failure to prove any one of these four would keep you from financial recovery. In any personal injury cases, your attorney will likely spend the most time establishing the breach of duty. This means that the defendant acted in a way that a reasonable person in their circumstances would not. For example, if they were driving a car, they breached the duty of care when they were speeding or made an illegal turn.

Who is likely to suffer a personal injury in Corpus Christi?

Statistically, some groups of people have a higher risk of death resulting from accident-injuries than others.

For example:

  • Men, who have a higher rate of unintentional injury, death, and suicide than women.
  • Young adults ages 25-34
  • Native Americans
  • Individuals living in low-income communities
  • Adults with easy access to guns at home have a higher rate of suicide.
What injuries can your Corpus Christi personal injury lawyers help me with?

Accidents cause many serious and disabling injuries every day. Many factors may affect the nature and extent of a victim’s injuries. However, common injuries include:

  • Cuts, scrapes, abrasions, and bruises;
  • Strains, sprains, and pulled muscles;
  • Fractures;
  • Compound fractures;
  • Dislocated joints;
  • Burn injuries, which can result in permanent scarring and disfigurement;
  • Severe cuts and lacerations, which can cause the loss of use in body parts;
  • Head and brain injuries, including concussions, skull fractures, and traumatic brain injuries;
  • Spine, back, and neck injuries, including fractured vertebrae and spinal cord damage;
  • Abdominal injuries, resulting in damage to internal organs and internal bleeding;
  • The loss of a limb;
  • Paralysis; and
  • Death.
How does car insurance affect a Corpus Christi personal injury claim?

Texas has adopted an “at-fault” system regarding car insurance. An at-fault driver can be held liable for any damages and injuries he or she causes in a car accident. Most drivers purchase liability insurance with the required minimum limits, which will cover their injuries, even when they weren’t at fault. However, the injured person can sue the at-fault driver for expenses beyond the minimums provided by their liability insurance coverage.

If you obtain a judgment, it is not always easy to collect, but it is a source of extra money for you. In addition, your own insurance policy could have coverage in case you are in an accident with an underinsured driver.

What is the Corpus Christi personal injury lawsuit process?

When appropriate, attorneys may utilize accident reconstruction specialists, highly qualified experts, doctors, and other professionals to analyze the accident. Plaintiffs must accurately determine what happened, who was at fault, and the extent of the resulting injuries. The claims process begins when an injured party and their attorney file a summons and complaint in civil court. Both documents must be properly served on the defendant to give him or her notice of the lawsuit. Before proceeding to trial, parties typically engage in the discovery phase. During discovery, each party has an opportunity to discover evidence related to the other party’s legal claims and defenses.

During this process, the attorneys may request answers to interrogatories (formal questions), documents pertaining to the case, or depositions of the parties and witnesses. When necessary, attorneys may bring preliminary issues before the court to decide in advance of trial. The processes of discovery and preliminary motions can require a significant amount of time. Parties may consistently engage in negotiation discussions intended to resolve the claim before proceeding to trial.

However, should negotiations prove to be unfair, injured victims may decide to continue to trial. Just as nobody can predict the length of a settlement negotiation, the length of a trial is also difficult to forecast. During the trial, both sides present evidence. The judge or jury will determine if the defendant is liable and, if so, how much the defendant must pay in damages to the injured party.

What type of compensation might I receive in my Corpus Christi personal injury claim?

Unfortunately, personal injury victims frequently suffer catastrophic injuries and financial losses. Depending on the severity of their injuries, they may have to adapt to lifelong limitations.

Determining the amount of compensation a victim may receive depends on:

  • The nature and extent of the injuries,
  • Whether the individual suffered any long term impacts or symptoms,
  • How the injuries and symptoms affected the individual, and
  • Whether the injuries resulted in death.

In Texas, damages generally fall into two categories: economic damages and non-economic damages. Economic damages are easy to quantify, or put a price on, such as medical bills, costs of rehabilitation and future care, or lost wages. Non-economic damages are typically intangible and more difficult to quantify.

For example, you may include pain and suffering, loss of companionship or consortium, disability, or disfigurement as non-economic damages. In some especially egregious cases, the court may award exemplary damages to punish unethical or malicious behavior.

When another is responsible for a victim’s injuries, they may seek damages for:

  • Medical expenses;
  • Lost wages, including missed time from work for medical care;
  • Any permanent disfigurement or disability resulting from the injury;
  • Any property damages resulting from the incident;
  • Your emotional distress, including anxiety and depression;
  • Loss of consortium or other interference with your family relationships;
  • The cost of hiring someone to do tasks you cannot do, such as household chores; and
  • Any additional costs that were a direct result of your injury.
What are the most common Corpus Christi personal injury claims?

Personal injury claims are commonly associated with car accidents. While car accidents are a major cause of injuries across the United States, are many other accidents cause injuries.

Injuries frequently result from unsafe premises, defective or dangerous products, slips and falls, and medical malpractice, among others.

Vehicle accident injuries. Car accidents are a common cause of injuries everywhere. According to statewide statistics, a crash occurs every 58 seconds in Texas. If you suffered injuries from a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you may pursue compensation for any resulting losses.

Slip and fall injuries. Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, and they often cause serious injuries. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, falls account for more than eight million hospital emergency room visits each year.

Medical malpractice injuries. Medical professionals must provide patients with the medical industry’s universally accepted standard of care. Sometimes medical care professionals injure patients by failing to provide proper health care treatment. For example, surgical mistakes, misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, or incorrect medications can cause patients serious injuries. Medical care providers may commit malpractice if they acted negligently in providing medical care, in violation of the professional standard of care.

Product liability injuries. Americans use many products to make their lives safer or easier, including child safety seats, power tools, or medical devices. Unfortunately, due to improper production or manufacturing, unsafe products may cause consumer injuries. Product liability claims pertain to personal injuries sustained when using a dangerous or defective product.

Dog bite or attack injuries. Generally, if a dog attacks someone, the owner is legally responsible for the resulting damages.

Under Texas law, the one-bite rule requires injured parties to show the following to recover damages for a dog bite:

  • The dog’s owner knew the dog bit someone before or acted aggressively towards a person in the past; and
  • The owner of the dog failed to control it or prevent it from biting someone, and that negligence caused the plaintiff’s injuries.

Workplace injuries. Workplace injuries are quite common. The law associated with workplace injuries is often complicated. If you suffer a workplace injury due to another’s negligence, and you do not have access to Workers’ Compensation benefits, you may file suit.

Assault, abuse, or neglect. Personal injury lawsuits are usually the result of negligence, but that is not always the case. Injured parties may also be entitled to compensation if someone’s intentional behavior harmed them.  In addition to any criminal court proceedings, injured parties may sue the wrongdoer in civil court for financial compensation.

Wrongful death. If another’s negligence or intentional act killed a loved one, surviving family members may file a “wrongful death” claim against the responsible party. Wrongful death claims compensate families for losses suffered due to their loved one’s death.

How will a lawyer prepare me for a Corpus Christi personal injury lawsuit?

If you have suffered a personal injury, the first thing you should do is seek medical care. Even if you do not think you have been injured or believe your injuries are minor, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. Many injuries may exhibit delayed symptoms that are not immediately apparent. For some injuries, such as brain injuries, victims may not experience symptoms for days or weeks after the injury. Delaying treatment doesn’t mean you cannot recover damages.

However, it may allow the opposing side to argue that the accident did not cause your injuries. After an accident, insurance representatives may try to arrange a quick settlement or urge you to sign away your rights. At first, you may be attracted to a settlement, thinking the compensation will allow you to move on with your life. The insurance company uses quick settlement offers to avoid paying the full value of your claim.

Don’t let anyone intimidate, threaten, or pressure you into signing a settlement agreement without discussing the offer with an experienced attorney. Begin gathering and preserving evidence as soon as possible. Evidence may become more difficult to collect as time passes.

Injured victims should try to:

  • Prepare a list of all medical professionals who have treated them and copies of medical records. Medical records and documents may provide valuable evidence for a personal injury claim.
  • If possible, take pictures of the injuries, any vehicles involved, and the accident scene, including signs.
  • Keep records and receipts for all financial losses resulting from the accident.
Are there alternatives to trial in Corpus Christi personal injury cases?

We tend to hear about personal injury cases that go to trial, but you may settle a case outside the courtroom. In reality, only about 2 percent of personal injury cases go to trial. Most cases settle out of court or even before the injured person files a lawsuit. A victim’s attorney may negotiate with the opposing party to try to agree on an acceptable settlement.

If the parties agree on a settlement out of court, a judge or jury is not required to determine the amount of compensation awarded. Mediation and arbitration are other methods of alternative dispute resolution.

Such alternatives are usually quicker and less expensive ways of resolving the case than proceeding to trial. In these situations, the lawyers and clients meet and present the facts and arguments before an impartial legal representative.

Of course, your attorney will always keep their legal options open because a trial may be necessary in some cases. Sometimes, the only language that the insurance company understands is litigation. You may need to go some or all of the way to a jury to force the insurance company to finally make a fair settlement offer. If they still will not do so, then you may need to have the court issue a verdict.

How much will your Corpus Christi personal injury attorneys cost me?

You may worry about the cost of a lawyer and let that keep you from getting the legal help you need after a personal injury. We are here to tell you not to worry. You do not need to write a check for a retainer with money that you do not have, nor do you need to pay expensive hourly charges to an attorney. Instead, you work with your personal injury attorney on a contingency basis. This means that you pay nothing out of pocket and nothing at all unless you recover financial compensation for your injuries. Then, we receive our payment out of the proceeds of your settlement or jury award.

How can a Corpus Christi personal injury attorney help me?

Personal injury cases are complex, with many rules and procedural deadlines. The statute of limitations provides a window of time within which an injured victim may file a personal injury claim.

At the very outset of your case, your personal injury attorney will help you by listening to you and learning the facts of your case. They will explain your legal options and how the law may view your claim. Sometimes, just hearing a reasoned and calm explanation from a lawyer can help put your mind at ease when you are dealing with the stress of your accident.

In Texas, plaintiffs must file most personal injury claims within two years of the accident date. If you miss that deadline, you may lose the right to receive compensation. Therefore, it is best to begin working with a lawyer shortly after your injury, so you are not at any risk of missing that deadline. However, there are exceptions to this rule, so you should consult an attorney to advise you on the appropriate time limits. Nonetheless, these exceptions are limited, and you should not count on one of them applying to give you more time to sue.

Injuries can be physically, emotionally, and financially life-altering. When it comes to the legal process, you should trust an experienced personal injury attorney to handle all the details for you. Quite frankly, you already have enough on your plate in the wake of an accident.

Experienced personal injury attorneys regularly fight for the rights of injured victims to seek the compensation they need. For more information or to schedule a free evaluation, contact an experienced, dedicated attorney at The Patel Firm.

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