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Call the Patel Firm. The guided us through it all. We would have been lost without them. They brought justice to us.

The Rodriguez Family

They helped me after my slip and fall accident and kept me informed throughout the whole process! They were always friendly …

Marina Sanchez

The Patel law firm is very fair and easy to work with, they understand and care for all their clients, I highly recommend them …

Frankie Martinez

Great services, great communications Mr. Patel and Joann are knowledgeable and took their time to answer my questions …

Martha Navarro

Minesh has gone above and beyond for our Houston Celebrity, ESG and our team of Managers and Crew. Thank you Patel Firm!!

Trill Republik

I’ve never felt so at home in an Attorney’s office! These people are so down to earth and REALLY care about their clients ….

Peter Higgins

The Patel Firm is simply fantastic. He is reliable and informative throughout the entire process. I would say that I was most impressed …

Cody Dempsey
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Odessa Personal Injury Lawyer: Personal Injury Law Firm

The Odessa personal injury lawyers at The Patel Firm have an established track record of successfully securing justified compensation and protecting the legal rights of clients who have suffered personal injuries due to others’ negligence.

Odessa is a major city in Western Texas that, in combination with Midland, has a population of more than a quarter-million people, and the city relies heavily on the oil industry for employment. Odessa is also home to a number of attractions, so people who are working in Odessa as well as people who are merely visiting can easily suffer injuries in a wide variety of possible accidents, and it is important for any person who does sustain injuries in an accident involving the negligence of another party to quickly contact an Odessa personal injury lawyer.

It is important for all people to understand that they usually have the right to seek financial compensation for all of the costs they now bear because of accidents, whether it is medical expenses, lost wages, or even basic pain and suffering. Insurance companies often handle most injury claims on behalf of negligent parties but rarely ever play fair in their evaluations of injury claims, so it becomes critical for all victims to make sure they retain legal counsel for assistance in recovering everything they need and deserve.

Odessa Accident and Injury Statistics

According to the most recent TxDOT statistics, Odessa had 11 fatal crashes causing 15 fatalities, 43 suspected serious crashes causing 51 suspected serious injuries, 314 possible injury crashes causing 464 possible injuries, and 128 unknown severity crashes causing 274 unknown injuries with a total of 2,597 total crashes. Odessa also had seven fatal driving while intoxicated (DWI) crashes causing 11 fatalities, 14 suspected serious DWI crashes causing 19 suspected serious injuries, 19 possible injury DWI crashes causing 37 possible injuries, and five unknown severity DWI crashes causing nine unknown injuries for a total of 174 total DWI crashes.

The most recent figures from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show that Odessa had 608 total fatal injuries, with 283 deaths resulting from transportation incidents, 96 deaths being falls, slips, or trips, 86 deaths being the result of violence, 63 deaths involving contact with other objects or equipment, 60 deaths dealing with exposure to harmful substances or environments, and 18 deaths stemming from fires and explosions. The fatal injuries involved 568 men and 40 women, with 132 victims being 55 to 64 years of age, 127 victims being 35 to 44 years of age, 120 victims being 45 to 54 years of age, 103 victims being 25 to 34 years of age, 71 victims being 65 years of age and older, 46 victims being 20 to 24 years of age, and 16 victims being 18 to 19 years of age.

The Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries from the Texas Department of Insurance shows 469 fatal occupational injuries in Texas included 92 percent being private sector employees in 431 incidents and the other 38 incidents involving public or governmental sector employees. Construction accounted for 127 fatalities, followed by transportation and warehousing with 96, natural resources and mining with 54, professional and business services with 45, manufacturing with 29, leisure and hospitality with 15, educational and health services with seven, and 14 deaths that were other services.

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The Patel Firm PLLC is a Texas personal injury law firm with it’s principal office in Corpus Christi. The firm is dedicated to providing first-class representation for injury victims & their loved ones.

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Our Areas of Practice

The Patel Firm handles many different kinds of personal injury cases in Odessa. Our firm has a wealth of experience investigating and proving the causes of injuries in these cases, so we will know how to help you recover as much compensation as possible.

Some of the different types of accidents we often handle include:

Car Accidents Car Accidents

Most car accident cases will involve claims against other negligent drivers who usually have insurance companies representing them, and insurers are going to try and argue their clients were not at fault or otherwise minimize their responsibility for wrecks. Read More

Oil Field Injuries Oil Field Injuries

Many oilfield workers do enjoy workers’ compensation coverage but workers’ compensation only provides a fraction of a worker’s regular earnings. Read More

18-Wheeler Accidents 18-Wheeler Accidents

Truck accidents can be more complicated because, whereas another driver is typically clearly at fault for the standard motor vehicle collision, multiple parties may share liability for a truck accident. Read More

Wrongful Death Wrongful Death

A wrongful death refers to an injury causing an individual's death when the injury is because of another person's or their representative's wrongful act, neglect, carelessness, unskillfulness, or default. Read More

Odessa Personal Injury Law Firm Being injured in a car accident as a result of someone else’s negligence puts you in the especially difficult position of facing physical, financial, and emotional challenges, but an experienced Austin personal injury lawyer has the keen legal insight and drive to help.

If you have been injured by the negligence of someone else, it leaves you at an extreme disadvantage. You have medical concerns to address; your earnings may have decreased, and the pain and suffering you experience can make everything else that much more difficult. Obtaining compensation that covers your losses (or damages) in their entirety is critical, but the vulnerable state you find yourself in can make doing so extremely difficult. Having an experienced Odessa personal injury lawyer on your side can mean the difference between obtaining the compensation to which you are entitled and not doing so.

Odessa Court Systems

Odessa is home to two courthouses:

  • Ector County Courthouse
    300 N. Grant Ave.
    Odessa, TX 79761
    (432) 498-4130
  • Odessa Municipal Court
    201 N. Grant Ave.
    Odessa, TX 79761
    (432) 335-3300
Odessa Hospitals

Many accident victims will need to obtain medical attention, and there are certainly multiple options for medical care in Odessa. All accident victims should be sure to see a doctor as soon as possible after an accident, not just to ensure their own health but also to create a medical record.

Visiting a hospital will be just as important as calling an Odessa personal injury lawyer. You should go to a hospital after an accident even when you do not think you were hurt.

Odessa has several different hospitals that people can visit. Some of the major hospitals include:

  • Odessa Regional Medical Center
    520 East Sixth Street
    Odessa, TX 79761
    (432) 582-8000
  • Medical Center Health System (MCHS) Foundation Medical Center Health System
    500 West 4th Street
    Odessa, TX 79761
    (432) 640-4000
  • Medical Center Hospital
    500 W. 4th St.
    Odessa, TX 79761
    (432) 640-4000
  • Parqueadero Hospital
    415 W. 5th St.
    Odessa, TX 79761
Odessa Rehab Clinics

Rehabilitation serves several important functions for injury victims. Not only will rehab help people transition from their hospital rooms to their homes, but it can also help a person improve mobility they may be struggling with following an accident.

Rehabilitation also serves important mental wellness objectives and can help victims regain the skills necessary to return to work. The larger goal of rehabilitation services is to increase your independence and physical function after an injury and help return you to as much of your previous ability as possible.

There are several different possible rehabilitation services people could partake in, and some of the rehabilitation providers in Odessa include:

  • Healthsouth Rehabilitation Center
    515 Adams Ave.
    Odessa, TX 79761
    (432) 550-1800
  • Buena Vida Nursing and Rehabilitation Odessa
    3800 Englewood Ln.
    Odessa, TX 79762
    (432) 362-2583
  • PermiaCare
    1012 Macarthur Ave.
    Odessa, TX 79763
    (844) 420-3964
  • PermiaCare Turning Point
    2000 Maurice Rd.
    Odessa, TX 79763
    (844) 420-3964
  • Permian Basin Rehabilitation Center
    620 N. Alleghaney Ave.
    Odessa, TX 79761
    (432) 332-8244
  • Clover House
    823 Idlewood Ln.
    Odessa, TX 79761
    (432) 580-0278
  • MCH Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
    415 W. 5th St.
    Odessa, TX 79761
    (432) 640-1230
  • Deerings Nursing and Rehabilitation
    1020 N. County Rd. W.
    Odessa, TX 79763
    (432) 332-0371
  • West Texas Counseling & Rehab
    515 Golder Ave.
    Odessa, TX 79761
    (432) 335-8141
  • Odessa Physical Therapy
    4407 N. Grandview Ave.
    Odessa, TX 79762
    (432) 366-9541
Odessa Chiropractors

Chiropractic care can often be the most effective course of treatment for a person’s injury symptoms. Whereas traditional doctor visits can result in people being prescribed medication to deal with injuries, chiropractors can be more capable of addressing certain underlying issues.

Many accident victims are dealing with soft tissue injuries that are not visible to the naked eye, but such injuries can cause pain in a person’s neck, back, or other body parts. A chiropractor often knows how to help adjust a person’s spine to help treat these injuries.

Chiropractors also know how to remove structural or nerve irritation that could be causing neck or back pain. In addition to supporting long-term healing, chiropractors can know how to help people regain movement and mobility.

Some of the chiropractors in Odessa include:

  • Clark Chiropractic Clinic
    6301 Eastridge Rd.
    Odessa, TX 79762
    (432) 337-5553
  • West Odessa Chiro Clinic
    1319 W. 22nd St.
    Odessa, TX 79763
    (432) 332-7882
  • Care Chiropractic
    110 E. University Blvd. # B
    Odessa, TX 79762
    (432) 550-2273
  • Rowland Chiropractic Clinic
    3952 E. 42nd St. Suite J
    Odessa, TX 79762
    (432) 617-4564
  • Apple Chiropractic Clinic
    1412 N. Grandview Ave.
    Odessa, TX 79761
    (432) 366-5848
  • Beaty Chiropractic Clinic
    2100 N. Grandview Ave.
    Odessa, TX 79761
    (432) 362-2303
  • Dr. Mark D Mehaffey, DC
    1030 N. Grandview Ave.
    Odessa, TX 79761
    (432) 332-3388
  • Airrosti Midland-Odessa
    8050 TX-191 Suite 202
    Odessa, TX 79765
    (432) 200-0665
  • Dr. Bobby Ray Richter, DC
    2458 E. 11th St.
    Odessa, TX 79761
    (432) 337-5553
  • Odessa Pain & Injury
    1931 E. 37th St. #9
    Odessa, TX 79762
    (432) 272-0248
  • Scott Chiropractic & Wellness
    4682 E. University Blvd. UNIT A
    Odessa, TX 79762
    (432) 363-8020
  • Whitmire Chiropractic
    1101 N. Dixie Blvd.
    Odessa, TX 79761
    (432) 337-0807
  • Gonzales Chiropractic
    850 Tower Dr. Suite 104
    Odessa, TX 79761
    (432) 580-3700

Odessa Personal Injury Attorney: Legal Guidance of an Experienced Odessa Personal Injury Lawyer

The formidable Odessa personal injury lawyers at The Patel Firm recognize how difficult your situation is and are fully committed to skillfully advocating for your rights – in pursuit of your rightful compensation. We’re here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact or call us for more information today. To schedule your free case evaluation with a personal injury attorney in Odessa, call our office today at 361-400-2036.

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