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Texas Road Safety Statistics - How Safe is it to Drive in Texas?

Texas Road Safety Statistics – How Safe is it to Drive in Texas? Every day approximately 18,510 crashes take place on US roads. These incidents are the leading cause of death amongst those aged 1-54 in the United States. That’s why we wanted to discover just how safe (or dangerous) it is to drive in Texas in 2021. We conducted a survey... Read More
3 Things To Do After A Car Accident Formulating a plan for what to do in a car accident—before one happens—may set you up for long-term success. Why? If you are seriously injured in an accident, you may need to seek financial compensation in conjunction with lost wages and medical bills. Or the injuries you have sustained... Read More
How Much Can Someone Sue For a Car Accident? (2021 Guide) Being involved in a car accident can upend your life as you know it, at least for the foreseeable future. You may have injuries that keep you from taking care of yourself and your family or even returning to work. To make matters worse, you have medical bills and... Read More
How Much Can a Settlement Get For Nerve Damage From a Car Accident? No absolutely certain method exists for determining the exact settlement amount someone can receive for nerve damage from a car accident. The public does not possess extensive information regarding these settlement amounts, and it is nearly impossible to determine the approximate amount the average nerve damage claim might be... Read More
Common Injuries From Low Speed Rear End Collisions Rear-end collisions are very common throughout all metro areas in the United States. Many drivers do not leave enough space between themselves and the motorists sharing the road with them. If a driver follows an automobile too closely, then the driver will not have adequate time to see the... Read More
How To Claim Compensation For Death in a Car Accident Trying to determine the exact amount of financial compensation you can recover for a loved one’s death in a car wreck can be complicated. You have to factor in your loved one’s occupation and their potential lost future earnings. You also have to consider the value of the loved... Read More
What Happens When Someone Dies In a Car Accident? When a loved one dies in an automobile accident, it is devastating to everyone who knew that person. You have to process the grief associated with the loss and arrange funeral and burial arrangements. The medical bills may also cause financial stress that compounds your sadness and frustration.  You... Read More
How Long Should You Be Sore After a Car Accident? [2021 Insights] Automobile accidents are a primary cause of personal injury in the United States. Experts and analysts claim that vehicle accidents cause the death of one human life every 50 minutes. Drivers and passengers are often injured in car accidents. Soreness from a car accident is unnerving, and you may... Read More
Whiplash Versus Concussion: How To Tell the Difference Head injuries are some of the most common types of damages your body can receive from a car accident. Since your head is the only vital body part not well-secured by the seatbelt, it has a higher probability of getting hurt during a crash. To help you better understand... Read More
How Long Should I Be Sore After a Car Accident? Automakers made countless safety improvements to the cars we drive over the last few decades. One danger we cannot improve? Bad driving. Despite a welcome decline in traffic death reports in 2020, people still have car accidents, and some of them result in injury. Common Car Accident Injuries A... Read More