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Client Testimonials

Call the Patel Firm. The guided us through it all. We would have been lost without them. They brought justice to us.

The Rodriguez Family

They helped me after my slip and fall accident and kept me informed throughout the whole process! They were always friendly …

Marina Sanchez

The Patel law firm is very fair and easy to work with, they understand and care for all their clients, I highly recommend them …

Frankie Martinez

Great services, great communications Mr. Patel and Joann are knowledgeable and took their time to answer my questions …

Martha Navarro

Minesh has gone above and beyond for our Houston Celebrity, ESG and our team of Managers and Crew. Thank you Patel Firm!!

Trill Republik

I’ve never felt so at home in an Attorney’s office! These people are so down to earth and REALLY care about their clients ….

Peter Higgins

The Patel Firm is simply fantastic. He is reliable and informative throughout the entire process. I would say that I was most impressed …

Cody Dempsey
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Abilene Personal Injury Lawyer

Get in touch with an acclaimed Abilene personal injury Lawyer from The Patel Firm to discuss your legal options after suffering injuries from an accident.

We can try to avoid danger as much as we want to, but sometimes accidents are inevitable in our daily lives, especially when situations are out of our control. Such incidents could change a person’s life in an instant, and the damages endured could last forever, which is why choosing representation is crucial during this time.

With years of experience in personal injury law, The Patel Firm has successfully resolved countless cases and secured substantial settlements for clients in Abilene and all across Texas. We specialize in handling personal injury cases, from car accidents to other motor vehicle-related collisions, commercial trucking accidents, workplace injuries, oilfield accidents, insurance disputes, and premise liability accidents.

We understand the physical and emotional toll that can arise from a tragic accident, which is why our attorneys are ready to answer your call 24/7. For free consultation, call (361) 400-2036 now or send us a message through our online form. There are no upfront fees, and we only charge once we win or settle your case.

Why Choose The Patel Firm

At The Patel Firm, we place our clients at the forefront of our work. We work tirelessly to maximize compensation and provide exceptional customer service, showing our dedication to your case. We believe in going to great lengths to ensure you are properly represented and compensated. This is proven by our verified testimonials and five-star reviews on Google.

Minesh J. Patel is the firm’s president and principal attorney. Over the course of his career, he has successfully secured substantial recoveries for clients in cases like car accidents, insurance disputes, and trucking accidents. His legal practice has allowed him to focus on personal injury and personal injury litigation, and the team at The Patel Firm has been committed to bringing our clients’ cases to justice.

Minesh is also a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Rue Ratings’ Best Attorneys in America, and has been recognized as 40 best under 40 by The National Trial Lawyers Association.

If you have suffered injuries from vehicular collisions, don’t worry because you won’t have to deal with this tragedy alone. Rest assured, The Patel Firm is here to fight for your rights and ensure that your voice is heard.

How Can We Help in A Personal Injury Case?

At The Patel Firm, we will guide you through the legal process from beginning to end. We provide comprehensive assistance and compassionate support for various personal injury cases to protect your rights and secure the rightful compensation. Our services include:

  • Free case evaluation
  • In-depth investigation
  • Documentation
  • Negotiation with insurance companies
  • Litigation

About Personal Injuries in Abilene

Known for its vibrant community, Abilene is known for its rich culture and strong economy. Over the years, Abilene has grown into a thriving center for commerce and education, home to several universities and colleges.

The city’s population has shown steady growth, reaching more than 126,000 recorded residents, and authorities anticipate continued expansion in the future, which contributes to the high frequency of accidents in the city.

It was reported almost 3,000 crashes occurred in Abilene in 2023, resulting in minor to severe injuries. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, many of these incidents are caused by speeding, negligence, and driving under the influence.

Speeding is one of the major contributors to the high number of accidents. Driving at high speed reduces the driver’s reaction time and overall control of the vehicle. Meanwhile, distracted driving and failure to observe traffic rules are also significant contributors to the issue. Drivers who are not paying attention to the road are more likely to make errors that lead to crashes.

Trust an award-winning Abilene personal injury attorney at The Patel Firm to deliver first-class representation for you or your loved ones.

Types of Personal Injuries

Personal injuries can vary widely in their nature and severity. Here are some common types of personal injuries:

Soft Tissue Injuries: These are like those annoying muscle sprains or strains you might get from overdoing it at the gym and they can also happen in car accidents, especially from the sudden jerking motion of a collision, which is often called whiplash.

Fractures: These are breaks in your bones, which can happen if you fall or get hit hard. Depending on the force, fractures can be simple cracks or more serious breaks that require surgery to fix.

Burn Injuries: These can happen from touching something hot, like a stove or a hot pan, or from chemicals, electricity, or even too much sun. Burns can range from minor redness to severe damage that affects multiple layers of skin and tissue.

Head Injuries: These are injuries to your noggin, which can range from mild concussions to more serious traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), and they’re often caused by falls, sports accidents, or car crashes.

Spinal Cord Injuries: These are injuries to the spinal cord, which is the bundle of nerves that runs down your back. Damage to the spinal cord can cause paralysis or loss of sensation below the injury site.

Amputations: This is when a body part, like a limb or a finger, is removed. It can happen due to a traumatic accident or sometimes due to medical reasons.

Internal Injuries: These are injuries to your internal organs, like your lungs, liver, or spleen. They can happen from a hard impact, like in a car crash, and may not be immediately obvious.

Cuts and Lacerations: These are basically fancy words for cuts and they can range from minor scratches to deep wounds that require stitches.

Dislocations: This is when a bone is forced out of its normal position, often due to a sudden impact or twisting motion and it can be very painful and may require medical attention to put the bone back in place.

Emotional Distress: This is the psychological toll that a traumatic event can take on a person. It can manifest as anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues.

Where Do Most Personal Injuries Occur?

Personal injuries can occur anywhere but in some locations more than others, including:

Roadways: Car accidents are a leading cause of personal injuries, often resulting from factors like speeding, distracted driving, or impaired driving. As one of the busiest intersections in Abilene, U.S. 83 and Southwest Drive is prone to many accidents and is now scheduled for improvements and renovations.

Workplaces: Injuries can occur in various work settings, such as construction sites, factories, offices, and retail stores, due to hazards like falls, machinery accidents, or repetitive strain injuries.

Public Spaces: Slip and fall accidents can happen in places like parks, sidewalks, shopping centers, and public buildings, often due to wet floors, uneven surfaces, or inadequate lighting.

Recreational Areas: Sports and recreational activities can lead to injuries, especially in settings like playgrounds, sports fields, gyms, and swimming pools.

Homes: Accidents at home can result from various factors, including falls, burns, cuts, or poisoning, often due to unsafe conditions or improper use of household items.

Medical Facilities: Medical malpractice can occur in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes, leading to injuries caused by errors in diagnosis, treatment, or patient care.

Transportation Systems: Injuries can occur on public transportation, such as buses, trains, and airplanes, as well as in accidents involving bicycles, motorcycles, or pedestrians. For instance, a school bus collided with a car and then crashed into a yard in north Abilene.

Schools and Educational Institutions: Injuries can happen in school settings, including classrooms, playgrounds, and sports facilities, due to accidents or negligence.

Types of Damages and Compensation From A Personal Injury Lawsuit

In a personal injury lawsuit, the injured party seeks compensation to address the various impacts of their injury, including physical, emotional, and financial losses. The different types of damages that can be awarded are crucial for ensuring fair compensation and accountability for the responsible party.

Here is an overview of the common types of damages and compensation available in personal injury cases:

Medical Expenses: This includes current and future medical costs related to the injury, such as hospital bills, doctor’s visits, surgeries, medications, and rehabilitation.

Lost Wages: Compensation for the income lost due to the injury, including wages from missed workdays, reduced work hours, or inability to work in the future.

Pain and Suffering: Compensation for the physical and emotional distress caused by the injury, including pain, discomfort, anxiety, depression, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Loss of Consortium: Compensation for the loss of companionship, support, and intimacy suffered by the injured person’s spouse or family members.

Property Damage: Compensation for any damage to the plaintiff’s property, such as a vehicle in a car accident or personal belongings in a premises liability case.

Punitive Damages: In some cases, punitive damages may be awarded to punish the responsible party for particularly reckless or intentional conduct.

Role of a Specialized Attorney

Dealing with the legalities after suffering from a personal injury can be stressful, especially when you should still be recovering from the physical and emotional damages. That’s why it’s all the more important to consult with a specialized personal injury attorney, and the lawyers at The Patel Law Firm are skilled just as they are compassionate.

Here are key aspects of their role:

Legal Expertise and Guidance: Personal injury attorneys have specialized knowledge in the field of personal injury law, including the nuances of various types of cases such as car accidents, medical malpractice, workplace injuries, and wrongful death, and they provide expert legal guidance to ensure that clients understand their rights and the legal process.

Case Evaluation and Investigation: An experienced attorney will thoroughly evaluate the details of a client’s case to determine its merit. This involves gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, reviewing medical records, and consulting with experts to build a strong case.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies: Personal injury attorneys handle all communications and negotiations with insurance companies on behalf of their clients and their goal is to secure a fair settlement that covers all damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. They are skilled negotiators who understand the tactics used by insurance companies to minimize payouts.

Representation in Court: If a fair settlement cannot be reached through negotiation, a personal injury attorney will represent their client in court. Additionally, they prepare and present the case, argue on behalf of the client, and strive to achieve the best possible outcome through litigation.

Calculating Damages: Determining the value of a personal injury claim involves more than just adding up medical bills. Attorneys consider all factors, including future medical needs, loss of earning capacity, and non-economic damages such as emotional distress and loss of enjoyment of life. They work to ensure that clients receive full compensation for their injuries.

Providing Support and Advocacy: Throughout the legal process, personal injury attorneys act as advocates for their clients, providing emotional support and ensuring that their clients’ voices are heard. They also handle all legal aspects of the case, allowing clients to focus on recovery.

Contingency Fee Basis: Many personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they only get paid if they win the case and this arrangement makes legal representation accessible to those who might not afford it otherwise and aligns the attorney’s interests with those of their clients.

Legal Strategies and Client Representation

The Patel Firm prioritizes the needs of the clients by developing comprehensive strategies and providing first-class representation to ensure that the responsible parties are liable and clients receive maximum compensation.

From conducting thorough case evaluations to reviewing the necessary documents such as medical records, accident reports, and witness testimonies, we can formulate personalized legal strategies to achieve the client’s goals.

The firm prioritizes clear and consistent communication with clients, keeping them informed and involved throughout the legal process. By maintaining open lines of communication, we ensure that clients feel supported and confident in the legal process.

Negotiation skills are an essential part of the firm’s approach, as insurance companies can lowball the client’s settlement. If we cannot reach a settlement, we are fully prepared to take the case to court.

The Patel Firm understands the many challenging phases of personal injury cases, which is why we are committed to providing personalized methods to help you achieve justice without compromising compassion.

Working With A Local Personal Injury Lawyer

Working with a local Abilene personal injury lawyer can offer several benefits:

Understanding of Local Laws: A local lawyer will be well-versed in the specific laws and regulations governing personal injuries in Abilene and across Texas. This allows you to receive accurate legal advice tailored to your case.

Accessibility and Convenience: Being based in Abilene means that your lawyer is easily accessible for meetings, consultations, and updates on your case, which can provide you with peace of mind and a sense of control over your legal proceedings.

Personalized Attention: A local lawyer is more likely to provide personalized attention to your case, as they are familiar with the unique aspects of the local community and can tailor their approach to meet your specific needs.

Local Resources and Connections: A local lawyer has established relationships with local experts, such as accident reconstruction specialists or medical professionals, which can strengthen your case and provide valuable support. This can help you gain access to the best professionals in the field.

Navigating Legal Complexities in Personal Injuries

The legal landscape of personal injuries continues to evolve with new regulations, court filings, and legal precedents.

Additionally, the laws in every state vary so it’s essential to stay updated with the changes to advocate for the client effectively. If you suffered injuries in Abilene or in Texas, it’s good to be knowledgeable of the state laws and regulations.

Statute of Limitations

If you’ve been hurt and want to sue for things like car accidents, injuries on someone else’s property, or from a defective product, you usually have two years to file a lawsuit from the date of the injury. If someone hurts your reputation with a false statement, like in defamation cases, you have one year to sue. For medical malpractice, you generally have two years from the date of the malpractice or the end of your treatment to file a lawsuit.

The Discovery Rule

This is a legal concept that affects the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit. Normally, the countdown for the statute of limitations starts on the date you’re injured. However, some injuries aren’t immediately apparent. For instance, if you’re exposed to a harmful chemical and develop cancer years later, you wouldn’t know about the injury until the diagnosis.

According to the Discovery Rule, the statute of limitations clock starts ticking either when you discover the injury and its cause or when you should have reasonably discovered them. This rule ensures you still have a fair chance to file a lawsuit, even if the injury took time to become noticeable.

Comparative Negligence

This is a rule used in personal injury cases to figure out how much each person involved in an accident is to blame and the amount of money you can get depends on how much your own actions contributed to the accident and your injury.

In Texas, there is a specific version of this rule called modified comparative fault. According to this rule, you can only get compensation if you are less than 51% responsible for the accident. If you are 51% or more at fault, you won’t get any money.

Meet The Team
Our Attorneys

The Patel Firm PLLC is a Texas personal injury law firm with it’s principal office in Corpus Christi. The firm is dedicated to providing first-class representation for injury victims & their loved ones.

Meet the Whole Team

Our Areas of Practice

Our expertise spans various personal injury cases, including:

Car Accident Car Accident

Car accidents are one of the most common causes of personal injuries. Whether it’s a fender-bender or a major collision, car accidents can result in significant injuries and property damage. In fact, there were almost 3,000 crashes in Abilene in 2023, 61 of which resulted in suspected serious injuries and 519 of which resulted in suspected minor injuries. We assist clients in navigating the complexities of insurance claims and seek fair compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Read More

Motorcycle Accident Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents often result in severe injuries due to riders' lack of protection. These cases can be particularly complex, involving factors like helmet laws and road conditions. We work diligently to ensure that injured motorcyclists receive the compensation they deserve for their injuries and losses. In recent reports, over 250,000 persons were injured in motor vehicle traffic crashes in Texas. Read More

Commercial Trucking Accident Commercial Trucking Accident

Accidents involving large commercial trucks can be devastating, leading to serious injuries or fatalities. These cases often involve multiple parties, including trucking companies and their insurers. Our team has the expertise to handle the intricate details of trucking regulations and pursue maximum compensation for our clients. In 2023, there were about 182,000 truck accidents, which led to roughly 5,000 deaths and over 86,000 injuries, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Read More

Oilfield Accidents Oilfield Accidents

Working in the oilfields is inherently dangerous, with risks of explosions, falls, and equipment malfunctions. When accidents occur, they can result in catastrophic injuries. Producing the most oil in the United States, Texas leads the nation in workplace fatalities caused by falls, explosions, and exposure to harmful substances. We represent oilfield workers and their families, fighting for compensation for medical bills, lost income, and long-term care needs. Read More

Workplace Injuries Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries can occur in any job setting, from construction sites to offices. They can range from minor accidents to severe incidents that prevent individuals from returning to work. According to their incident trends report, in 2023, Texas Mutual reported almost 6% more severe injuries compared to the previous year. The construction industry had the highest number of serious accidents in Texas for 2023. Construction accounted for 39% of these serious incidents, with more than three times as many claims as any other industry. We help injured workers navigate workers’ compensation claims and pursue additional legal action if necessary. Read More

Dog Bites Dog Bites

These can cause a range of injuries, from minor nips to severe attacks, which may lead to serious infections, physical trauma, and emotional distress. The American Veterinary Medical Association reports that each year, about 4.7 million people experience dog bites, with approximately 800,000 of these incidents requiring medical treatment. Legal cases involving dog bites often center around the dog owner's liability, which can vary based on local laws and the specific circumstances of the incident. Read More

Pedestrian Accidents Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents occur when a person walking is struck by a vehicle, often leading to severe injuries or fatalities. Common causes include driver negligence, distracted driving, speeding, and failure to yield at crosswalks. The Abilene community is experiencing a rise in accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists. In 2024 alone, eight crashes have resulted in nine fatalities. Legal claims aim to hold the negligent parties accountable and secure compensation for the victim's injuries and financial losses. Read More

Wrongful Death Wrongful Death

Wrongful death occurs when a person dies due to the negligence, recklessness, or intentional actions of another party. This type of legal claim is brought by the deceased person's family or estate to seek compensation for their loss. Common scenarios leading to wrongful death claims include car accidents, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, and criminal acts. In fact, medical errors cause about 9.5% of all deaths in the U.S. each year, making medical malpractice one of the leading causes of death. Medical malpractice ranks as the third most common cause of death in the country. Read More

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We understand that dealing with insurance companies and the legal matters of personal injuries can be overwhelming. With our skilled team of attorneys, we will advocate for your rights and make sure the damages you endured will be taken care of.

If you or someone you know has suffered injuries due to an accident in Abilene, contact us at (361) 400-2036 or complete our online form to discuss legal options. Remember, consultation is free!

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