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With our knowledge and resources, our team carefully navigates challenges in auto collisions, motorcycle accidents, commercial trucking accidents, workplace accidents, oilfield accidents, insurance disputes, and premise liability accidents.

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Why Choose The Patel Firm

In the aftermath of a car accident, you could be facing severe injuries that could redirect the course of your life. If that time comes, choosing who represents you can make all the difference. At the Patel Firm, we always serve our clients to the best of our ability and keep communication open to achieve the best results.

Minesh and the dedicated staff at The Patel firm have successfully resolved numerous cases and secured millions of dollars for clients across the state of Texas. He is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Rue Ratings’ Best Attorneys in America, and has been recognized as 40 best under 40 by The National Trial Lawyers Association.

When it comes to personal injury lawsuits, you can count on The Patel Firm to know how to navigate the complexities of your case and select decisions based on purposeful strategies. Our goal is not only to secure compensation but also to make sure that we bring justice to your case by making sure that the responsible parties are held accountable.

Our proven track record of successful cases speaks for itself, and we have a high success rate in winning cases and securing substantial settlements for our clients. Feel free to check out our reviews from satisfied clients or five-star reviews on Google.

How Can We Help You In A Car Accident Lawsuit?

In the event of a crash, arguments will arise on who is liable for the damages. The Patel Firm has the expertise to identify the actual cause of a crash and develop a legal strategy based on the facts. We are committed to simplifying the claims process for you, so the only thing you’ll have to worry about is recovery.

Here’s how our lawyers can help you in a car accident lawsuit:

  • Conducting an investigation: If an individual gets into a car crash due to a negligent driver, we are going to need all the evidence to prove it. Our team will then investigate the crash by gathering evidence and interviewing eyewitnesses to support your claim.
  • Assessment of damages: We will assess the full extent of your damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering, to determine the fair compensation you deserve.
  • Handling negotiations: Our lawyers will handle talks to reach a fair settlement that covers the damage without the need for a trial. We will handle all communications, ensuring that all parties involved are well-informed and that the process runs smoothly.
  • Peace of mind: It can be reassuring to have one of our attorneys manage your case, as it means a knowledgeable expert is advocating for your best interests and striving to achieve the most favorable result for you.

About Car Accidents in Allen

Seek professional legal advice from a reliable Allen car accident lawyer at The Patel Firm to assist you in obtaining compensation for the damages made in your crash.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), over 900 crashes occurred on the roads in Allen in 2022, which is a major cause for concern since many of these accidents result in serious injuries, property damage and even fatalities.

Drunk driving is found to be one of the leading causes of these incidents. In fact, recent data shows that over 1000 people were killed in traffic crashes where the driver was under the influence of alcohol.

Although there are many laws in place, it was also found that speeding was another contributing factor for car crashes in Texas, many of which were fatal. Driving at high speed reduces the driver’s reaction time and overall control of the vehicle. Meanwhile, distracted driving and failure to observe traffic rules are also significant contributors to the issue.

Types of Car Accidents

There are various types of car accidents, each with distinct characteristics and causes. Some common types include:

Head-on collisions: When two moving vehicles from opposite directions collide head-on, the force of the combined speed of both cars typically causes significant injuries and damages.

Rear-end collisions: This type of accident takes place when one vehicle crashes into the back of another. These are common in traffic jams or at stoplights and can range from minor fender benders to more serious impacts.

Side-impact Accidents: Also known as T-bone collisions, these accidents happen when the front of one vehicle crashes into the side of another. They typically occur at intersections or when one vehicle fails to yield the right of way, causing substantial damage and injuries to the occupants on the struck side.

Chain Reactions: This involves multiple vehicles, usually starting with one collision that triggers subsequent crashes. These often arise in heavy traffic or poor weather conditions where visibility is low, and drivers can’t react quickly enough to avoid hitting the vehicles in front of them.

Rollovers: Rollovers happen when a vehicle flips onto its side or roof. They can be caused by sharp turns at high speeds, collisions with other vehicles or objects, or losing control on uneven terrain.

Where Do Most Car Accidents Occur?

Accidents happen almost everywhere however, there’s a greater chance they’ll occur in busy and congested areas such as highways, intersections, and areas with a lot of pedestrian traffic. Here are some of the places where car accidents occur:

Intersections: Accidents frequently happen at intersections due to vehicles crossing paths. Drivers turning left often collide with oncoming traffic, and rear-end collisions can occur when vehicles stop suddenly.

Highways: High-speed traffic on highways can lead to serious accidents. Factors like speeding, lane changes, and merging can increase the risk of collisions. For instance, U.S. Highway 75 is a high-traffic area that is poorly lit as it runs through Allen.

Parking Lots: Parking lots can be chaotic, with vehicles moving in various directions and pedestrians crossing. Low speeds may reduce the severity of accidents, but dings, dents, and minor collisions are common.

Residential Areas: Accidents in residential areas often involve pedestrians, cyclists, and parked cars. Speed limits are lower in these areas, but distractions and narrow roads can still lead to collisions.

Rural Roads: Rural roads can be hazardous due to higher speeds, limited visibility, and fewer safety features. Wildlife crossings and narrow shoulders can also contribute to accidents.

Construction Zones: Construction zones pose unique hazards, including reduced lanes, lane shifts, and uneven surfaces. Speeding or not following signage can lead to accidents.

Pedestrian Crossings: Accidents involving pedestrians can occur at crosswalks, especially if drivers fail to yield or are distracted. Pedestrians can also contribute to accidents by jaywalking or not paying attention.

School Zones: School zones are busy areas where children cross and buses stop. Drivers need to be extra cautious and adhere to lower speed limits to prevent accidents. The central Allen area contains a high concentration of schools, including Allen High School, where traffic congestion is common.

Common Injuries Suffered in Car Accidents

Injuries resulting from a car accident are unavoidable and can vary based on the specifics of the collision. These injuries range from minor to severe, and some of the most common ones include:

Whiplash: This is a kind of neck injury caused by the sudden back-and-forth movement of the neck, and this rapid motion can strain or sprain the neck’s muscles and ligaments, leading to pain, stiffness, and reduced range of motion.

Bruises and Cuts: These injuries can result from impact with objects inside the vehicle or from broken glass. Additionally, bruises occur when blood vessels are damaged, causing discoloration and pain.

Broken Bones: Fractures can occur in any bone of the body during a car accident, often due to the force of the impact. Commonly broken bones in auto accidents include ribs, arms, legs, and collarbones.

Head Injuries: Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can range from mild concussions to severe, life-threatening injuries. A concussion may cause temporary confusion and headaches, while severe TBIs can lead to long-term cognitive impairment, loss of motor function, and other serious complications.

Sprains: Sprains occur when the ligaments connecting two bones of a joint are stretched or twisted, usually by a sudden fall or impact. The symptoms include pain, swelling, bruising, and difficulty moving the affected joint.

Spinal Cord Injuries: Damage to the spinal cord can lead to paralysis or other serious complications. Depending on the severity and location of the injury, a person may experience loss of movement and sensation below the site of the injury, which can significantly impact their quality of life.

Facial Injuries: These refer to any physical trauma to the face, including damage to the skin, tissues, bones, and facial structures. Facial injuries can range from minor cuts and bruises to more severe injuries such as broken bones, eye damage, and dental injuries, often requiring reconstructive surgery and extensive medical care.

Types of Damages and Compensation From Car Accidents

Car accidents can occur in any location and at any time, causing minor to severe injuries. Various factors, including human behavior, road conditions, and mechanical issues, can contribute to these incidents, resulting in damage to both individuals and vehicles.

Following a collision, you may be eligible for compensation to aid in your recovery from physical and emotional harm. Here are some of the main types of damages relevant to car accident claims:

Economic Damages

Medical Expenses: Vehicle collisions often cause mild to severe injuries that require immediate medical attention. This includes the cost of medical treatment, hospital stays, surgery, medication, rehabilitation, and any other medical expenses related to the accident.

Lost Wages: Due to injuries from a car accident, an individual may lose the ability to work, leading to a loss of earning capacity. This includes wages, salary, bonuses, and other forms of income that you have lost due to your inability to work as a result of the accident.

Property Damage: Damaged vehicles are also another reason to receive compensation and this includes the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle and any other property that was damaged in the accident.

Medical Expenses: Injuries can be so severe that they could cause life-changing adjustments so if your injuries require ongoing medical treatment or care, the cost of these future expenses may also be included as economic damages.

Non-Economic Damages

Pain and Suffering: This includes the physical pain and emotional distress you have experienced as a result of the accident and your injuries.

Loss of Consortium: This refers to the loss of companionship, support, and services of a spouse or family member as a result of your injuries.

Punitive Damages: In cases where the at-fault party’s conduct was particularly negligent, punitive damages may be awarded to punish the defendant and deter similar conduct in the future.

Role of a Specialized Attorney

Car accidents are traumatic experiences that no one wants to relive, and dealing with the aftermath can be overwhelming. In the middle of all the challenges, it’s vital to consult with a skilled lawyer on the case to guide you through the legal process. The lawyers at The Patel Law Firm are highly skilled yet still compassionate.

If you ever face such challenges, it’s crucial to be represented by dedicated and experienced personal injury attorneys who will work to the best of their ability to achieve your goal.

Legal Strategies and Client Representation

We understand that each of our clients has unique needs and goals, and we are dedicated to providing a personalized approach to meet them. Our goal is to protect our clients from the challenges of the insurance industry, and we are committed to working tirelessly to achieve the best outcomes. We work closely with medical experts to ensure thorough documentation of injuries and to carefully consider long-term healthcare needs.

Working With A Local Car Accident Lawyer

Working with a local Allen car accident lawyer can offer several benefits:

Familiarity with Local Laws: A local lawyer will be well-versed in the specific laws and regulations governing car accidents in Allen and across Texas. This allows you to receive accurate legal advice tailored to your case.

Accessibility and Convenience: Being located in Allen makes it easy to meet, consult, and stay updated with your lawyer, providing peace of mind and control over your legal proceedings.

Personalized Attention: A local lawyer is more likely to provide personalized attention to your case, as they are familiar with the unique aspects of the local community and can tailor their approach to meet your specific needs.

Local Resources and Connections: A local lawyer has established relationships with local experts, such as accident reconstruction specialists or medical professionals, which can strengthen your case and provide valuable support. This can help you gain access to the best professionals in the field.

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