Category: Company Vehicle Accident

Who is liable after a commercial car accident in Texas? Whether you were involved in a car accident in Corpus Christi with a company vehicle, or a car accident with a company vehicle anywhere else in Texas, you should immediately seek the counsel of a qualified company vehicle accident lawyer in Corpus Christi, Texas at The Patel Firm PLLC.... Read More
What happens after a car accident with a commercial vehicle? In this blog, we will discuss Texas car accidents with commercial vehicles. In this context, commercial vehicle refers to any vehicle owned by a business. It could be an 18-wheeler, a car, an SUV, a truck or any other type of vehicle owned by a company. Below, we will... Read More
Company Vehicle Accident Distinctions Work vehicles are involved in hundreds of car accidents every day across the United States. Although the aftermath of these accidents can be somewhat similar to a car accident with an individual person, it is important to note major distinctions. Contacting a personal injury lawyer after an accident with... Read More

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