Cedar Ridge TX

Cedar Ridge TX

Cedar Ridge is a charming town with plenty to offer in Waco. With its rich history and warm community spirit, it’s no wonder why so many people have chosen to call this unique little place home. From exciting outdoor activities to quaint shopping outlets, there’s something for everyone here! Let’s take a closer look at what makes Cedar Ridge such an attractive destination.

Located just outside of Austin, Cedar Ridge provides easy access to big city amenities without sacrificing small-town charm. Residents enjoy convenient access to all that Austin has to offer while still experiencing the laid-back atmosphere they crave. The area boasts miles and miles of hiking trails, perfect for those looking for some fresh air and adventure. There are also plenty of places to explore nearby, like Hamilton Pool Preserve or Enchanted Rock State Park – both within driving distance from Cedar Ridge.

If you’re not into outdoor adventures, don’t worry; there are plenty of other attractions in the area as well! Shoppers will delight in all the options available at local boutiques and antique stores – great spots for finding one-of-a-kind items. Those looking for more familiar fare can visit the nearby mall or grocery store. And after a long day out on the town? Relax with friends over dinner at one of several local restaurants featuring delicious Texan cuisine or craft beers from local breweries. No matter what your tastes may be, you’ll find something special about Cedar Ridge TX!


Cedar Ridge, Texas is a small community located in Travis County. It has a population of just over 500 people and was established in the late 19th century. The town was founded by settlers from Germany who arrived in 1858, with other immigrants joining them shortly afterwards. The area around Cedar Ridge had several settlements prior to its founding and these date back as far as 1690 when Spanish missionaries settled there. These early settlers were also joined by German farmers, who moved into the area during the 1800s. As more settlers came, the community grew and prospered until the 1930s when it began to decline due to changes in farming methods. Today, Cedar Ridge remains largely agricultural, though some businesses have relocated here since then.

Attractions And Things To Do

Cedar Ridge, Texas is a charming town full of attractions and things to do for folks of all ages. Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities or something more indoors, there’s plenty to choose from. For the outdoorsy type, Cedar Ridge offers several parks with trails perfect for hiking and biking as well as fishing spots in nearby lakes and rivers. There are also some public golf courses that offer great views while playing a round of golf! If you prefer indoor activities, why not take a visit to one of the many museums in Cedar Ridge? From art galleries to historical sites, there’s sure to be something interesting to explore at any one of these locations. Plus, don’t forget about the local shopping centers where you can find unique items made by local artisans. Whatever it is you decide to do during your time in Cedar Ridge, we guarantee you won’t regret it!

Local Businesses

Cedar Ridge, Texas is home to a diverse range of businesses. According to the US Census Bureau, there are over 150 local businesses in Cedar Ridge alone. These establishments provide employment for many people and offer a variety of goods and services to residents within the community.

The majority of businesses in Cedar Ridge are owned by small business owners who have been part of the town for generations. Many stores specialize in unique items such as antiques, handmade crafts and specialty gifts that you won’t find anywhere else. There’s also an array of restaurants offering delicious cuisine from Mexican to Italian dishes. Other popular shops include bookstores, clothing boutiques, hardware stores, sporting goods stores and more.

Overall, Cedar Ridge provides its citizens with plenty of opportunities to shop locally and support their community while enjoying quality products at competitive prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Average Cost Of Living In Cedar Ridge Tx?

The average cost of living is an important consideration for anyone looking to make a move. It can vary greatly from one area to the next, so it’s important to research any potential locations thoroughly before making a decision. In this article, we’ll be exploring the average cost of living in Cedar Ridge, Texas.

Cedar Ridge is located just outside of Austin, and its residents enjoy close proximity to a variety of amenities while still enjoying the peace and quiet of small-town life. The median home price in Cedar Ridge is significantly lower than that of many nearby cities like San Antonio or Houston. Additionally, groceries tend to be much more affordable here as well when compared with those offered at chain stores found in larger metropolitan areas. Furthermore, utility costs are relatively low due to the hot climate which helps cut down on heating bills during cold months throughout the year. All these factors contribute towards keeping overall expenses comparatively low in Cedar Ridge when compared with other places across Texas.

When taken into account holistically, it’s easy to see why Cedar Ridge offers a great value for money when it comes to quality-of-living standards. With its reasonable prices and strong community values, it makes perfect sense why people have chosen this charming town as their place to call home!

How Far Is Cedar Ridge Tx From The Nearest Major City?

Living in a rural area has its advantages, but how close are you to the nearest major city? This is an important question for anyone looking to move or commute into a larger urban center. Cedar Ridge TX is located only 45 miles from Austin, making it one of the closest small towns to a major city in Texas.

To put this distance into perspective, the average driving time between two cities in Texas is around 75 miles. Therefore, Cedar Ridge TX offers residents easy access to all that Austin has to offer while still maintaining their rural lifestyle:

  • A short 45-mile drive means less time commuting and more free time spent exploring nearby attractions
  • Residents can take advantage of affordable housing options outside of the big city while still being able to enjoy the amenities offered by Austin
  • Enjoying both nature and culture without having to compromise on either

Cedar Ridge TX provides an ideal balance for people who want some peace and quiet with modern convenience at their fingertips. It’s proximity to Austin makes it perfect for those wanting quick trips into town without sacrificing any of the benefits of living in such a naturally beautiful part of Texas. Residents here have everything they need right within reach!

Are There Any Public Transportation Options Available In Cedar Ridge Tx?

When looking for public transportation options, it’s important to know your location. Are there any that are available in the area? This article will explore what types of transportation are available in Cedar Ridge TX and how easy they are to access.

The good news is that Cedar Ridge TX does offer some public transport options. The main one is a bus service operated by CityLink which runs regularly throughout the town and surrounding areas. There are also several taxi services operating in the area, as well as ride-sharing apps such as Uber and Lyft. All these forms of transport make getting around Cedar RidgeTX much easier than having to rely on private vehicles or walking distances.

Overall, there are plenty of options when it comes to getting around Cedar Ridge TX without needing a car or other form of personal transport. Whether you choose a bus, taxi, rideshare app or something else entirely, you should have no problem finding an affordable way to get from A to B.

What Is The Median Household Income In Cedar Ridge Tx?

The median household income is a crucial statistic that can help paint a picture of the financial stability and quality of life within an area. Taking a look at Cedar Ridge TX, it’s interesting to see what this number reveals.

Like looking through a kaleidoscope, the median income for households in Cedar Ridge shifts and changes with each passing year – but overall provides insight into how well people are doing financially. Currently, the median income for households in Cedar Ridge TX sits at $59,141 – providing families with enough funds to live comfortably while also being able to save up for future expenses.

In addition, this figure gives us an understanding of what kind of lifestyle residents in Cedar Ridge have access to; from recreational activities such as visiting local parks or going out for dinner on occasion, to more long-term goals like purchasing property or taking vacations abroad. It truly paints an image of the financial health of those living in Cedar Ridge, helping everyone make decisions about their own personal finances accordingly.

Are There Any Schools In The Cedar Ridge Tx Area?

Are there any schools in the area? This is a question that many people ask when they move to a new location. Where children learn and grow is an important factor for families looking to relocate, so it’s essential to know what educational options are available nearby.

Cedar Ridge TX is no exception. The city offers numerous schooling opportunities: from public elementary and high schools, to private institutions and beyond. Below, we will explore three of these options in more detail:

  • Cedar Ridge High School – a public school with over 1,000 students enrolled;
  • St Joseph Catholic School – a parochial institution offering grades K-8;
  • Crossroads Christian Academy – a pre-K through 12th grade institution emphasizing strong academics and spiritual growth.

With such diverse educational choices, parents can tailor their child’s education based on their needs and preferences. From highly rated traditional classrooms to faith-based programs – all within close proximity – Cedar Ridge TX provides plenty of options for parents seeking quality education for their kids.


Living in Cedar Ridge TX can be an affordable choice for many. The average cost of living is quite low, making it a great option for those on a budget. With the nearest major city being only a short drive away, there are plenty of amenities and attractions within easy reach. Public transportation options are available to help with commuting back and forth as well.

The median household income in Cedar Ridge TX is slightly above the national average, which allows residents to enjoy more financial stability than other parts of Texas. There are also several schools located nearby so families have access to quality education for their children. Overall, this area offers a lot of potential for individuals who want to make their home here.

In conclusion, Cedar Ridge TX provides its residents with all the necessary resources they need while still offering them an economically sound lifestyle. It’s ideal location and abundance of amenities makes it one of the most desirable places in Texas and I highly recommend considering this place if you’re looking for your next destination!

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