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Concord Hills TX is a city with something for everyone around Laredo. Whether you’re looking to explore its vibrant culture, take in the natural beauty of its parks and open spaces, or simply enjoy some rest and relaxation, this charming Texas town has it all. With an impressive selection of restaurants, bars, shops and more, Concord Hills offers plenty of activities to keep visitors entertained throughout their stay. In addition to being one of the most popular cities in the Lone Star State, Concord Hills also boasts a rich history that dates back centuries. From early settlers who carved out homesteads from the rugged terrain to today’s thriving downtown area, there is much to discover about this unique destination. Let’s dive into what makes Concord Hills TX such a special place!


Concord Hills is a small, welcoming town nestled in the hills of Texas. With its rolling landscapes and rows of homes for sale, this place has become more than just an MLS listing – it’s home to many who seek peace and solace in its embrace. The history of Concord Hills is rich; settlers first arrived here over 200 years ago, looking for freedom and opportunity in the new land that America had to offer. They came with little but left behind a legacy that continues to this day.

The spirit of those original settlers remains alive today through the values that make up the fabric of Concord Hills life: hard work, community engagement, faithfulness, family ties and loyalty. These qualities have been passed down from generation to generation and can be seen all around; on main streets lined with quaint shops where neighbors greet each other like old friends; at churches full of people praying together; or when long-time locals share stories about days gone by. This is what makes Concord Hills special – it’s truly a place where everyone knows each other and looks out for one another.


Concord Hills is a small city in Texas, located near the US-Mexico border. It lies within the Laredo real estate market and offers residents easy access to schools, shopping centers, restaurants, and other amenities. The area has many unique attractions that draw people from across the country looking for a place to live or visit.

The average home price of Concord Hills is lower than most communities in the Laredo area due to its proximity to Mexico. This makes it an attractive option for individuals interested in purchasing real estate at an affordable rate without sacrificing quality. Despite being close to the border, Concord Hills remains safe with low crime rates compared to surrounding cities. Additionally, there are ample recreational activities available such as golfing and hiking trails throughout the region.

Concord Hills is rapidly growing yet still retains its quaint charm while providing all of modern amenities desired by today’s homebuyers. With warm weather year-round and plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities nearby, this community allows families and individuals alike to fully enjoy their lives in a secure environment.


In the same way that a refreshing glass of sweet tea is perfect for a hot summer day in Texas, Concord Hills experiences a mild climate year-round. This cozy corner of Laredo has some unique features when it comes to its weather:

  • Temperature: The temperatures here are moderate, with highs rarely reaching into the triple digits and lows not getting much below 40F in winter months.
  • Humidity: Most days are quite humid; however, there can be occasional periods of dryness throughout the year.
  • Rainfall: There is an average amount of rainfall throughout the year, but most falls from May to September.

The ideal climate makes this town attractive to those looking for homes for sale in Laredo or concord hills as well as single family homes. With such comfortable weather conditions all-year round, living in Concord Hills offers both comfort and convenience. Whether you’re visiting during springtime or fall, expect pleasant temperatures outside your door every morning – making outdoor activities like biking and jogging enjoyable even on the hottest days!


Concord Hills, TX is a census-designated place located in the heart of Texas. It’s home to many families and has seen an increase in population over the last decade. According to recent estimates, about 1,100 people call Concord Hills their home. The majority of residents are homeowners; around 50% rent while 45% own their homes outright or have mortgages on them. Houses for sale in Concord can range from small single-family dwellings to large sprawling ranch estates with acreage. There is something available for everyone looking for a new home here!

The median age of those living in Concord Hills is 37 years old and most households consist of married couples with children making up approximately one third of all families residing there. The average household size is 2.8 persons per family and the median income for this area hovers around $70,000 annually. As far as education goes, 93 percent of adults 25 year or older possess a high school diploma at least, which is slightly higher than the national average by two points.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Educational Opportunities In Concord Hills Tx?

Education can be an invaluable gift, one that no amount of money could ever buy. It is this precious commodity which often sets the foundation for a successful future and empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their lives. Yet ironically, it seems only privileged few have access to quality education opportunities – leaving many others in the dark regarding what educational options are available to them.

When considering the town of Concord Hills TX, there is much more than meets the eye when discussing education opportunities. From public schools providing K-12 programs to specialized vocational centers offering career training programs, there is something for everyone here. Public school systems offer a wide array of classes including English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and physical education. Additionally, these same schools also provide students with after school activities such as competitive sports teams and music ensembles. However, if traditional schooling doesn’t fit your needs or interests then perhaps exploring a different path would be beneficial; notably taking advantage of trade schools or other institutions specializing in postsecondary education like universities and colleges. These organizations have created individualized plans tailored towards helping those seeking job security or continuing their higher education goals.

No matter your situation or aspirations regarding academia in Concord Hills TX you’ll find plenty of resources at your disposal ready to help guide you on your journey towards success. With proper guidance and persistence anyone has the potential to lead a fulfilling life fueled by knowledge gained through experience and hard work. Education offers us insight into our world while simultaneously opening doors we may never have known existed – this should not be overlooked regardless of location or circumstance.

Are There Any Recreational Activities In Concord Hills Tx?

Are there any recreational activities available for residents of the United States? Absolutely! There are countless ways to stay active and entertained, no matter what state you live in. Concord Hills TX is no exception: whether it’s indoor or outdoor activities, there’s something for everyone.

A few examples of fun things to do in Concord Hills TX include:

  • Hiking trails at Lake Tawakoni State Park
  • Visiting the historic downtown area with its unique shops and restaurants
  • Playing a round of golf at one of the public courses nearby
  • Taking part in organized sports such as baseball or basketball leagues
  • Going on nature walks at Cedar Hill State Park.

Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush or just some quiet time outdoors, Concord Hills has plenty of options that allow people to get out and enjoy themselves. With so many recreational possibilities right outside your door, why not take advantage of them and make the most of living in this great city?

What Is The Job Market Like In Concord Hills Tx?

When it comes to the job market, there are a few factors to consider. Location can play an important role in how many jobs are available and what type of work is offered. Additionally, economic trends and local industry also influence the number and types of jobs that are available in any given area.

In Concord Hills TX, the job market offers a wide range of opportunities for those interested in finding employment. The city boasts a variety of industries from technology-based companies to health care providers – all providing plenty of potential positions for qualified individuals. Furthermore, businesses such as manufacturing have experienced growth over the past several years resulting in additional job openings throughout the region. Besides these larger employers, there are numerous small businesses offering part-time or full-time positions within their respective fields as well.

Overall, due to its diverse economy and growing population, Concord Hills TX has seen steady growth when it comes to job prospects over recent years. With multiple industries represented within its boundaries and an abundance of local businesses seeking new employees, this city provides ample opportunity for anyone looking for a stable career path with competitive wages and benefits.

What Is The Average Cost Of Living In Concord Hills Tx?

Living costs can be a major factor when deciding where to live. Knowing the average cost of living in an area is essential for making informed decisions about where to settle down. Concord Hills TX is no exception, and understanding what it takes to make ends meet in this town is important.

The cost of basic necessities such as groceries and utilities are slightly higher than the national average in Concord Hills TX; however, housing prices remain relatively low compared to other parts of the country. The median home price is around $180,100 which makes it one of the more affordable places to buy real estate. Furthermore, transportation costs tend to be lower than most cities due to its sparse population density. All things considered, residents find that they can get by on less money than those who live in larger metropolitan areas like Dallas or Houston.

Overall, living expenses in Concord Hills TX may not come cheap but with careful budgeting and planning anyone should be able to make their financial situation work out well enough if they choose to call this place home.

Does Concord Hills Tx Have Good Public Transportation?

When it comes to getting around town, public transportation is an important factor for many people. Whether you’re looking for a convenient way to get to work or exploring the city on weekends, access to efficient and reliable public transport can make all the difference. So does Concord Hills TX have good public transportation?

To answer this question, let’s look at some of the options available in the area:

  • Bus service: Capital Metro provides local bus services throughout Austin and its suburbs including Concord Hills.
  • Ridesharing Services like Uber offer rides throughout the region as well as discounts on longer trips into downtown Austin.
  • Bicycle and Scooter Rentals: Bicycles and scooters are widely available for rent throughout the city, making them a great option for those who want to experience more of what Concord Hills has to offer without having to drive themselves around town.
  • Taxi Services: Taxis are also available in Concord Hills, offering quick and easy travel within the city limits or outlying areas with set rates that make budgeting easier than relying on rideshare apps alone.

Overall, there are plenty of ways to get around Concord Hills without needing your own vehicle; from buses and bicycles to shuttles and taxis, there’s something here for everyone’s needs when it comes to navigating around town comfortably and efficiently – no matter where they need to go!


It’s clear to see that Concord Hills TX is the place to be. With plenty of educational opportunities, recreational activities and a strong job market, it’s no wonder why so many people choose to live there. The cost of living isn’t too high either, which makes this an affordable area for anyone looking to settle down in Texas. Plus, with great public transportation options, you’ll never have to worry about getting around town – or even out of town if necessary. So come on over and experience the wonders of Concord Hills TX! 

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