La Plaza Mall TX

La Plaza Mall TX

Welcome to La Plaza Mall TX, a shopping mecca in the heart of McAllen, Texas. With more than 200 stores and eateries, it’s easy to see why this bustling mall has become such an iconic destination. Located just two miles away from the Mexico-US border, the mall offers something for everyone – whether you’re looking for a new outfit or a delicious meal. But La Plaza Mall TX is more than just a shopping center; it’s also a vibrant community hub that brings together locals and tourists alike. From its dynamic mix of retail stores to its cultural events and activities, this mall has something for everyone. Let’s take a closer look at what makes La Plaza Mall TX so special!

Overview Of Shopping Opportunities

La Plaza Mall in Texas is the perfect destination for a fun and enjoyable shopping experience. With over 200 stores to choose from, shoppers can find something for everyone. The mall features a variety of retail outlets ranging from high-end luxury brands to affordable value stores. There’s also a wide selection of restaurants and entertainment options, such as movie theaters and ice skating rinks. La Plaza Mall is conveniently located near major highways, making it easy to access for customers from all over Texas.

For those looking for unique fashion items, the mall’s many clothing stores offer everything from trendy streetwear to classic looks. For accessories, handbags, jewelry and more, there are plenty of specialty stores that carry all the latest trends. Additionally, La Plaza Mall hosts frequent sales events throughout the year where shoppers can save big on their favorite items. With its impressive selection of shopping options, La Plaza Mall is sure to have something to fit every budget and taste.

Dining Options At La Plaza Mall Tx

Moving on from the shopping opportunities available at La Plaza Mall TX, let’s take a look at the dining options. The mall offers a variety of restaurants and eateries to suit every taste and budget. Whether you’re looking for quick fast food or a sit-down meal, there’s something for everyone at La Plaza Mall TX. Here are some of the restaurants to expect:

  • McDonald’s: Enjoy your classic favorites such as burgers, nuggets, and fries.
  • Panda Express: Sample delicious Chinese food like orange chicken, chow mein, and egg rolls.
  • Pizza Hut: Get your fill of piping hot pizza with all your favorite toppings.
  • Cinnabon: Satisfy your sweet tooth with fresh cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, and coffee drinks.
  • Burger King: Indulge in juicy Whoppers, milkshakes, and curly fries.

So whether you’re in the mood for Mexican food, Italian cuisine or just a good old hamburger – you’ll be spoilt for choice at La Plaza Mall TX! With so many different restaurants to choose from, it’s easy to find something that will please even the pickiest eaters.

Entertainment Facilities At La Plaza Mall Tx

Have you ever wondered what entertainment facilities are available at La Plaza Mall TX? Look no further! The mall has a variety of entertainment options to keep its visitors entertained.

Facility Description
Cinema 12-screen cinema with movies for all ages.
Arcades & Games A variety of arcade games and electronic games.
Bowling alley 10-lane bowling alley with sound and light show.
Laser Tag Arena Multi-level arena for laser tag games.

The cinema at La Plaza Mall TX offers a range of movie experiences from 3D films to family favorites. It boasts comfortable reclining chairs and stadium seating, perfect for a night out with friends or family. There are also multiple arcades and games available that offer hours of fun for kids and adults alike. Whether its classic favorites such as PacMan or the latest virtual reality games, there’s something for everyone. Moreover, the mall also has a 10 lane bowling alley that comes with an impressive light show and sound system, which makes it great for birthday parties or group events. Finally, the laser tag arena is sure to provide plenty of thrills, as you take on opponents in this multi-level arena filled with obstacles and surprises!

Visitors can find plenty of activities to keep them busy during their time at La Plaza Mall TX – from watching movies to playing arcade games – making it the ideal destination for anyone looking for some fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Opening And Closing Times Of La Plaza Mall Tx?

Have you ever wondered what the opening and closing times of a mall are? It can be difficult to keep track, especially if you’re planning on visiting multiple locations. That’s why the question of ‘what are the opening and closing times of La Plaza Mall TX?’ has become so important.

By doing some research, it’s possible to find out the information you need. The La Plaza Mall TX is open from 10am to 9pm Monday through Saturday, and from 12pm to 6pm on Sundays. As well as these opening and closing times for the common areas, each individual store may have their own hours of operation, so be sure to check in advance before making your plans.

It’s clear that knowing the operating hours of La Plaza Mall TX can make all the difference when trying to make plans. With this information at hand, visitors can ensure they won’t miss out on any opportunities due to unexpected closures or earlier-than-expected closings.

Are There Any Special Events Or Promotions Running At La Plaza Mall Tx?

Are there any special events or promotions running at La Plaza Mall TX? Shopping malls have been offering a variety of special events and promotions for years, and La Plaza Mall TX is no exception. From exclusive offerings from local vendors to promotional sales, this mall has something for everyone.

Here are some of the great things you can find at La Plaza Mall TX:

  • Special Events:
  • Local vendor showcase events
  • Family-friendly activities
  • School supply drives
  • Promotions:
  • Special discounts on select items
  • Unique giveaways and prizes
  • Limited-time offers

Whether you’re looking to take advantage of a promotion or attend a special event, La Plaza Mall TX has something great in store. With so many offerings available, it’s worth checking out the mall’s website or social media accounts to see what’s new each week.

Does La Plaza Mall Tx Offer Any Discounts For Military Personnel?

They say every little bit helps, and that rings especially true for members of the military. La Plaza Mall in TX offers discounts to those who have served and are currently serving in the military. This is a great way to show appreciation for all they do for their country.

For shoppers looking for a great deal, the mall offers discounts on clothes, shoes, and accessories. Not only does this save money on purchases, but it also allows customers to give back to those who have given so much for their country. The discounts can be used at any store or restaurant in the mall, giving military personnel access to some of the best deals around.

The discounts are just one small way La Plaza Mall shows its gratitude for everything our service members do every day. It’s a great incentive that rewards them with amazing savings when they shop at the mall – making it even more worth their while!

Are There Any Parking Facilities Available At La Plaza Mall Tx?

When it comes to shopping, convenience is key. That’s why parking availability is often a top priority for mall-goers. Are there any parking facilities available at La Plaza Mall TX? Yes, there are!

There are several different types of parking available:

  • Short-term: This type of parking is ideal for quick trips and errands. It is typically located near the main entrance and offers easy access to the mall and its stores.
  • Long-term: Long-term parking is best suited for those who plan on spending more time at the mall. It can be found further away from the entrance, but it still provides convenient access to the mall and its amenities.

The mall also provides several additional features that make accessing their parking facilities even more convenient. For example, they offer valet services that allow customers to easily drop off or pick up their vehicles without having to worry about finding a spot themselves. Furthermore, they also have handicap accessible spots located throughout the grounds for those with disabilities or limited mobility.

Overall, La Plaza Mall TX offers a variety of options when it comes to parking so customers can enjoy their shopping experience without worrying about where to park their car. With multiple types of spaces available in various locations around the grounds, customers can find a spot that suits their needs and get on with their day quickly and conveniently.

Are There Any Public Transportation Options Available To Get To La Plaza Mall Tx?

Planning to visit La Plaza Mall TX and want to know what public transportation options are available? You’re in luck! There are numerous transportation choices to get you there quickly and easily.

Let’s explore all of the possibilities:

  • By Airplane
  • Fly into Houston Intercontinental Airport, located just 25 miles from La Plaza Mall TX. From there, take a taxi or ride-share service for about 45 minutes, depending on traffic.
  • Alternatively, you could fly into Houston Hobby Airport, which is only 15 miles away – then take a taxi or ride-share straight to the mall.
  • By Bus
  • Greyhound offers bus routes from many major cities to Houston. Once in Houston, you can hop onto a local bus line that stops right at the entrance of La Plaza Mall TX.
  • Additionally, Megabus and Boltbus offer routes from several states that will drop you off close to the mall so you can walk right in!
  • By Train
  • Amtrak runs lines through Houston daily with several stops near La Plaza Mall TX – as close as 3 miles away! From there, it’s a short cab ride directly to the mall.
  • If you prefer to stay within the city limits of Houston, MetroRail provides convenient access from downtown straight up to La Plaza Mall TX.

No matter where you’re coming from or what your budget is like, getting to La Plaza Mall TX doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. With so many public transportation options available, finding one that fits your needs should be easy!


The La Plaza Mall TX is a great place to visit for a day of shopping, dining, and entertainment. With its convenient opening and closing times, there’s sure to be something for everyone. You can take advantage of the special events and promotions that the mall offers throughout the year, as well as discounts for military personnel. Moreover, parking is available to make your trip even easier. And if you don’t have a car, there are plenty of public transportation options that’ll get you to the mall in no time. In conclusion, La Plaza Mall TX is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening. Whether you’re looking for a new outfit or some delicious food, this mall has it all. So why not take advantage of what La Plaza Mall TX has to offer and treat yourself? 

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