Mall Del Norte TX

Mall Del Norte TX

Have you ever been shopping at Mall Del Norte in Laredo, TX? If not, then you’re missing out on a great experience! This mall is the perfect place to spend an afternoon. With large department stores and plenty of boutique shops, there’s something for everyone here. Whether you’re looking for clothing, shoes or accessories, this mall has it all. Plus, with its convenient location in Laredo TX, it’s easy to get here from anywhere in town. So come explore what the Mall Del Norte TX has to offer – you won’t be disappointed!

The Mall Del Norte TX is more than just your typical mall – it offers some unique experiences that make every visit special. From interactive exhibits where kids can play games and learn about science to delicious food options like frozen yogurt and crepes, there’s always something new to discover here. The mall also hosts live events throughout the year including concerts, art shows and cultural festivals so there’s never a dull moment when you come by.

With over 150 stores under one roof, the Mall Del Norte TX is truly a shopper’s paradise. Browse through designer labels while enjoying free WiFi access and comfortable seating areas – taking a break between stops is easy! And if you’d rather stay home but still want to shop ’til you drop? Not a problem – they’ve got online shopping too! No matter how you prefer to shop, one thing is certain: You’ll find everything you need right here at Mall Del Norte TX.


Mall del Norte opened in 1975, and it has been a cornerstone of the Laredo community ever since. People from miles around have come to shop at this popular mall. It’s open seven days a week with convenient operating hours. From Monday through Saturday, Mall del Norte is open from 10 AM – 9 PM and on Sunday from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

Over its 40-year history, Mall del Norte has gone through many changes and updates to keep up with modern times. The addition of new stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues like a movie theater keeps locals coming back for more. In 2013, the mall underwent major renovations including a fresh new look inside and out that gave its exterior a more contemporary style; also adding two additional wings with even more retail space. Today, shoppers can find anything they need at Mall Del Norte – making it one of the best places in town to spend an afternoon or evening!


However, in order to understand Mall del Norte’s current position, it is important to look at its location. Located in Laredo, Texas, the mall lies right off Interstate 35 and Highway 83. As one of the largest cities on the US-Mexico border, Laredo offers a unique blend of American and Mexican culture which can be seen throughout the city.

Mall del Norte has made itself an integral part of this cultural landscape by offering plenty of retail options for shoppers from both sides of the border. The mall boasts over 120 stores and restaurants including large department stores such as Macy’s and Dillard’s along with many other popular retailers like H&M, Victoria’s Secret, Gap and Forever 21. There are also several specialty shops that cater to local tastes such as Tovar Jewelers or El Coyote Western Wear. In addition to shopping, visitors can take advantage of a variety of dining options ranging from fast food chains to full service restaurants like Red Lobster or Olive Garden. With all these offerings combined with friendly customer service staff and convenient parking, Mall del Norte continues to serve as a vibrant hub for shoppers across South Texas.

Store Directory

Looking for something to do in mall del norte tx? You’re in luck! The store directory is full of unique, exciting options. From the latest fashion trends to home décor and electronics, this mall has it all. But don’t be fooled; this isn’t your average shopping experience. With a variety of eateries, art galleries, and activities, each visit offers something new and different. There’s no better place to spend an afternoon than exploring the many wonders within these walls! So come on down and get ready to find something you never knew you needed.

Parking And Transportation Options

Mall del Norte offers several parking and transportation options to help shoppers get where they need to go. The mall has four main parking lots located on the east, west, north, and south sides of the building. There is also a fifth lot with designated handicap spaces as well as electric vehicle charging stations. In addition to these spots, there are numerous free street parking spots available around the perimeter of the mall for those who prefer not to park in the lots.

For visitors looking for alternative transportation methods, Mall del Norte is close to many public transit routes that traverse through Laredo. Buses run frequently throughout the day along Houston Street and Bob Bullock Loop 20 which both have stops near the mall entrance. Additionally, rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft offer convenient pick-up locations close by. With easy access to so many different forms of transportation, getting to Mall del Norte is hassle-free no matter how you choose to arrive!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Restaurants Are Available In The Mall?

When considering what restaurants are available, it can be helpful to know the local area. Mall Del Norte TX has a variety of dining options for customers to choose from. From fast food eateries to sit-down restaurants and cafeterias, there’s something sure to please any palate.

For those who enjoy grabbing a quick bite on the go, popular fast food chains such as McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Burger King can all be found in Mall Del Norte TX. For those looking for something more substantial, there are several full-service restaurants like Applebee’s or Chili’s Grill & Bar offering lunch and dinner menus with great value meals. If you’re after a lighter snack between shopping trips, then head over to one of the mall’s many cafes where you’ll find freshly made salads, sandwiches and pastries. All these establishments provide an enjoyable experience that blends convenience with delicious cuisine.

No matter whether you want a casual meal or just a light snack while browsing through the stores at Mall Del Norte TX ,you won’t have trouble finding something tasty to eat thanks to the wide range of restaurants available at this Texas hotspot.

What Are The Opening And Closing Times?

When it comes to the opening and closing times of a shopping mall, there are often several factors that need to be taken into consideration. The hours for any particular store in the mall can vary greatly depending on their own business model and policies. Additionally, some malls may have different operating hours from day-to-day or week-to-week, so it’s important to check with the actual mall before making plans.

Mall Del Norte TX is no exception when it comes to differing opening and closing times based on its specific stores’ needs. To determine what time Mall Del Norte will open and close each day, customers should look up individual stores online or contact the mall directly. Doing this ahead of time will ensure they don’t miss out on great deals or find themselves arriving too late after the doors have closed.

How Much Does It Cost To Enter The Mall?

Entering Mall Del Norte TX is like opening a door to an exciting world of shopping possibilities. With vast amounts of stores and kiosks, it can be hard to keep track of the cost for entrance.

The fee for admission varies depending on special events or promotions that are taking place at the mall. Generally speaking, there is no charge for entering the mall; however, some activities may require separate tickets or passes. For example, certain ice skating rinks inside large malls might need a ticket in order to participate. Additionally, special shows or performances sometimes have different rates for entry fees as well.

Before you go out shopping, make sure you check if there’s any extra charges involved with what you plan to do inside the mall. Although most attractions don’t require payment upfront, it’s still important to be aware of any additional costs that may come up while having fun!

Are There Any Special Events Or Promotions Happening?

Are there any special events or promotions happening? This is an important question to ask when you are looking for a fun excursion. Knowing what might be going on can help inform your decision-making process and make the most of your time at the mall.

Mall Del Norte TX hosts several annual events and specials throughout the year that visitors should take advantage of. For instance, in May they host an outdoor festival with live entertainment and activities for all ages. During summer months, shoppers may find discounts from popular stores as well as food vendors offering delicious treats. Furthermore, certain holidays such as Fourth of July often bring additional deals that customers won’t want to miss out on!

It’s always worth checking Mall Del Norte TX’s website or social media pages for current updates about upcoming events and savings opportunities. In addition, it may even be possible to sign up for their newsletter to receive notifications directly in your inbox so you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything. Taking a few moments to research these options could save you money while helping ensure you get the most enjoyment out of your visit.

Does The Mall Offer A Loyalty Program?

Malls are great places to shop and take advantage of loyalty programs. Does the Mall Del Norte TX offer a loyalty program? Yes, it does! The mall offers multiple ways for customers to save money through their loyalty program.

The first way is with discounts on merchandise from participating stores. Customers can also receive free gifts or rewards when they reach certain milestones in their shopping journey. Additionally, members can earn points that can be redeemed for cash back or other special offers at select retailers. Finally, customers may get exclusive access to events and promotions not available to non-members.

From discounts to free gifts and points redeemable for cashback, there are plenty of reasons why shoppers should join the Mall Del Norte TX’s loyalty program:

  • Discounts on merchandise from participating stores
  • Free gifts or rewards when reaching certain milestones in their shopping journey
  • Earn points redeemable for cash back or other special offers at select retailers
  • Exclusive access to events and promotions not available to non-members
  • Cashback bonuses when reaching purchase thresholds

There’s no denying that joining the Mall Del Norte TX’s loyalty program could make your next trip more rewarding and cost effective – so why wait? Sign up today!


The mall del norte tx is a great place to visit. With its wide range of shopping, dining and entertainment options, it’s sure to have something for everyone. It offers over 150 stores, including well-known brands like Macy’s and Nordstrom, as well as several restaurants. The mall opens at 10am on weekdays and 9am on weekends, closing at 9pm every day. Admission is free so anyone can come and enjoy the amenities that the mall has to offer.

There are also plenty of special events and promotions happening throughout the year – from holiday celebrations to fashion shows – which add an extra level of excitement to any trip. Furthermore, they even have their own loyalty program where shoppers can earn rewards when they spend money in the mall.

With all these features combined into one convenient location, it’s no wonder why millions of people visit this mall annually – according to recent statistics, more than 18 million visitors pass through its doors each year! So if you’re ever in town or just looking for a fun activity near home, consider visiting the Mall del Norte TX for an unforgettable experience!

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