Mustang Island State Park TX

Mustang Island State Park TX

As the old adage goes, “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” For many Texans and visitors alike, that first step begins at Mustang Island State Park. Nestled along the Gulf Coast between Corpus Christi and Port Aransas, this picturesque destination offers an abundance of outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy. From swimming in crystal clear waters to fishing off its famous jetties or just enjoying the stunning views from your camp site – Mustang Island State Park is a must-see Texas treasure!

Mustang Island is a natural paradise where you can escape life’s hustle and bustle near Corpus Christi, TX. It has five miles of beautiful beaches stretching along its 18 mile long barrier island which provides plenty of room for beach goers to spread out and relax in peace. The park also features several hiking trails, giving guests ample opportunity to explore local wildlife like dolphins and sea turtles up close. And if you want more adventure, why not try horseback riding on the flat sandy terrain?

When it comes to camping, Mustang Island State Park does not disappoint. With over 300 campsites available ranging from primitive sites perfect for tenting all the way up to RV spots with water and electric hookups, there’s something here for every kind of camper looking for their own piece of paradise by the sea. Whether it’s a romantic getaway weekend or extended family vacation – Mustang Island State Park has everything you need to make incredible memories that will last a lifetime!


Located on the Gulf Coast of Texas, Mustang Island State Park is a popular spot for camping, fishing, and beach-going. The park spans 4,224 acres across three barrier islands: North Padre Island, South Padre Island, and Mustang Island. Visitors can access all three by way of the Interstate 37 causeway. Onsite amenities include campgrounds with both primitive tent sites as well as full hookup RV sites; several miles of trails for biking and hiking; picnic areas; restrooms; and an observation tower. Fishing is also allowed in certain areas around the park. Wildlife like birds and dolphins are often spotted from shore or during guided kayak tours along the bay side lagoons. Surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, swimming, bird watching—all these activities and more make Mustang Island State Park an ideal destination for those looking to enjoy some fun in the sun!

Geography & Ecology

Mustang Island State Park is situated on Mustang Island, a barrier island located off the coast of Texas. Approximately four miles long and five-and-a-half miles wide, it’s part of the Padre Islands National Seashore. The beach runs along its entire shoreline and has an elevation range from 3 to 10 feet above mean sea level.

The park offers stunning views of Gulf Coast bays, sand dunes, and estuaries full of wildlife. It’s home to numerous species of birds including osprey and brown pelicans as well as several kinds of reptiles such as gopher tortoises and diamondback rattlesnakes. Coastal marshes provide habitat for crabs, fish, shrimp, oysters and other aquatic organisms while various hardwood trees like oak and palm also thrive in the area. Visitors can enjoy camping, swimming, fishing, birding or simply relaxing on the white sandy beaches surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Park Activities

Exploring Mustang Island State Park is like stepping into a kaleidoscope of outdoor activities. Visitors can find something exciting and new around every corner. Here are some great things to do:

  • Go fishing or crabbing in the surf, bay, and lagoon areas
  • Take a hike on one of the trails along the beachfront or through the sand dunes
  • Spend an afternoon birdwatching at Packery Channel Flats or enjoy a picnic under one of the park’s pavilions
  • Explore the area by sea kayak or stand-up paddleboard

For those who want to stay overnight, there are campsites available with convenient access to all that this beautiful coastal state park has to offer. The perfect escape from everyday life awaits visitors here – so come explore Mustang Island today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cost Of Admission To Mustang Island State Park?

When it comes to admission costs for state parks, there is a wide range of fees. Generally speaking, the cost of admission varies from park to park and can depend on factors such as location, size and type of activity offered. Therefore, if you’re wondering what the cost of admission is at Mustang Island State Park in Texas, this article will provide some insight into your query.

The cost of entry to Mustang Island State Park is $5 per person aged 13 years old or older. For children 12 years and under, entrance is free. There are also discounts available for seniors over 65 who wish to enter the park; they pay just $3 per person with proof that they are a senior citizen. Additionally, an annual pass may be purchased which allows access to all Texas state parks throughout the year at one set price – currently $70 – regardless of how often you visit each individual park. This kind of pass offers great value for frequent visitors to multiple sites around the Lone Star State.

To summarize, adults must pay $5 each time they enter Mustang Island State Park while children aged 12 and under can enter without charge. Seniors aged 65+ get discounted rates at $3 per person with valid identification while those who plan on visiting multiple locations can purchase an annual pass for their convenience and budgeting purposes.

Are There Camping Options Available At The Park?

Camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, and one of the best places to do so is at Mustang Island State Park. Located in Texas, this park offers a range of camping options for visitors looking to spend some time under the stars. With its various campsites, amenities, and activities available, it’s no surprise that campers flock here year-round.

The park features several different types of campsites: beachfront sites with access to white sand beaches; RV pads with full hookups; and primitive tent sites nestled among native vegetation. All of these provide ample opportunity for visitors to get back in touch with nature while also enjoying all the comforts of home. Amenities at the park include hot showers, restrooms, laundry facilities, and picnic areas. Visitors can also take advantage of fishing spots along the shoreline or explore nearby bird watching trails.

With plenty to offer both nature lovers and recreationalists alike, Mustang Island State Park provides an ideal setting for those looking for quality outdoor experiences. Whether seeking adventure or simply wanting a peaceful escape from daily life, this stunning state park has something for everyone.

Is There A Restaurant Or Concession Stand On Site?

When considering a visit to a state park, it’s common to wonder if there is available food on site. At Mustang Island State Park TX, visitors can rest assured that they will find sustenance at the concession stand and restaurant located inside the park.

The concession stand offers an assortment of snacks such as chips and candy bars, along with cold beverages like soda or water. Those looking for more substantial fare can grab lunch from the restaurant which serves up delicious meals including burgers, sandwiches, salads, and pizzas. There’s something for everyone! Plus, all menu items are reasonably priced so you don’t have to break the bank in order to satisfy your hunger cravings.

Whether you want a quick snack or sit-down meal during your visit to Mustang Island State Park TX, you won’t be disappointed by what’s offered at their convenient concession stand and restaurant. Enjoying some tasty treats while taking in the beauty of nature is always a great experience!

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Mustang Island State Park?

It’s the million-dollar question: when is the best time to visit Mustang Island State Park? Like a diamond in the sun, this coastal paradise sparkles with its stunning beaches and natural beauty no matter what season. Whether you’re looking for restful relaxation or thrilling adventure, there is something special about each season at Mustang Island State Park! Here are just three examples of why it should be your next destination:

  • Enjoy peaceful sunrise strolls on the beach while watching wildlife like dolphins frolicking in the waves.
  • Take advantage of mild temperatures during winter months perfect for outdoor activities such as fishing, kayaking, birding and more.
  • Get ready to explore miles of trails open all year round offering unique glimpses into local flora and fauna.

No matter what time you choose to spend here, an unforgettable experience awaits you around every corner! So, if you’ve been wondering when’s the right moment to take that much needed break, look no further than Mustang Island State Park – where ocean breezes and sunshine await!

Are There Any Special Events Or Festivals Held At The Park?

Are there any special events or festivals held at the park? Mustang Island State Park is a popular destination for visitors from all over Texas and beyond. It’s known for its wonderful views, rich history, and abundance of outdoor activities. And while it’s great to just spend time exploring the area year-round, many people visit specifically for one of the park’s annually hosted events or festivals.

From music concerts in the summertime to star gazing tours during the winter months, there are plenty of unique experiences that make this state park an ideal spot to plan your next getaway. Whether you’re looking for something fun and family-friendly like a beachside movie night or a more educational event such as an art exhibit featuring local artists, there’s sure to be something happening at Mustang Island that piques your interest.

No matter what type of experience you seek when visiting Mustang Island State Park, rest assured knowing that you’ll find something exciting taking place here regularly throughout the year.


Visiting Mustang Island State Park is a great way to experience the natural beauty of Texas. It’s an affordable option for families and those on a budget, with admission costing only $5 per person or vehicle. And there are plenty of camping spots available if you want to make it an overnight trip! But don’t expect any luxury accommodations – no restaurant or concession stand here! The best time to visit is during spring and fall when temperatures aren’t too hot, but honestly I’d go anytime of year just for the atmosphere. Even better, there are several special events held throughout the year like a fishing tournament and sea turtle release that makes this park extra unique. If you’re looking for something fun yet frugal to do in Texas, Mustang Island State Park should be your first stop!

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