Westfield TX

Westfield TX

Westfield, Texas is a small city located just outside of Houston in Harris County near Austin. It’s known for its unique blend of modern amenities and old-fashioned charm that make it an attractive destination for visitors from all walks of life. From outdoor activities to lively nightlife, this town has something for everyone looking for a little taste of the Lone Star State. With great dining options, plenty of shopping centers and entertainment venues, there’s no shortage of things to do in Westfield TX. Whether you’re visiting on vacation or relocating permanently, one thing is certain: You won’t be disappointed by what Westfield has to offer! This vibrant community boasts excellent schools, thriving businesses and friendly residents who are proud to call it home. For those wanting to explore beyond the city limits, nearby attractions include Galveston Island Beach, NASA Space Center and Padre Island National Seashore – each with their own distinct appeal that makes them worth exploring. No matter if you’re looking for exciting adventure or laidback vibes – Westfield TX has something special waiting around every corner! So come experience the best of small-town living as we take a closer look at everything this charming place has to offer.


Westfield, Texas is a small town in the heart of Harris County. With a population of just over 10,000 according to the latest figures, it’s an attractive option for those looking to get away from big city life and live somewhere quieter. It was established as early as 1834 when German immigrant Jacob Fontaine settled there with his family – making it one of the oldest towns in Harris County! The area has grown significantly since then and today offers plenty of attractions for visitors and locals alike. From its parks to nearby state forests, Westfield provides residents with many opportunities for outdoor recreation. The town also boasts various shops and restaurants where you can find everything from local produce to souvenirs. Get directions from your favorite mapping app or check out the population figures online if you’re interested in learning more about this charming place!


Westfield, Texas is located in southern Montgomery County. It has been around since the mid-1800s when a steam sawmill was built here and settlers began to move into the area. The population remained small for many years, with most people living on farms and building their own farm implements. Today Westfield is part of the Houston–The Woodlands–Sugar Land metropolitan area, which means it’s grown considerably over the last few decades. Its proximity to numerous shopping centers makes it an attractive place to live, as well as its close access to I-45. There are also several nearby parks that provide plenty of recreational activities, including swimming pools and ball fields. Overall, Westfield offers residents all the amenities they need for a comfortable lifestyle.


Moving away from an analysis of Westfield’s geography, the climate in this area is also worth noting. The city has a humid subtropical climate with hot summers and cool winters. Precipitation is common throughout the year, but tends to be higher during the summer months than any other time of year. Hotel availability in Westfield can vary depending on seasonality, especially during peak travel times such as holidays or special events being held in the area. Businesses often have access to more hotels due to their working population staying for extended periods of time. The last few years have seen an increase in economic activity around Westfield due to its strong reputation as a business-friendly destination. This has led to:

  • An increased number of businesses setting up shop in town
  • A larger working population living near the city center
  • More hotel options available for travelers coming into town * An influx of tourists and shoppers to the area, boosting the local economy.


Westfield, Texas is a small town with an estimated population of 1,907 as of 2018. According to the United States Census Bureau, it’s 99.3% White and 0.7% Hispanic or Latino. It has one post office, three churches, and many people who commute to work in nearby cities like Houston and Katy. The median household income for Westfield was $93,985 in 2017, which is higher than the national average of just over $60,000 per year. The poverty rate for this city is only 3.2%, much lower than the national rate of 12%. This allows residents to have access to more resources and services that they might not otherwise be able to afford if living somewhere else. There are plenty of great amenities available too; from parks and trails where families can get out and explore nature together, to businesses catering to those needing something specific such as groceries or hardware supplies – all within walking distance! Finally, there are also numerous opportunities for employment close by making it easy for everyone who lives here to get to work quickly without having to travel far away from home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Places To Eat In Westfield Tx?

When it comes to finding the best places to eat, there are a plethora of options. Whether you’re looking for something fast and casual or fine dining with all the bells and whistles, there’s sure to be an eatery that fits your needs. But what if you want to narrow down your choices? It can be difficult to determine which restaurant is worth trying out and which ones should be avoided. This article will explore some of the top-rated restaurants in Westfield TX so that you have a better idea of where to go when hunger strikes. First up is Pupuseria El Cacique, which specializes in traditional Salvadoran cuisine. Here you’ll find delicious pupusas filled with cheese, beans, pork, chicken, or beef – plus other authentic dishes like tamales, yuca fries, and plantains. The restaurant has earned rave reviews from locals and visitors alike for its friendly staff and generous portions at reasonable prices. Afterward, head over to La Cabana Mexican Restaurant & Bar for a taste of south-of-the-border specialties like tacos al pastor, enchiladas verdes, chiles rellenos de queso fundido (melted cheese), guacamole dip made fresh daily and much more. The atmosphere is vibrant yet cozy; perfect for family dinners or just hanging out with friends while enjoying tasty margaritas! These two establishments only scratch the surface of what Westfield TX has to offer gastronomically speaking. Other highly rated eateries include Red Hot & Blue BBQ – home of award-winning smoked meats – as well as Enchilada Express offering up classic Tex Mex favorites such as chili con carne and fajita platters served with warm flour tortillas on the side. No matter what type of food you crave or what kind of atmosphere suits your mood best, chances are good that one these places will satisfy both your palate and pocketbook!

How Is The Nightlife In Westfield Tx?

When it comes to nightlife, you might assume the best places would be in a big city. However, what may surprise many is that Westfield TX has a vibrant evening scene with plenty of options for everyone. Irony can be found here; while most people think small towns are lacking in entertainment and leisure activities, this Texan town offers an array of exciting experiences. From local bars serving up craft beers on tap to lively music venues, there’s something for everyone who wants to let loose after dark. For those looking for more intimate settings, Westfield TX also offers some cozy restaurants where one can enjoy a romantic dinner or catch up with old friends over drinks. Furthermore, the town hosts annual festivals and events throughout the year which provide additional opportunities for fun-filled nights out on the town. In short, Westfield TX proves that even smaller communities can have thriving evening scenes full of interesting things to do. So if you’re looking for a place to party or just relax with good company, this Texas gem should definitely be your go-to destination!

What Is The Job Market Like In Westfield Tx?

The job market is an important consideration when looking for a new place to live. It can be difficult to find work in some areas, while other places may offer ample opportunity and variety of positions. Westfield TX is no exception; it has its own unique job market that prospective residents should consider before making the move. Westfield TX offers several different types of jobs within the city limits, ranging from professional opportunities in the tech industry to entry-level retail positions. The local economy also provides plenty of manufacturing and light industrial work, as well as numerous government jobs. Furthermore, there are many small businesses throughout the area that provide additional employment opportunities for those who prefer working closer to home or have specialized skillsets. No matter what your background or experience level might be, chances are good you’ll find something suitable in Westfield TX’s job market. Regardless of where you come from, if you’re seeking employment then Westfield TX could be a great option due to its diverse selection of potential career paths. With so many openings available across multiple industries, everyone stands a chance at finding a rewarding job that suits their individual skills and interests.

Are There Any Notable Attractions In Westfield Tx?

When considering what attractions can be found in a particular area, it’s important to explore the wide variety of possibilities. Westfield TX is no exception and offers visitors plenty to do while they’re in town. From outdoor activities such as hiking and camping, to shopping at local stores and restaurants, there are lots of ways to spend your time here. The nearby Lake Houston Wilderness Park provides an excellent opportunity for hikers and campers alike. Here you’ll find miles of trails with stunning views along the way. If you’d rather take things indoors, there are also plenty of museums, galleries and other cultural sites worth exploring in this part of Texas. The city even boasts several historical buildings that provide insight into its past life and history. With so much on offer, Westfield TX definitely has something for everyone!

Is Public Transportation Available In Westfield Tx?

Finding a way to get around town can be an important part of any journey, and in Westfield TX, the answer is public transportation. With its plentiful bus services and rail connections, this bustling Texas city offers plenty of options for getting from point A to B. From buses that run throughout the city limits to commuter trains providing access to nearby towns, taking advantage of public transport in Westfield is easy:

  • Streamlined schedules make it simple to plan trips in advance.
  • Affordable fares offer great value for money on your travels.
  • Reliable service ensures you reach your destination quickly and safely. Whether you’re commuting across town or exploring further afield, public transportation makes it possible – enabling locals and visitors alike to explore all that Westfield has to offer with ease.


Westfield TX has something for everyone! From the delicious restaurants to its unique attractions, Westfield is a great place to live and visit. The nightlife in this city also makes it special. Whether you’re looking for an upscale bar or a laid-back pub, there’s sure to be something that fits your needs. The job market is vibrant too, with plenty of opportunities available. Plus, public transportation helps make getting around town easy and convenient. Overall, Westfield TX is like a dream come true — whether you’re seeking leisure activities or career advancement. The atmosphere here feels cozy and inviting; it’s no wonder so many people choose to call this place home. You can experience all the charm of small-town living without sacrificing modern amenities or entertainment options. In short, Westfield TX is as pleasant as a summer breeze on a perfect day.

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