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Top Considerations When Choosing a Lawyer after suffering a Spinal Cord Injury Although they are an uncommon form of general injuries, spinal cord injuries can be relatively common after serious vehicle accidents. Spinal cord injuries are very serious and need to be handled with the proper amount of medical care. When the injuries are caused due to the negligence of another,... Read More
What Is Considered a Catastrophic Injury? Surviving an accident can result in a number of different injures- anything from minor cuts and scrapes to serious, life threatening catastrophic injuries which can change the course of an entire lifetime. But, when thinking about your injuries and the severity, what is actually considered a catastrophic injury? A... Read More
What To Do After a Motorcycle Accident There’s nothing like the feeling that comes from riding a motorcycle. The experience of riding along the open road is relaxing, enjoyable, and thrilling—but it can end abruptly when other drivers fail to share the road adequately with motorcycle riders. The lack of protection for motorcycle riders increases the... Read More
Essential Qualities of a Good Personal Injury Attorney Lives can often change in an instant at the hands of someone else’s negligence. Whether you were injured in a drunk driving incident or experienced a life-altering accident on an oil rig, these instances cause profound, devastating, and sometimes life-long injuries. If you have been hurt in an accident... Read More
What To Consider Before Hiring a Bicycle Accident Attorney Are you looking for a bicycle accident attorney? It is important to make the best decision in this regard, because being represented professionally will most certainly result in a greater likelihood that you are fairly compensated for the injuries you sustained to your body and the damage to your... Read More
The Most Common Causes of Oil and Gas Refinery Explosions Millions of barrels of oil are processed each day utilizing toxic chemicals, high temperatures, and tremendous pressure. All of these certainly make for dangerous conditions. When proper safety precautions are not being taken by the refineries, the ensuing results can lead to serious injuries, and wrongful death. Oil and... Read More
Considerations When Choosing a Wrongful Death Lawyer Choosing the right wrongful death attorney is an important decision to make because the stakes are incredibly high. Wrongful death lawsuits determine who is responsible for medical bills, funeral expenses, lost wages, and the loss of parental support or companionship. No amount of money will bring back your loved... Read More
What Happens if You Are Hit by a Company Vehicle Company vehicles fill the streets these days: big trucks transporting goods, personal taxi vehicles, food delivery drivers, construction vehicles, the list goes on and on. They’re all filled with drivers who spend more hours on the road than many other drivers. So, what happens if you are involved in... Read More
Procedures After a Car Accident With an 18-Wheeler Because of the weight differences between an automobile and a truck, you might assume that accidents between a car and an 18 wheeler are much more deadly than car accidents. You’d be right. There are over 500,000 truck accidents yearly in the United States, and worldwide there are millions... Read More
Mistakes To Avoid After a Car Accident When you are hurt in a auto accident, your response to the situation can impact whether you can pursue litigation for your injuries. While you may understand the steps you should take after an accident, it’s also essential to know what not to do. The decisions and steps you... Read More