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Trucking Accident

When is the Trucking Company Responsible for an Auto Accident?

corpus christi trucking accident lawyer corpus christi

Insurance companies and the trucking companies they represent are always looking to minimize the amount it has to pay in compensation for injuries and losses caused by their drivers. One of the tactics they use is to claim that the truck driver is an independent contractor, and as such, they are not responsible for the driver's actions. This blog covers typical circumstances that can result in holding trucking companies responsible for the actions of truck drivers. Texas trucking accidents can be complex- speak with a truck accident attorney in Corpus Christi at The Patel Firm PLLC today to discuss your options.1. When the truck driver is an employee of the companyA trucking company will be almost always be held responsible for the actions of a truck driver if the driver is an employee of the company. Based on the doctrine of respondeat superior, employers are generally responsible for the actions of their employees while they are operating in their capacity as an employee. There are exceptions-for instance, when an employee driver is operating outside the course and scope of his/her employment. In this instance, a driver may be found to not be operating under the official capacity of their employment when the trucking accident occurred.2. Negligent HiringTrucking companies have the responsibility of ensuring that the drivers they hire are safe and qualified. They need to do a background check on the driver before putting them behind the wheel. If a company realizes that a driver's actions are unsafe after employing such a driver, they are required to address these issues, up to an including termination. If an 18-wheeler causes...

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Drug & Alcohol Testing Requirements for Commercial Truck Drivers

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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is the body responsible for setting rules and regulations regarding drug and alcohol testing among commercial vehicle drivers. Whether its an 18-wheeler driver or semi-truck operator, or a company vehicle driven by an employee on the clock, there are strict drug and alcohol safety testing policies. It is zero-tolerance, meaning that commercial truck operators can never be under the influence of any illegal or prescription drugs or alcohol while operating a big rig or commercial vehicle. Unfortunately, too often innocent passenger vehicles are hit by drunk or high 18-wheeler drivers who can cause devastating truck accidents in Texas. If you or a loved one have been injured after a truck accident, contact a Corpus Christi truck accident attorney at The Patel Firm PLLC. Protect your rights-call now for an obligation free consultation with a qualified Corpus Christi accident attorney from The Patel Firm PLLC.Substances prohibited by the federal motor carrier safety administration include:CocaineOpiatesPCPAmphetamines and methamphetaminesMarijuanaWho needs to be tested?The safety regulations require all commercial vehicle drivers or anyone carrying more than 16 passengers must be tested for drugs and alcohol.When are these tests required?Trucking companies are required to test drivers for substance abuse before employmentWhenever a truck driver is Involved in a trucking accident Whenever the driver exhibits signs of intoxicationRandom testingWhat happens when a driver fails the test?If a driver fails a drug or alcohol test, or refuses to take the test, that driver must not be allowed to operate a truck or any other commercial vehicle on...

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6 Things You Need To Know About Trucking Accidents in Texas

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Trucking accidents happen all over Texas. Whether it’s an 18-wheeler accident or another type of trucking accident in Texas, these dangerous trucks are everywhere. According to a recent survey by the American Trucking Association, there are more than three million commercial truck drivers in the United States. To be as safe as possible when sharing the road with a semi-truck, keep these 6 things in mind:1.    18-wheelers have blind spotsThere are some areas of view that are extremely difficult for truck drivers to see. These may include some particular regions in the front, at the back, or on both sides of the truck. It is important for drivers, driving close to a truck to be cautious and stay clear of these spots where tractor-trailer drivers may not know they are. If you were involved in a side swipe collision with an 18-wheeler that did not check its blind spot, the assistance of a truck accident attorney in Corpus Christi can really help. An 18 wheeler accident lawyer in Corpus Christi can deploy assets, hire accident reconstructionists, and recover evidence that may be vital to proving your case, getting your car fixed, and getting your injuries paid for.2.    It takes a longer time for a tractor-trailer to stopIt takes a longer time for 18-wheelers to come to a complete stop when compared to smaller passenger vehicles. Stopping time can largely be influenced by factors such as bad weather conditions, faulty brakes, or an overloaded semi-truck trailer. When you notice an 18-wheeler speeding closely behind you, allow the truck to pass. It is best to avoid these dangerous trucks if...

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How can an accident reconstructionist help me after an 18-wheeler accident?

truck accident lawyer in Corpus Christi

After a trucking accident in Corpus Christi, medical expenses and other damages are likely significant. 18-wheelers can cause devastating injuries. Because of the complexity of an 18-wheeler accident, often times the assistance of an accident reconstructionist is necessary. In order to get the compensation you deserve after a truck accident in South Texas, your Corpus Christi 18-wheeler accident attorney must be able to prove the negligence of the truck driver. One of the best ways to do this is to employ an accident reconstructionist that can piece together the scene and make sure the trucking company is held accountable.  It's normal for the injured party not to be able to recount the way things happened after a truck accident. The speed at which the accident happened, and the trauma that followed may cause you not to remember the details that led up to the accident. In an instance like this, it is always best to let an expert use the data available to analyze what happened before, during, and after the accident.Many factors may contribute to your truck accident. For example, the use of an accident reconstructionist may help identify if the truck driver was not paying attention, if the roads were slippery, or if the 18-wheeler unexpectedly change lanes. The reconstruction expert will be able to uncover these factors which will ultimately corner the trucking company and give you the best chance to secure the justice you deserve.What is an accident reconstructionist?An accident reconstructionist goes through a process of investigating a crash scene to determine causes of the accident, along with any possible irregularities that may have contributed to the...

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Steps to follow after a rear end accident with an 18-wheeler in Texas

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Rear-end auto accidents with a semi-truck are among the most common. Due to the size of an 18-wheelers weight and size, it takes more time to stop a semi-truck than a regular car or truck. Often times, truck drivers don't give enough of a safety cushion between their rig and vehicles traveling ahead of them. This often can lead to increased rear-end accidents in Texas with 18-wheelers. Damages and losses resulting from rear-end collisions involving big rigs are usually severe because these heavy vehicles are as much as 40 times heavier than traditional passenger vehicles.What you should do at the scene of a rear-end accident involving an 18-wheelerCall the police Collect information about the driver Use your smartphone to take pictures of the scene showing the position of the vehicles involved Get the contact details of people that witnessed the accident Stay in a safe area while waiting for the police or medics to avoid being hit again.What should I do if I'm injured?If you have been injured by an 18-wheeler after a rear end accident, contact a trucking accident attorney in Corpus Christi at The Patel Firm PLLC. When clients retain our office after a rear end accident with an 18-wheeler in Corpus Christi, our Corpus Christi truck accident lawyers immediately deploy our team to preserve evidence so we can protect your rights. Click here for a free consultation to determine if you are eligible for compensation after an 18-wheeler accident in Texas.Generally, trucking companies are well prepared for eventualities like rear-end collisions. They have teams of trucking accident lawyers and insurance coverages in place to try...

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Important Evidence You Need to Win an 18-Wheeler Accident Case

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In any auto accident case, getting relevant evidence as quickly as possible is critical to getting justice and compensation an injury victim deserves. After an auto accident with an 18 wheeler, it is even more crucial. Due to the nature of most Texas truck accidents, if you were involved in a Corpus Christi trucking accident, it is important to secure the representation of some of the best trucking accident attorneys in Corpus Christi that you can find. Start first by reviewing the article below, and make sure, that any trucking accident lawyer in Corpus Christi that you choose, is willing to go through the steps below to get you the compensation you deserve.Steps the Best 18 Wheeler Accident Attorneys in Corpus Christi take After a Trucking AccidentThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations requires all commercial vehicle drivers to comply with safety laws designed to protect trucks driver and other road users. These safety requirements include obtaining a commercial driver’s license, hiring only trained and qualified drivers, complying with the maximum number of hours truckers can work, and ensuring the vehicles are in good condition before putting them on the roadways.The following are some of the ways the best 18-wheeler accident lawyers in Corpus Christi get vital evidence to win Texas truck accident cases:1. Getting Data from Electronic Logging DevicesA new rule by the Department of Transportation mandates the use of an Electronic Logging Devices to ensure strict compliance with the maximum hours of service. These devices replace the log books previously used, which many times are falsified by truck drivers. Ensure your Corpus Christi truck accident lawyers...

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How Much Is An 18-Wheeler Accident Worth?

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This is one of the most common questions we hear injury victims ask following a truck accident in Texas. Rightly so, because the expenses after an 18 wheeler accident in Texas are usually higher, and the damages much more significant, than any other type of auto accident. There are several factors that determine the worth of an 18-wheeler accident case, some of which will be discussed below. If you or a loved one have been injured in a Texas 18-wheeler accident and want to know the potential value of your matter call a truck accident attorney in Corpus Christi, Texas at The Patel Firm PLLC for a free consultation now.Important factors to consider when estimating the value of an 18-Wheeler accidentThe value of a Texas truck accident case varies depending on a number of factors that a truck accident lawyer in Corpus Christi Texas at The Patel Firm PLLC can explain in great detail. A couple of these reasons are listed below:1) The 18-wheeler driver failed to abide by trucking safety rules- If safety rules are violated, they can cause massive 18-wheeler accidents. Every 18-wheeler driver must complete a pre-trip inspection. It is important to hire a truck accident attorney in Corpus Christi that has the means and assets to properly investigate, and potentially uncover a safety violation or pre-trip inspection violation. To learn more about the safety rules mandated for 18-wheeler drivers, click here.2) The 18-wheeler accident caused serious injuries- Truck accidents are more likely to cause serious damage and severe injury because of the enormous weight of the 18-wheeler.  Some of these injuries include herniated discs, broken...

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Why a well-functioning 18-wheeler trailer is important

Why a well-functioning 18-wheeler trailer is important

The trailer is the cargo-part of an articulated truck and usually bears the most stress in the combination. It is therefore important to maintain and keep the tractor in an optimal condition to prevent tractor-trailer accidents. Despite the fact that these trailers carry tons of weight, many trucking companies fail to properly care for their trailers, which could lead to disastrous trucking accidents on our roadways. The hardships after an accident with a tractor trailer may seem unbearable, but the help of an experienced trucking accident attorney can help relieve a significant amount of the burden. If you’ve been injured in a trucking accident call a Corpus Christi personal injury lawyer at The Patel Firm PLLC today. Our Corpus Christi accident attorneys will hold negligent truck owners responsible for the damages they cause to you and your family.Trailers are More Than Just A Compartment on WheelsIt is easy to dismiss the trailer as just the container pulled by the truck portion of the tractor trailer unit. While this is partly true, a trailer is so much more than that. Trailers usually have braking and electrical systems different from the rest of the unit, and up to 8 wheels of the vehicle are attached to this part of the unit. Failure to maintain these parts can affect the whole vehicle and cause deadly truck accidents. An experienced personal injury lawyer can reconstruct the accident and consult with experts to determine the specific malfunction.The Basics of Trailer MaintenanceApart from having no...

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Common Truck Maintenance Violations & Texas Truck Accidents

Commercial Trucks travel all over Texas, covering thousands of miles throughout their lifetime and should be kept in the best condition possible to avoid devastating accidents. To drastically reduce the occurrence of truck accidents in Texas and all over the country caused by poor maintenance, certain truck maintenance requirements are put in place by regulators like the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and every truck owner and driver are expected to adhere to these requirements in order to prevent mechanical faults that can lead to Texas 18-wheeler accidents. However, many truck drivers and companies do not comply with the safety regulations which leads to vehicle maintenance violations being one of the most common causes of truck accidents in recent years. A commercial truck accident in Texas can cause serious damages to you and your property which makes hiring a Texas personal injury lawyer a top priority after a car accident in Texas or truck accident in Texas. A Corpus Christi accident attorney from The Patel Firm PLLC can help you secure the justice you deserve after a Texas 18-wheeler accident with a poorly maintained tractor-trailer. Contact a 18-wheeler accident lawyer in Corpus Christi, Texas now.  Common Tractor-trailer Maintenance Safety ViolationsThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) estimates, 20 percent of all commercial trucks on US highways violate at least one safety maintenance requirement. Even though inspections are carried out often on the roadways, trucks are still being pulled over every day for violating these safety requirements.  The most common safety...

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Sleep Related Issues and Trucking Accidents

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Sleep Related Issues and Trucking Accidents  According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety, one of the most common causes of truck accidents is fatigue. When truck drivers deprive themselves sleep, their ability to react and make good judgment calls becomes seriously compromised. As a result of the alarming number of accidents caused by fatigue and sleep deprivation, laws related to Hours of Service (HOS) are becoming more strict and require that truck drivers make enough time to rest and sleep. A lot has been said about the HOS regulation regarding the 34-Hour Restart period. While many in the industry feel that this rule isn’t accurate, others simply disagree. It is, however, important to know that this is not the only sleep-related issue that is being observed by safety advocates in the industry. It is important to remember that trucking accidents can be complex and it is best to contact a Corpus Christi trucking accident lawyer as soon as possible. A Corpus Christi trucking accident attorney is experienced in obtaining important information needed immediately after an accident. Lack of Sleep And Truck Accidents Thousands of people are killed every year in the United States as a result of truck accidents. In 2017 alone 4,102 fatalities were recorded. An astonishing 20 percent of these accidents are related to truck driver fatigue. These alarming statistics show that truck drivers in America are just not getting enough rest and sleep, and this is often due to their busy schedules and tight deadlines. HOS Regulations and the 34-Hour Restart Rule To drastically...

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Corpus Christi Personal Injury Law Firm Recognized With America’s Top 100 High Stakes Litigator Award

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Corpus Christi Personal Injury Law Firm Recognized With America's Top 100 High Stakes Litigator Award  The Patel Firm, PLLC – Corpus Christi Personal Injury Law Firm is pleased to announce that Mr. Minesh J. Patel, the firm’s principal attorney, has been awarded the America’s Top 100 High Stakes Litigator award for his continuous success in high stakes legal matters. Selection of the award is by invitation only and is used to distinguish America’s exceptional trial lawyers in high stakes, high value legal matters. For consideration, a lawyer must have litigated a matter with at least $2,000,000 in alleged damages. Consideration is also based on the candidate’s professional experience, case results, and community impact. The top 100 qualifying lawyers in each state are selected to receive the honor, and less than .5% of practicing lawyers in America will be selected. From our office staff to our past and present clients, we are grateful for all who helped make this possible. At The Patel Firm, PLLC we strive to deliver the best personal injury legal experience we can provide, and the hard work and dedication of our Corpus Christi personal injury attorneys help make that a reality. For more information about America’s Top 100 High Stakes Litigators, click here to visit their official website. Serious injuries deserve serious representation. The personal injury lawyers at The Patel Firm PLLC are experienced in handling many types of injury cases. If you, a family member, or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident, trucking accident,...

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Mistakes to Avoid After a Texas Truck Accident

Mistakes to Avoid After a Texas Truck Accident The aftermath of a trucking accident is as much scary as it is confusing. Victims often have to deal with the new reality and the injuries sustained in the accident which may require urgent medical treatment. Events like this tend to be overwhelming and can lead to mistakes or missteps early on that wouldn't have otherwise happened. In the event of a trucking accident in Corpus Christi, Texas, or a trucking accident anywhere else in Texas, it is important to hire the services of a qualified Corpus Christi truck accident lawyer to ensure insurance companies do not short-change you. The following mistakes should be avoided after a Texas big rig accident.Refusing medical treatment: it will be difficult to prove that the injuries or symptoms you discovered days or weeks after the accident is actually related to the accident if you decline medical treatment immediately after the wreck. Medical records documented based on doctor findings after a trucking accident can go a long way to help your case. Not calling the police: Even if nobody sustains any major injury after your trucking accident, it is essential you call the police to the scene of the accident. The police will assess the situation, interview witnesses and document a report that becomes the basis of any lawsuit that follows. Click here for information about how to get a police report after a Corpus Christi car accident. Watch the video below to learn more about why a police report...

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Federal Regulations and Commercial Truck Accidents

Trucking companies are bound by strict federal regulations which can make any eventual claim following a Texas trucking accident complicated. Due to these regulations, truck accidents in Corpus Christi, Texas or a truck accident anywhere else in Texas can result in complex legal cases that require the expertise of a qualified Corpus Christi truck accident attorney. Victims of truck wrecks in Texas, especially those who were in smaller passenger vehicles when they were hit by an 18-wheeler or large truck, have a good chance of getting the best resolution when they seek the help of a skilled truck accident lawyer in Corpus Christi, Texas from The Patel Firm PLLC. A truck accident attorney in Corpus Christi from The Patel Firm PLLC, will have thorough understanding of the trucking industry, and how to best represent you and your family following a truck accident in Corpus Christi, Texas or anywhere else in the state. Speak to an 18 wheeler accident lawyer in Corpus Christi, Texas now. Why are these regulations put in place? Big rigs and 18-wheelers are far more difficult to drive than normal passenger vehicles. They are the largest and heaviest vehicles on our roadways and require special licensing and bigger insurance policies. A fully loaded 18-wheeler can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. Now imagine a speeding 18-wheeler, driving at speeds up to 70 MPH or higher- the likelihood of a Texas car accident resulting in a devastating loss is very real. Many truck drivers and companies do not adhere to Federal...

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Why you need a truck accident lawyer after an 18-wheeler accident

Hundreds, if not thousands of auto accidents happen in Texas every day. A large number of these car accidents involves passenger vehicles and can result injuries and damages. However, if a commercial vehicle like a big rig or an 18 wheeler is involved in the auto accident, can be much more serious. Truck accidents and 18 wheeler accidents are usually more complex than those involving small passenger cars and require the legal skill of a qualified trucking accident lawyer for the best outcome. Below are a list of reasons why hiring a personal injury lawyer in Corpus Christi after a trucking accident is important. If you’ve been injured in an 18-wheeler accident in Corpus Christi, or anywhere else in the state of Texas, call the injury lawyers for 18 wheeler accidents in Corpus Christi, Texas at The Patel Firm PLLC. Knowledge of the Trucking Industry To ensure the best resolution after a commercial truck accident in Texas, an in-depth knowledge of the trucking industry and the complex rules and regulations that govern the industry is necessary. Most trucking accidents in Texas occur as a result of driver error and the failure of trucking companies to follow the safety procedures to which they are bound to operate. An injury lawyer or truck accident attorney that has knowledge of the trucking industry are in tune with the laws, and what it takes to get you the compensation after a truck accident you deserve. A Corpus Christi personal injury lawyer knows where to look and...

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Five mistakes to avoid after a Texas truck accident

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The aftermath of a Texas trucking accident is as much scary as it is confusing. Victims often have to deal with a new reality- the injuries sustained in from the truck accident may require urgent medical treatment. This can all be overwhelming, and lead to mistakes that may not otherwise happen. In the event of a trucking accident in Texas, it is important to hire the services of a qualified lawyer for a truck accident in Texas, to ensure insurance companies do not short-change you or try to take advantage of you. The following mistakes should be avoided at all costs after a Texas 18-wheeler accident: 1) Refusing medical treatment: it will be difficult to prove that the injuries or symptoms you discovered days or weeks after the truck accident are related to the auto accident if you decline medical treatment immediately after the truck wreck. Medical records documented based on doctor findings after a trucking accident can go a long way to helping prove the severity of your injuries. 2) Not calling the police: Even if nobody sustains any major injury after a truck accident, it is essential you call the police to the scene of the auto accident. Truck wrecks with an 18-wheeler or semi-truck require the police to come to the scene so damage can be properly documented.  The police can assess the situation, interview witnesses and document a report that will become key to any lawsuit against the truck company, or lawsuit against the truck driver that may follow. 3)...

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4 errors that can lead to Texas trucking accidents

Driver errors account for a large percentage of all trucking accidents on US roads. Operating big rigs safely requires a high level of expertise and skill. This because even the slightest mistakes can result in a fatal trucking accident in Texas or anywhere else in the country. Below are some of the most common errors that lead to deadly Texas trucking accidents. 1. Errors due to Driver Fatigue causing Big Rig accidents in Texas To operate large, heavy tractor-trailers safely, one needs to be able to think and react quickly. Tired drivers are susceptible to mistakes that can lead to trucking accidents. Most times driver fatigue is as a result of sleep deprivation. Despite the stringent regulations put in place to ensure truck driver get enough rest, many drivers violate these rules by working more than the designated hours-of-service or doing other things apart from resting during their time off. 2. Blind Spot Errors causing 18 wheeler accidents in Texas Heavy trucks and big rigs have large blind spots area within which others vehicles cannot be seen by the driver. Therefore, truck drivers have an obligation to check these blind spots before turning, changing lanes, and braking. Even with this responsibility, many truck driver either aren’t paying close enough attention or assume the other drivers know these blind spots. 3. Errors Result into Rollover Accidents with 18 Wheelers in Texas As a result of its low stability, size, and height, tractor trailers can roll over pretty easily if not skillfully driven. To prevent rollover accidents when...

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How truck drivers can avoid 18-wheeler accidents

Driving trucks and big rigs is very demanding work. This job requires the utmost expertise and alertness. Trucks can be difficult to control and can pose serious risks to its driver and the occupants of smaller vehicles on the road. As Texas truck accident attorneys, we understand that in order to prevent truck wrecks in Texas, safe driving practices and common sense driving should be employed by the truck drivers given the responsibility of handling such large vehicles. Here are some tips truck drivers can follow to avoid Texas truck accidents: Avoid driving at an excessive speed: Most truck accidents in Texas we deal with are as a result of excessive speeding, or traveling so fast the 18-wheeler is unable to stop in a timely fashion before causing a truck wreck. As a truck driver, if you are driving a loaded rig at a very high speed, you are not only endangering your life but also the lives of others on the road. This action can lead to deadly trucking accidents in Texas. Failure to maintain a safe speed can result in dangerous swerving, rear-end collisions, rollovers, and loss of control of the rig. Basing your speed on the vehicles around you is not the best way to gauge your speed. Truck drivers need to take the size and the weight of the load they are hauling into consideration to determine the safe speed to drive. Always maintain a safe following distance: Don’t drive too closely behind another vehicle if you are driving...

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Three things commercial truck drivers should never do

truck accident attorney corpus christi

Commercial car accidents can cause serious injuries, even death. A truck wreck in Corpus Christi with a company vehicle or 18-wheeler crash can turn lives upside down. To curb the incidence of accidents involving commercial trucks, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued  some rules and regulations that all commercial truck drivers must follow. The goal of these regulations is to reduce and if possible eliminate accidents involving commercial trucks. Despite the harsh punishment that follows the violation of these regulations, many truckers are still practicing the following dangerous behaviors. Here are a list of practices commercial truck drivers should NEVER engage in when operating a commercial vehicle:Use of cellphone: This is one of the common behaviors that result in severe traffic accidents. The FMCSA bans the use of cellphone behind the wheel. A violation of this rule attracts hefty fines for truckers and their companies whether or not the behavior results in an accident. Use of radar detector: Some drivers like to have a radar detector at hand to know when a police patrol car is close. This device is prohibited in commercial trucks as it is believed that it will encourage reckless driving when the driver sense that police are not nearby. Giving rides to unauthorized passengers: Most truckers violate this rule by bringing along family and friends who maybe need a ride to the same place they are heading. Carrying passengers without the authorization of the trucking company is not allowed.Contact a car accident attorney in Corpus Christi today...

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Car accident causes traffic back up near Labonte Park Bridge

After a car accident in Corpus Christi or truck accident in Corpus Christi call personal injury lawyer in Corpus Christi, Minesh J. Patel

Traffic was backed up last Tuesday morning, November 6, 2018 after a truck accident in Corpus Christi. according to KRIS TV. Details of the Corpus Christi truck wreck The truck accident in Corpus Christi happened in the early hours of Tuesday, November 6, 2018, at the Labonte Park bridge on south bound IH-37 when a truck hit a car that was being towed. The impact was significant and caused the driver of the vehicle to lose control and flip over on the highway. The commercial truck was transporting about 2,000 gallons of diesel fuel when the Corpus Christi truck accident occurred. The 18-wheeler accident in Corpus Christi may have been caused by the early morning fog The Corpus Christi Police Department advised motorists in the area to find an alternate route while the road is cleared. Concussion injuries from truck accidents It is estimated that between 1.6 to 3.8 million concussions occur yearly in the United States. Concussion results in a temporary loss of some of the functions of the brain. Its symptoms can be cognitive, physical or emotional and can go unnoticed due to its subtlety. Causes of a concussion in a car accident The human brain is very complex and sensitive. It consists of numerous nerves and synapses. During a car accident, when an external force causes disturbance to this highly sensitive system, it can result in a temporary loss of brain or body functions. The common causes of concussion in a car accident include head collision with the steering wheel, dashboard,...

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Woman hospitalized following 18 wheeler accident

A  woman has been hospitalized after a collision between a car and an 18-wheeler on the morning of Tuesday October 23, 2018 in Bellmead according to KWTX. Details of the car accident in Bellmead The Bellmead car accident happened in the early hours of Tuesday, October 23, 2018, on East Loop 340 near Orchard Lane. The 18 wheeler crash in Texas was caused an 18-wheeler left logs of wood on the busy highway, causing the woman to crash her car. The woman was taken to a local hospital in an unknown condition. Q: What happens if I get in a car wreck when test driving a new car? Car dealers always have an insurance plan for every car on display. This means that even if you get into an accident while test driving, the car is most likely covered. This type of accident is not very common but when they happen, the dealership will usually turn to their insurance company for the cost of the repairs.However, in cases where the accident is your fault, the dealer may try to hold you liable. In situations like this, your own personal auto insurance company can come to your rescue by paying for damages or proving that the accident was not due to your negligence.If the auto accident was caused by another driver, the at-fault party insurance would be responsible for damages and compensation. Also, if the car accident was as a result of a fault or defect in the vehicle, the dealership will be held...

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Dallas man dies after crashing into a semi-truck

A man died in a truck accident in Fort Worth on October 13, 2018 after his car crashed into a stalled 18-wheeler on Interstate 35W, according to the Star-Telegram. Details of the deadly 18 wheeler accident in Fort Worth   According to reports and investigations that are still ongoing at this time, the driver of the car was driving along on I-35 W when he hit an 18-wheeler that was stalled on the 1000 block of the freeway in Fort Worth. The Fort Worth trucking accident victim, a 28-year-old Alberto Garcia from Dallas, was pronounced dead at a local hospital shortly after the accident. Understanding the Legal Process after a trucking accident in Texas Trucking accident cases can be complex. Below are only a few of the steps taken by a trucking accident lawyer after a Texas 18 wheeler accident:Investigations: It is important you contact an experienced car accident lawyer as soon as the trucking accident happens.This makes it possible for your truck accident lawyer to conduct an adequate investigation while evidence is still available and witness testimony can be relied on. The independent investigation conducted by your personal injury lawyer will ensure you get fair compensation from the insurance company. The insurance companies are always looking to lower the compensation they pay by gathering only evidence that favors them.  File A Claim: After thorough investigations have been conducted and evidence gathered, your Fort Worth personal injury lawyer will file a claim. Your personal injury claim, whether it was a result of a...

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Woman injured in Corpus Christi truck accident

A woman was injured on October 10th, 2018 in what she told officers was a result of a truck backing into her in a parking lot, according to KRIS TV. Details of the truck accident in Corpus Christi The Corpus Christi auto accident happened around 7 a.m. on Wednesday, October 10, 2018, at the corner of Artesian and Antelope Street. The woman told Corpus Christi police officers that she was involved in a Corpus Christi truck accident after she was hit by a truck that was backing up in the parking lot of the South Texas Substance Abuse and Recovery building. She complained of back pain and was taken to the hospital to get it checked. According to a CCPD officer, the driver of the truck that caused the truck accident in Corpus Christi has no driver’s license, and his ID card is suspended, he had no insurance and the tags on his truck were expired. The officer said the driver would get a citation for driving an uninsured vehicle and his truck was been impounded. Preventative measures to take when backing up to avoid a parking lot accident in Corpus ChristiWalk around to check your surroundings: Before backing up, always walk around your vehicle and check underneath to ensure you can back up safely Know your vehicle’s blind spots: Know the limitation of your mirrors and ensure you check out those blind areas before starting the car. Check for obstructions such low hanging trees and wires. Start the car immediately after you have checked...

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18-wheeler accident in Bedford causes fire

The westbound lanes of Highway 183 in Bedford were shut down on Wednesday, October 10, 2018 after an 18 wheeler crash in Bedford, Texas according to NBC DFW. Details of the truck accident in Bedford, Texas A Bedford 18- wheeler accident caused a massive fire last Wednesday. According to The Bedford fire department, the 18 wheeler accident near Dallas happened when an 18-wheeler traveling westbound on Highway 183 hit a delineator near Industrial Blvd., before taking out a road sign, spilling fuel and then catching fire. All the westbound lanes of the highway were closed as officers clear the scene of the firely 18 wheeler accident in Bedford, Texas. The lanes were reopened later that day. Steps to safety in a car fireWhen there is fuel spillage or whenever you see signs of car fire, the only thing you should worry about at that moment is your safety. Don't ignore these signs or try to correct the faults on your own. Immediately turn off the engine: Overheating engine and electrical spark can energize the fire. Ventilate to prevent suffocation: Open the doors and windows to reduce smoke and fumes, so you don’t pass out. Unbuckle yourself: Free yourself from any restraint: After unbuckling yourself, try to help other occupants of the car to get loose. Get out: Get out from the vehicle as quickly as possible while helping others do the same. Step back from the vehicle: Stay far away from the car. Fumes, gasoline, and some cargoes can ignite and explode very quickly creating a big...

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Teenager hospitalized after truck accident in Corpus Christi

A 13-year old boy is in critical condition after being injured in a Corpus Christi truck accident after being struck by a truck at the corner of Baldwin Blvd. and Riggan St. on October 7, 2018, in Corpus Christi according to Caller Times. Details of the Corpus Christi truck accident The accident that caused serious personal injury to a Corpus Christi boy happened around 9:44 p.m. on Sunday, October 7, 2018. According to the Corpus Christi Police Department authorities that responded to the accident, a black Chevy pickup truck heading north on the 2700 block of Riggan Street blew past a stop sign before being hit by another truck traveling west on Baldwin Boulevard. The impact of the first Corpus Christi accident made the Chevy pickup spun around and hit the boy. The man driving the second pickup was arrested and charged with a DWI, and the driver of the black pickup fled the scene. The boy sustained serious personal injuries and was taken to Christus Spohn Hospital Shoreline. Safety Tips to apply when crossing roads as a pedestrianAlways use pedestrian crossings: Always make use of the crosswalks when crossing the road. Pedestrians could be held to be contributory negligent for their injuries if they failed to use the crosswalks when they are hit while crossing the road. Wait for the green signal to cross at traffic lights: Just as you would at a crosswalk, always cross at a traffic light if there is one nearby and wait until the 'green man'...

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Corpus Christi 18-wheeler jackknifed on I-37

An 18-wheeler was jackknifed in Corpus Christi after another car accident along Interstate 37 and Redbird Lane in Corpus Christi, Texas according to KRIS-TV. Details of the car accident in Corpus Christi, Texas Around noon on Monday, September 10, 2018, two unrelated Corpus Christi car accidents occurred on interstate 37 forcing the police to close several lanes of the highway. According to witnesses, an 18-wheeler driver lost control of his tractor trailer shortly before the Redbird Lane exit near Labonte Park. His 18-wheeler folded as a result of his losing control, causing it to spill fuel onto the highway. Earlier on the same day, a fatal single-vehicle Corpus Christi car crash occurred on the Redbird lane portion of the highway. Officials of the Texas Department of Transportation were called to clear the site of the both Corpus Christi car accidents. The Statute of Limitations on personal injuries after a car accident in Corpus Christi, Texas The Statute of Limitations is a legal term for the deadline for filing a suit after a car accident in Corpus Christi, Texas or a truck accident in Corpus Christi, Texas. The deadline is two years from the date of the Corpus Christi car accident that caused your personal injury. This means if you are injured after a car accident in Corpus Christi, you need to contact a lawyer in Corpus Christi quickly to make sure you are following the laws that govern statute of limitations for a personal injury.   Contact a lawyer in Corpus Christi, Texas today...

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Truck rammed a couple’s vehicle on their way to Corpus Christi

A Port Aransas couple posted a series of videos on Facebook last Friday showing a truck hitting their vehicle repeatedly on their way to Corpus Christi. Details of the Corpus Christi road rage car crash According to the couple, a white truck hit them a total of four times between U.S highway 361 and the JFK bridge. Their ordeal started after the first impact on Highway 361 just before North Padre Island. The second impact occurred close after the first. They immediately called 911 and turned on their smartphone camera. After following the driver of the truck, he was eventually pulled over but was only issued a ticket for no insurance and leaving the scene of an accident. When they inquired why the man was not arrested, the police told them that he is just a bad driver and uneducated. The couple is working on filing aggravated assault charges. How a lawyer in Corpus Christi at The Patel Firm PLLC can help after a Corpus Christi car accidentWe will provide you a free legal consultation without any obligation We can help you compile the evidence needed to back your personal injury claim We have a network of experts in various fields such as crash reconstruction, forensics investigation, mechanical engineering, medical care and life-care planning that are ready to help you. We will deal with the insurance companies on your behalf We will fight for compensation for your personal injuries We can help you to get your car fixed or replaced We can also get you a rental car...

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Three people are dead after 18-wheeler accident in Terrell

Three people were killed in a horrific car crash in Terrell, Texas on Interstate 20 Tuesday August 21, 2018, according to multiple media outlets including Dallas News. Details of the car accident in Terrell, Texas The Terrell car accident occurred around 2:15 p.m. on Tuesday, August 21, 2018, on Interstate 20 near the Tanger Outlets. According to the authorities, three people in an SUV were killed after suffering personal injuries from a car accident with an 18-wheeler. There was a large fire after the Terrell, Texas 18- wheeler accident. Both the SUV and cab of the 18-wheeler were consumed by fire. A second 18-wheeler was also involved in truck accident in near Dallas, Texas but it's was minimally damaged. Investigators are still working to determine the cause of deadly Terrell, Texas car accident. Interesting facts about 18-wheelers accidents According to the U.S. Department of Transportation's Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) analysis, a total of 3,986 people died in large truck crashes in 2016. Just 17% of these deaths were truck occupants, 66 percent were occupants of vehicles, and 16 percent were pedestrians or bystanders. 97% of vehicle occupants killed in two-vehicle crashes involving a passenger vehicle and an 18-wheeler in 2016 were occupants of the passenger vehicles. Fatality in 18-wheelers car accidents Due to the weight of the semis, fatality is higher in 18-wheelers when the truck rolls over. 55% of large truck occupant deaths in 2016 occurred in crashes in which their vehicles rolled over. This was slightly higher than the percentage of SUV...

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Man dies after 18-wheeler accident near Corpus Christi

A Corpus Christi man is dead after a Thursday morning 18-wheeler accident near Corpus Christi.   Details of the Corpus Christi 18-wheeler accident According to the Corpus Christi Caller Times, a 30 year-old man was heading north in a Dodge Charger on Farm-to-Market Road 1694, near Robstown on Thursday, August 9, 2018 when he was involved in a Corpus Christi 18-wheeler accident after he veered into traffic causing the collision. Immediately after the 18-wheeler accident in Corpus Christi, the driver of the Dodge Charger was rushed to Christus Spohn Hospital Shoreline in Corpus Christi where he later died from the personal injuries he sustained as a result of the Corpus Christi 18-wheeler accident. The driver of the 18-wheeler was also transferred to the hospital after suffering personal injury after the 18-wheeler accident in Corpus Christi. The tractor-trailer driver’s personal injury are said to be non-life threatening. What can cause a driver to veer off the road? The following can cause a driver to veer off the road:Driver fatigue: Drivers can lose concentration or even doze off at any time on the road if they are tired. This can lead to the driver veering off the road. Drinking alcohol or taking drugs: This affects your sense of judgement. Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol impairs your reasoning and might cause you to make some rash decisions that can lead to your car veering off the road. Overspeeding or reckless driving: A driver driving at an excessive speed can easily lose control of the car. Driver training...

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U Haul Truck explodes in Corpus Christi

On Sunday morning, August 5, 2018, a U-Haul truck exploded at the intersection of Meandering Lane & Player Street in Corpus Christi, Texas. Details of the Corpus Christi truck accident According to KIII-TV and other media outlets, around 10 am on Sunday, August 5, 2018m, the police and fire department responded to a report of an explosion at the intersection of Meandering Lane & Player Street, in Corpus Christi, Texas. The police set up a perimeter before the arrival of the bomb squad who later confirmed that the explosion causing the truck accident scene was accidental. The Corpus Christi Police Department confirmed that the explosion was caused by a leaking propane tank. The explosion debris flew into surrounding areas, which could cause serious injury.   Common causes of car explosions and firesCar collision: When cars crash, the crash impact can hit the battery and fuel tank creating an ideal condition for fire. Faulty electrical system: This includes problems with batteries and the car heating system. The charging cycle causes hydrogen gas to build up in the engine compartment, making the car explode when overheated. It can also cause fire when an electrical spark caused by a faulty appliance comes in contact with leaking fuel. Overheating engines: While it is unlikely to cause fire on its own, it can cause fire when drizzling liquid come in contact with a heated surface. Flaws in the design: Some flaws in the design of a vehicle by the manufacturer can cause it to catch fire. Oil and gas leak: This is...

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Two transferred to hospital after auto accident with 18-wheeler in Corpus Christi

Early Tuesday July 24, 2018, an 18-wheeler and a Ford Mustang were involved in a head on collision in Corpus Christi, Texas. Details of the Corpus Christi 18-wheeler accident According to responding authorities and reported by multiple news outlets including KIII-TV in Corpus Christi, the massive car accident took place on Tuesday morning near FM 1889 and Riverview Drive. The 18-wheeler collision was so significant, a portion of FM 624 had to be shut down. The driver of the Ford Mustang was said to be traveling at a high rate of speed, and for reasons that are unknown, veered into oncoming traffic, causing the car to be hit by the 18-wheeler head on, which was traveling in the opposite direction at the time. The Ford Mustang had two people in it, a male and a female, who were both transferred to the hospital to be inspected for injuries after the Corpus Christi 18- wheeler accident.  Both parties did survive the initial car crash. Typical Injuries After an 18-Wheeler Accident After an 18-wheeler accident, it is imperative that those who are involved, go to the hospital IMMEDIATELY. These gigantic tractor trailer 18-wheelers weigh tens of thousands of pounds and can cause a whole host of injuries from severe whiplash to extraordinary serious injuries after a car accident like broken bones and death. The following is a short list of common injuries after an 18-wheeler accident: -Severe Whiplash, Deep Bruising -Head injuries including concussions, hematomas, and brain hemorrhages. -Herniated and slipped discs, spinal cord derangement, fractured vertebrae Contact a Corpus...

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