Trucking Accident


Tractor-Trailer Accident The Patel Firm

Tractor-trailers are enormous vehicles—the largest on the road. While large commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) are often colloquially called “18-wheelers,” tractor-trailers can have up to 30 wheels. While their very size makes them ideal for bringing products to businesses and consumers throughout the state, it also makes them potentially lethal. An...

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What Should You Do After a Head-On Truck Collision?

Head-On Truck Collisions A head-on collision with a truck can cause severe damage to the other vehicle, and even more substantial injury to everyone inside the vehicle at the time of the accident. In fact, head-on truck collisions represent one of the most dangerous and devastating types of accidents. In a head-on...

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Truck Blind Spots

Trucker Blind Spot Accidents The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the governmental agency tasked with regulating the trucking industry, estimates approximately one-third of collisions between passenger vehicles and trucks occur in truck blind spots. To reduce the startling statistic, the FMSCA continues to educate the public about the dangers of...

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What a Lawyer Can Help With After a Semi Truck Accident

What a Lawyer Can Help With After a Semi Truck Accident The Patel Firm PLLC

Every time you pass a semi truck on the road, you share that space with a vehicle that could transport a combined weight of up to 80,000 lbs, including truck, trailer, and cargo. Semi truck drivers undergo substantial training to help them better prepare their vehicles. Unfortunately, that does not always...

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When is the Trucking Company Responsible for an Auto Accident?

corpus christi trucking accident lawyer corpus christi

Insurance companies and the trucking companies they represent are always looking to minimize the amount it has to pay in compensation for injuries and losses caused by their drivers. One of the tactics they use is to claim that the truck driver is an independent contractor, and as such, they are not responsible for...

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Drug & Alcohol Testing Requirements for Commercial Truck Drivers

trucking accident attorney in Corpus christi

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is the body responsible for setting rules and regulations regarding drug and alcohol testing among commercial vehicle drivers. Whether its an 18-wheeler driver or semi-truck operator, or a company vehicle driven by an employee on the clock, there are strict drug and alcohol safety...

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6 Things You Need To Know About Trucking Accidents in Texas

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Trucking accidents happen all over Texas. Whether it’s an 18-wheeler accident or another type of trucking accident in Texas, these dangerous trucks are everywhere. According to a recent survey by the American Trucking Association, there are more than three million commercial truck drivers in the United States. To be as safe as possible when...

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How can an accident reconstructionist help me after an 18-wheeler accident?

truck accident lawyer in Corpus Christi

After a trucking accident in Corpus Christi, medical expenses and other damages are likely significant. 18-wheelers can cause devastating injuries. Because of the complexity of an 18-wheeler accident, often times the assistance of an accident reconstructionist is necessary. In order to get the compensation you deserve after a truck accident in South Texas, your Corpus Christi...

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Steps to follow after a rear end accident with an 18-wheeler in Texas

truck accident lawyer corpus christi

Rear-end auto accidents with a semi-truck are among the most common. Due to the size of an 18-wheelers weight and size, it takes more time to stop a semi-truck than a regular car or truck. Often times, truck drivers don't give enough of a safety cushion between their rig and vehicles traveling ahead of...

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Important Evidence You Need to Win an 18-Wheeler Accident Case

trucking accident lawyer in Corpus Christi

In any auto accident case, getting relevant evidence as quickly as possible is critical to getting justice and compensation an injury victim deserves. After an auto accident with an 18 wheeler, it is even more crucial. Due to the nature of most Texas truck accidents, if you were involved in a Corpus Christi trucking...

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How Much Is An 18-Wheeler Accident Worth?

truck accident lawyer in corpus christi

This is one of the most common questions we hear injury victims ask following a truck accident in Texas. Rightly so, because the expenses after an 18 wheeler accident in Texas are usually higher, and the damages much more significant, than any other type of auto accident. There are several factors that determine the...

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Why a well-functioning 18-wheeler trailer is important

Why a well-functioning 18-wheeler trailer is important

The trailer is the cargo-part of an articulated truck and usually bears the most stress in the combination. It is therefore important to maintain and keep the tractor in an optimal condition to prevent tractor-trailer accidents. Despite the fact that these trailers carry tons of weight, many trucking companies fail...

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Common Truck Maintenance Violations & Texas Truck Accidents

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Commercial Trucks travel all over Texas, covering thousands of miles throughout their lifetime and should be kept in the best condition possible to avoid devastating accidents. To drastically reduce the occurrence of truck accidents in Texas and all over the country caused by poor maintenance, certain truck maintenance requirements are...

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Sleep Related Issues and Trucking Accidents

Corpus Christi personal injury lawyer

Sleep Related Issues and Trucking Accidents According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety, one of the most common causes of truck accidents is fatigue. When truck drivers deprive themselves sleep, their ability to react and make good judgment calls becomes seriously compromised. As a result of the alarming number of accidents...

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