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Common Truck Maintenance Violations & Texas Truck Accidents

Commercial Trucks travel all over Texas, covering thousands of miles throughout their lifetime and should be kept in the best condition possible to avoid devastating accidents. To drastically reduce the occurrence of truck accidents in Texas and all over the country caused by poor maintenance, certain truck maintenance requirements are put in place by regulators like the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and every truck owner and driver are expected to adhere to these requirements in order to prevent mechanical faults that can lead to Texas 18-wheeler accidents.

However, many truck drivers and companies do not comply with the safety regulations which leads to vehicle maintenance violations being one of the most common causes of truck accidents in recent years. A commercial truck accident in Texas can cause serious damages to you and your property which makes hiring a Texas personal injury lawyer a top priority after a car accident in Texas or truck accident in Texas.

A Corpus Christi accident attorney from The Patel Firm PLLC can help you secure the justice you deserve after a Texas 18-wheeler accident with a poorly maintained tractor-trailer.

Common Tractor-trailer Maintenance Safety Violations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) estimates, 20 percent of all commercial trucks on US highways violate at least one safety maintenance requirement. Even though inspections are carried out often on the roadways, trucks are still being pulled over every day for violating these safety requirements.  The most common safety and maintenance violations that lead to truck wrecks are:

  • Insufficient Tire Tread – Bald tires are responsible for many truck accidents in Texas that happen on our roadways. According to the FMCSA, tire tread should not be below 4/32 of an inch. Tire tread of 3/32 of an inch will receive a citation, and tread of 2/32 inch warrants citation and mandatory maintenance. Tires with insufficient tread increase the likelihood of a vehicle losing control from a tire blowing out, which increases the chance for serious Texas truck accidents.
  • Faulty Lights – It is relatively common to see trucks with missing or faulty headlights, turn signals, brake lights, and trailer lights. Lack of proper and sufficient lighting affects the driver’s visibility and ability to alert other drivers when approaching, slowing down, or making turns. Lack of proper reflective striping is also a violation of safety requirements.
  • Oil or Grease Leaks – Federal regulations mandate that every motor carrier ensure that each motor vehicle subject to control is free of oil and grease leaks. Oil and grease leaks could lead to larger oil spills and increase the risk of fires or explosions.
  • Issues Not Noted on the DVIR – Daily vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs) are reports that list all issues related to the truck or tractor trailer. It is the truck driver’s responsibility to report any and all defects or deficiencies they find with their trucks in the DVIR. However, due to the risk of being delayed, some truck drivers do not report their defects or deficiencies which could lead to dangerous mechanical failure. Roadside inspections on tractor trailer trucks help truck drivers pinpoint potential issues that require reporting.

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