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How truck drivers can avoid 18-wheeler accidents

Driving trucks and big rigs is very demanding work. This job requires the utmost expertise and alertness. Trucks can be difficult to control and can pose serious risks to its driver and the occupants of smaller vehicles on the road. As Texas truck accident attorneys, we understand that in order to prevent truck wrecks in Texas, safe driving practices and common sense driving should be employed by the truck drivers given the responsibility of handling such large vehicles.

Here are some tips truck drivers can follow to avoid Texas truck accidents:

Avoid driving at an excessive speed: Most truck accidents in Texas we deal with are as a result of excessive speeding, or traveling so fast the 18-wheeler is unable to stop in a timely fashion before causing a truck wreck. As a truck driver, if you are driving a loaded rig at a very high speed, you are not only endangering your life but also the lives of others on the road. This action can lead to deadly trucking accidents in Texas. Failure to maintain a safe speed can result in dangerous swerving, rear-end collisions, rollovers, and loss of control of the rig. Basing your speed on the vehicles around you is not the best way to gauge your speed. Truck drivers need to take the size and the weight of the load they are hauling into consideration to determine the safe speed to drive.

Always maintain a safe following distance: Don’t drive too closely behind another vehicle if you are driving an 18-wheeler. This is another factor that can prevent needless 18 wheeler accident in Texas. Trucks and other heavy vehicles take a longer time to stop, hence, requires longer following distances than other vehicles on the road.

Take Weather Conditions and Road Hazards into consideration: When traveling in inclement weather or other hazardous conditions, braking and maneuvering an 18-wheeler can become difficult and even more dangerous. It is important truck drivers exercise good judgment whenever you’re on the road. Maintaining a safe speed and longer following distance becomes even more important in bad weather condition.

Avoid Driving when not rested: This is probably the most important thing a truck driver should know to prevent truck accidents in Texas. Driving while tired can lead to reduced reaction time and impaired judgment. Truck drivers need to adhere to the laws and regulations aimed at helping drivers maintain safety on the highways.

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