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Qualities To Look For in a Truck Accident Lawyer Trucking and 18 wheeler accidents can have devastating consequences. Getting hit by a semi-truck, which can weigh multiple tons, and be transporting even heavier cargo or machinery, can result in serious injuries to victims traveling in regular vehicles and trucks. If you ever find yourself injured after a trucking... Read More
Procedures After a Car Accident With an 18-Wheeler Because of the weight differences between an automobile and a truck, you might assume that accidents between a car and an 18 wheeler are much more deadly than car accidents. You’d be right. There are over 500,000 truck accidents yearly in the United States, and worldwide there are millions... Read More
Sleep Related Issues and Trucking Accidents According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety, one of the most common causes of truck accidents is fatigue. When truck drivers deprive themselves sleep, their ability to react and make good judgment calls becomes seriously compromised. As a result of the alarming number of accidents caused by fatigue and... Read More
What Should You Do After a Head-On Truck Collision? Head-On Truck Collisions A head-on collision with a truck can cause severe damage to the other vehicle, and even more substantial injury to everyone inside the vehicle at the time of the accident. In fact, head-on truck collisions represent one of the most dangerous and devastating types of accidents.... Read More
Truck Blind Spots Trucker Blind Spot Accidents The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the governmental agency tasked with regulating the trucking industry, estimates approximately one-third of collisions between passenger vehicles and trucks occur in truck blind spots. To reduce the startling statistic, the FMSCA continues to educate the public about the... Read More
Five mistakes to avoid after a Texas truck accident The aftermath of a Texas trucking accident is as much scary as it is confusing. Victims often have to deal with a new reality- the injuries sustained in from the truck accident may require urgent medical treatment. This can all be overwhelming, and lead to mistakes that may not... Read More
Why you need a truck accident lawyer after an 18-wheeler accident Hundreds, if not thousands of auto accidents happen in Texas every day. A large number of these car accidents involves passenger vehicles and can result injuries and damages. However, if a commercial vehicle like a big rig or an 18 wheeler is involved in the auto accident, can be... Read More
How truck drivers can avoid 18-wheeler accidents Driving trucks and big rigs is very demanding work. This job requires the utmost expertise and alertness. Trucks can be difficult to control and can pose serious risks to its driver and the occupants of smaller vehicles on the road. As Texas truck accident attorneys, we understand that in... Read More
Common Truck Maintenance Violations & Texas Truck Accidents Commercial Trucks travel all over Texas, covering thousands of miles throughout their lifetime and should be kept in the best condition possible to avoid devastating accidents. To drastically reduce the occurrence of truck accidents in Texas and all over the country caused by poor maintenance, certain truck maintenance requirements... Read More
4 errors that can lead to Texas trucking accidents Driver errors account for a large percentage of all trucking accidents on US roads. Operating big rigs safely requires a high level of expertise and skill. This because even the slightest mistakes can result in a fatal trucking accident in Texas or anywhere else in the country. Below are... Read More