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4 errors that can lead to Texas trucking accidents

Driver errors account for a large percentage of all trucking accidents on US roads. Operating big rigs safely requires a high level of expertise and skill. This because even the slightest mistakes can result in a fatal trucking accident in Texas or anywhere else in the country. Below are some of the most common errors that lead to deadly Texas trucking accidents.

1. Errors due to Driver Fatigue causing Big Rig accidents in Texas

To operate large, heavy tractor-trailers safely, one needs to be able to think and react quickly. Tired drivers are susceptible to mistakes that can lead to trucking accidents. Most times driver fatigue is as a result of sleep deprivation. Despite the stringent regulations put in place to ensure truck driver get enough rest, many drivers violate these rules by working more than the designated hours-of-service or doing other things apart from resting during their time off.

2. Blind Spot Errors causing 18 wheeler accidents in Texas

Heavy trucks and big rigs have large blind spots area within which others vehicles cannot be seen by the driver. Therefore, truck drivers have an obligation to check these blind spots before turning, changing lanes, and braking. Even with this responsibility, many truck driver either aren’t paying close enough attention or assume the other drivers know these blind spots.

3. Errors Result into Rollover Accidents with 18 Wheelers in Texas

As a result of its low stability, size, and height, tractor trailers can roll over pretty easily if not skillfully driven. To prevent rollover accidents when driving a truck, it is important always to maintain a safe speed and pay attention to the surrounding conditions.

4. Drugs and Medications causing Truck Accidents in Texas

Drugs and Medications, both illicit and prescription drugs, can cause reactions that reduce a truck driver’s ability to drive their vehicle safely. A drunk truck driver, or a drugged truck driver can lead to a deadly Texas truck accident.

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