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What You Need To Know About Dog Bite Injuries Aggressive and territorial dogs can be extremely unsafe to be around, especially if you happen to let your guard down. If you find yourself on the receiving end of a nasty dog bite, it’s good to understand the types of injuries that may occur. This is an informative guide... Read More
Cedar Park boy continues to recover after a vicious dog attack A 10-year-old boy bitten by a dog child while playing football with a friend continues to recover according to Cedar Park Patch. Details of the Incident The Cedar Park, Texas child was playing with a neighborhood friend when he was attacked by a boxer-terrier mix dog. The incident happened... Read More
Proposed Ordinance Could See Harsher Penalties for Irresponsible Dog Owners The Corpus Christi Council is due to consider a new ordinance that carries heavy consequences for owners of dogs that attack other animals. Currently, dog owners pay a fine if their dog carries out an attack against another animal. The director of Animal Care Services, Mike Gillis, believes it’s... Read More
Neighbors respond to calls for help from a father as two dogs attack his children A horrifying video shows a Texas father screaming for help while holding on to his young children as two vicious dogs attack them, Local12 reports. Details of the violent dog attack Two brothers responded as a man screams for help. They found a father trying to protect his children... Read More