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Neighbors respond to calls for help from a father as two dogs attack his children

A horrifying video shows a Texas father screaming for help while holding on to his young children as two vicious dogs attack them, Local12 reports.

Details of the violent dog attack

Two brothers responded as a man screams for help. They found a father trying to protect his children as two dogs came after them. The frightening dog bite incident happened in Texas, November 2018. The two brothers, Brian, 20 and Brandon, 16, ran out to help their neighbors as the dogs bite the children. They pulled the dogs off the children and rendered first aid once the dogs ran away. Luckily, the brothers said they were trained for such moments through the U.S. Border Patrol Explorer program.

Who is responsible for dog bites?

Dog bites are often very serious and can lead to severe injuries. Dog owners have the responsibility to keep their animals in check. They must follow the city’s law regarding dangerous dogs and even ordinary dogs. A dog owner has the responsibility of keeping his or her pet under control and can be sued for damages if it is proven that he or she was negligent. A dog owner is said to be negligent if:

  • The owner knows the dog could attack someone, often due to its previous aggressive actions, but failed to take necessary measures to protect others from his pet.
  • The animal is allowed to roam around without a leash. There are laws in some areas in Texas that forbid dogs from running free outside its owner’s premises without a leash.
  • The dog was not adequately restrained with a leash, fence, or it broke free from its restraints.

Contact a Dog Bite Attorney in Texas to Discuss Your Options

If you or a loved one have been injured in a dog attack or as a result of dog bites, contact our Texas dog bite lawyers at The Patel Firm PLLC. You may have a legal claim against the dog owner. Dog bites are dangerous incidents that happen far too often in Texas. Almost every month, we hear about vicious dog attacks caused by negligent dog owners.  At The Patel Firm PLLC, we aggressively pursue compensation for victims who have been injured after dog bite injuries in Texas.

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