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Getting The Police Report After An Accident

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Get it in writing. After you are in a car accident, you need to document as much as possible. The more documentation you can provide your attorney, the better position he will be in to fight your case. If it is safe to do so, you can take pictures of the accident, the road signs, traffic lights, damage, tire marks on the ground—anything you see. If it isn’t relevant, your attorney will simply not use it. However, you still want to give him the ability to choose what is pertinent to your case.

It is easier for us to say you should take pictures and talk to witnesses, but car accidents can be overwhelming. You may be disoriented, stressed, or severely injured. No one expects you to risk your health and safety to get documentation. Fortunately, the police will be doing a lot of this for you.

Calling the Police 

Many people ask whether they need to call the police after a minor accident. You should contact the police if there are injuries or there is damage exceeding the state’s threshold. In Texas, for instance, you must contact the local police department or sheriff if the accident led to injury, death, or the vehicle sustained damage that prevents it from being driven normally or safely. 

If the crash is minor, you can still call a non-emergency line and speak to a dispatcher. Let them make the call on whether to send someone. Should they opt not to send someone, you can exchange information with the other driver and then go to the closest police station to file a report.

Police Reports

Another element to consider is that injuries may not appear immediately. If you wake up the following morning with a swollen knee or a headache, you want to be able to show a clear connection between the injury and the accident. A report may achieve this for you. 

Police reports can get written and filed quickly. The police officer will upload their report with the Department of Motor Vehicles within ten days. If you have an attorney, he may be able to get it faster than the 7-10 days it usually takes to see them.

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