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Good Reasons To Hire a Lawyer After a Slip and Fall Injury

Good Reasons To Hire a Lawyer After a Slip and Fall Injury

Not every slip and fall accident requires legal representation. You can always file a personal injury claim by yourself, negotiate a settlement, and even represent yourself in court. You may, however, face an uphill battle if you are considering taking on a property owner, potentially their insurance company, and their lawyers themselves.

Slip and fall cases can be tough to pursue. Often times property owners are large corporations and wealthy business owners that have the resources to avoid and deny your claim. Property owners can fight your case, potentially arguing that your carelessness or clumsiness caused the injury. There are plenty of good reasons to hire a lawyer after a slip and fall injury. Read on in this brief guide to see why you should hire a lawyer.

How a Lawyer Can Help

Attorneys like the personal injury lawyers at The Patel Firm PLLC, work on a contingency basis. For you, this means there is no financial risk in upfront attorney’s fees. The lawyer will get paid only if you win your case and you receive a settlement. There are other ways an attorney can help you as well.

Legal Advice

First off, your attorney can advise you comprehensively and explain the specifics of the case. They can recommend options and next steps to restore justice and compensation.

Established Negligence

One of the trickiest parts of a slip and fall case is proving negligence on the part of the property owner, business, or government entity of the premises where the accident occurred. You must prove who is at fault conclusively and with adequate evidence. A lawyer can gather all the appropriate evidence and analyze your accident.

Calculate Damages

Another vital step in holding a negligent property investigation is estimating damages. Estimating damages is crucial if you hope to prove the property owner’s negligence; however, it can be challenging to calculate all the present and future damages. An insurance company may offer you a settlement that seems complete but fails to cover all your damages. An attorney can handle negotiations with the insurance company for you and make sure you are being properly compensated for your damages.

Negotiating a Settlement

Sometimes, finding an out-of-court settlement can be advantageous for a plaintiff. If you don’t know how to negotiate a settlement and are unsure what your actual damages are, you risk losing money in the long run. An attorney can handle negotiations with an insurance company for you and relay any settlement offers you receive to ensure they meet your needs.

Almost everybody slips and falls at some point. Anyone can stumble and lose their balance, but sometimes, someone else’s negligence is to blame. There are several good reasons to hire a lawyer after a slip and fall injury. Slip and fall accidents may be commonplace, but they can lead to serious injury. If you’re looking for the best slip and fall lawyers in Corpus Christi and southern Texas, contact an experienced attorney at The Patel Firm right away to discuss your options. Give us a call at (361) 400-2036 today.

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