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Man dies after sustaining injuries while riding an electric scooter

The arrival of companies like Bird and Lime has introduced large fleet electric scooters in cities across the country. These scooters can easily be rented through a smartphone app and come with only a few rules for how they should be used.

 A man died recently in Dallas, Texas after being involved in an accident while riding a Lime scooter. While the circumstance of his death remains unclear, the incident raises some safety concerns about the use of scooters in general.

Details of the scooter accident in Dallas, Texas

Jacoby Stoneking died on Sunday, September 2, 2018, after an apparent fatal accident on a rental electric scooter in Old East Dallas. What happened to him exactly remains unknown, but after he had the Dallas scooter accident he called a friend and told him that he had hurt his foot after falling off the rented scooter and had asked for a ride. According to the Dallas Police Department, when his ride arrived, Stoneking was unresponsive. The scooter was about 500 feet away from him, broken into two. According to The Washington Post, Stoneking died in a hospital as a result of his personal injuries shortly after arriving at the hospital after the Dallas scooter accident.

How many other people have died on these electric scooters?

Until now, there has been no report of a death caused by motorized electric scooter, but because of their increasing prevalence in big cities, the changes for injuries and even death from the use of these motorized electric scooters will increase. Recently, a woman was hospitalized in Austin, Texas after being involved in a hit and run accident while on a scooter that left her with severe personal injuries. A Dallas woman was also sent to the ER this past July, after crashing headfirst on the trolley tracks near McKinney Avenue while riding an electric scooter. Last month, another woman was hospitalized after her scooter crash near capital grounds in Austin, Texas.

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