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Mental Health Issues Victims Face After a Car Accident

Mental Health Issues Victims Face After a Car Accident

Car accidents are some of the most terrifying events a person can experience in their lifetime. Depending on the severity, car accidents could leave victims with minor soreness or life-altering catastrophic injuries. Physical injuries are detected almost immediately, but mental health issues are not as apparent. There are many potential mental health issues victims face after a car accident, and understanding them can help you or a loved one to a successful recovery.

If you believe you were injured in a car accident by someone else’s negligence and are suffering health issues, both physically and mentally, reach out to a personal injury lawyer at The Patel Firm PLLC today. Our team of dedicated Corpus Christi car accident lawyers will advocate for you and your rights as an injured victim of negligence.

Acute or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

ASD is the first to occur after a traumatic event. Its onset is relatively quick and affects most people shortly after the accident. ASD usually resolves on its own after the shock of the accident has worn off. If ASD persists, it then turns into something more serious called PTSD.

PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, involves victims experiencing recurring flashbacks and nightmares about a traumatic event. Those who suffer from PTSD have trouble interacting with people, places, and activities that trigger memories of the event. Many car accident victims report PTSD following a severe crash, especially if the crash resulted in serious injuries to them, their passengers, or the other third parties involved.

Constant Anxiety

Car accident victims who were involved in severe crashes often suffer varying levels of anxiety as a result of the incident. While not directly associated with physical injury, heightened anxiety can lead to panic attacks, sleep disorders, and numerous phobias, such as dystychiphobia; the fear of car accidents. Other physical symptoms caused by prolonged anxiety include chest pain, dizziness, and nausea. Anxiety is often heightened while traveling in a vehicle or being in fast-moving traffic.

Bouts of Depression

Car accident victims who end up suffering from ASD, PTSD, and anxiety oftentimes also suffer from depression. The build-up of pressures from injuries sustained in a serious accident can put a toll on one’s mental state. Not being able to perform routine daily activities and the reliance on others can put even the strongest people in a depressive state. Factors to be aware of are a decline in energy, decreased concentration, irrational anger, or noticeable weight changes.

What To Do if You Experience Any of These

If you think you are experiencing any of the mental health issues victims face after a car accident mentioned above, then we encourage you to seek therapeutic help. The assistance of a personal injury lawyer can help facilitate proper treatment for physical and mental injuries. Also, there are a number of mental health professionals online and locally to assist in improving mental health. No one should have to fight through mental illness alone. Give us a call today at (361) 400-2036 to learn more about how we can assist you. Contact us today!