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Two dead after a driver took the wrong lane on I-20 in Dallas County

Two people are dead after a driver took the wrong way in the eastbound lanes of Interstate-20 according to CBS DFW.

Details of the Dallas car accident

The auto accident in Dallas, Texas occurred just after 4:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 25, 2018, on I-20 and I-35 in Dallas County. According to the authorities that arrived at the scene of the car accident in Dallas, Texas, a man driving a white Chevy pickup was traveling westbound in the eastbound lanes of the highway when he crashed head-on into a Lexus sedan being driven by a woman. CBS DFW reported that the woman died at the scene of the accident and the wrong-way driver was pronounced dead at the hospital. It is still unknown how far the man traveled west in the eastbound lanes. Police investigation is still ongoing on where he joined the highway traveling the wrong direction. The eastbound lanes of Interstate-20, at Interstate-35E/Stemmons Freeway, was temporarily closed.

Causes of wrong way driving car accidents

In 2012, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released a highway report. The report was based on their findings after conducting a special investigation into wrong-way driving. The investigation was done in order to know what needs to be changed to prevent this type of accident in the future. According to the special investigation report, the absence of signage and complex roadway design were among the most common causes of these types of accident. The report further revealed that the drivers themselves were often at fault. Other leading factors as shown by the report includes

  • Night and Weekend Driving: Approximately 4 in every 5 crashes due to wrong way driving occurred at night, and 57% of these accidents happened over the weekend.
  • Age: NTSB data shows that drivers age 70 above were involved in approximately 3 percent of all wrong-way accidents when driving in the right direction, while they travel in the wrong direction in about 15 percent of all wrong-way driving crashes.
  • Alcohol: This is the leading cause cited in the report. According to their data, a staggering 69 percent of the at-fault drivers in wrong-way accidents have at least 0.08 percent Blood Alcohol Concentration. 59 percent of drivers taking the wrong lane in a wrong-way crashes had a BAC equal to or above 0.15 percent.  It is believed that the numbers might even be higher because BAC level was not indicated in some crashes.

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