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What Happens if You Are Hit by a Company Vehicle

What Happens if You Are Hit by a Company Vehicle

Company vehicles fill the streets these days: big trucks transporting goods, personal taxi vehicles, food delivery drivers, construction vehicles, the list goes on and on. They’re all filled with drivers who spend more hours on the road than many other drivers. So, what happens if you are involved in an accident with a company vehicle?

If you’ve been hit by a company vehicle or someone you love was involved in a crash with a commercial vehicle, you’re probably wondering what your rights are in this situation. A company vehicle is any vehicle owned by a company and operated by employees or other company agents. They’re usually used to transport workers or passengers or to haul equipment or goods.

How Are Commercial Accidents Different?

Company vehicles are covered by commercial insurance policies instead of personal policies. They are subject to a specific set of roadway laws and legal requirements. Because of this, a commercial vehicle accident of this type is different from a regular car accident. It will be handled differently by both agencies. Because of the complicated set of laws, insurance coverage, and legal requirements for company vehicles, it can be a complicated process to pursue damages for a victim of an accident involving this type of detail.

Commercial insurance companies have extensive resources to protect their interests, including adjusters and attorneys who make every effort to avoid paying out damages after a commercial car crash. If you are hit by a company vehicle, it’s vital to obtain representation from a knowledgeable and experienced company vehicle accident attorney.

What If An Employee Was Driving a Personal Vehicle?

Generally speaking, companies are responsible for their employees and their employees’ actions for anyone who is “on the clock”. This includes the driver of a personal vehicle being used for work purposes. In those circumstances, the employer of the business is responsible for the actions of the employee. For example, suppose you are hit by a pizza delivery driver driving a personal car but acting in the interests of the company by delivering pizzas. In that case, you still may be able to recover damages from the pizza company.

When you get into an accident with a company vehicle, you will find yourself dealing with a huge legal team, especially when the vehicle in question is from a large company. That means you need an attorney on your side. At The Patel Firm PLLC, we provide first-class legal representation to our clients, from major accidents to small ones. Many of our clients find that having an attorney on their side significantly increases the compensation they can receive, especially when dealing with a large company.

We hope we’ve illustrated what happens if you are hit by a company vehicle, and the issues that may arise. If you’ve been had an accident with a company vehicle, contact The Patel Firm, PLLC today at (361) 400-2036 to set up your free consultation.