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17-year-old boy rear ended a school bus in Bexar County

A Somerset ISD bus transporting more than 40 elementary students was on Tuesday morning October 23, 2018, was rear-ended by a 17-year-old student from the same school district according to KSAT.

Details of the Bexar County car accident

The car accident in Bexar County happened just before 7 a.m. on Tuesday, October 23, 2018, when the teen driving in the 20800 block of Highway 16 near Smith Road rear-ended a school bus. Authorities say the school bus had its stop sign on when the bus accident near San Antonio happened. The fron part of the Ford Bronco driven by the teen was stuck under the bus, trapping the boy inside. First responders had to cut the door to get the teen driver out. He was later taken to a hospital after sustaining personal injuries are a result of the car accident in Bexar County.

Four Important Defensive Driving Tips

While you can’t predict the traffic situation beforehand. Motorists can follow the following basic tips to ensure their safety whenever they are behind the wheel.

  • Watch the road ahead of you: Staying alert and looking down the road will go a long way to help you identify the potentially dangerous situation and give you enough time to react and avoid the impending danger. Whenever you are behind the wheel, always ensure you are aware of the situation of things around you.
  • Always create an escape plan: Whenever you are behind the wheel, always try and analyze the situations of things around you. Always think of an escape plan ahead for potential dangerous situations.
  • Follow at a safe distance (Avoid tailgating): Always leave enough space between your car and the vehicle ahead. This gives you enough time to react to potential dangerous situations on the road. What is regarded as safe distance varies and depends on many things including the weather condition, the road design, etc.
  • Eliminate distractions: The ever advancing technological development has made drivers more distracted than ever. Whenever you are behind the wheel, put away your phone and avoid any gadget that can take your eyes or mind off the road.

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