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Heavy flooding affects Corpus Christi roadways Heavy rain over the course of the last couple days has put a damper on summer activities in Corpus Christi. Unfortunately, it has also caused some severe issues on the roadways, including stalled cars, flooded vehicles, and car accidents. Details of the heavy rains in Corpus Christi According the... Read More

How to communicate with your personal injury attorney effectively After sustaining an injury from a car accident in Texas, you may be thinking about a personal injury attorney. You may already be represented by a Texas personal injury lawyer, and are wondering what the best way is to communicate with them to get the most out of your... Read More

How long should my injury claim after a car accident take? How long should my injury claim after a car accident take? Too often, I hear potential personal injury clients weary about the process when they have been in a car accident or a truck accident, slipped and fell at a store, or been injured while at work, and someone... Read More

How Much Does A Personal Injury Attorney Cost? So you were recently hit by another car and you were injured. Car wrecks and truck wrecks can turn your life upside down. You have questions. You are thinking about an attorney. Who can help me? What do I do about my car? The car accident caused some my... Read More

New decision by Texas Supreme Court will help car accident injury victims No. 16-0851 IN RE NORTH CYPRESS MEDICAL CENTER OPERATING CO., LTD., RELATOR The Supreme Court of Texas, the most binding authority in the State, recently determined in its decision in RE NORTH CYPRESS MEDICAL CENTER OPERATING CO., LTD., RELATOR that hospital lien holders are obligated to provide injured parties... Read More

Car Accidents & Drinking and Driving: Corpus Christi Drunk Driving and Injury Statistics Drinking and driving is a Corpus Christi epidemic. What’s worse, is that these bad actors who drink and drive often cause car accidents and injure innocent drivers who are driving responsibly. Car crashes because of drunk driving and injuries because of drunk driving are avoidable. Below are some alarming... Read More

Drunk Driving in Corpus Christi Drunk driving and car accidents that result from it are on the rise in Corpus Christi. In fact, since 2009 there has been a steady increase in DWI arrests according to Corpus Christi Police Department Statistics. In 2009 for instance, 784 people were arrested for suspicion of DWI. Seven... Read More

Auto Accidents and Resulting Injuries Have you been involved in a car accident in Corpus Christi, or anywhere else in the State of Texas? Were you injured in the car accident? In 2016 alone, The Texas Department of Transportation reported that there were a total of 551,971 reported crashes! The majority of those accidents... Read More

Dealing With A Hospital Lien After A Car Accident Car Accident? Hospital Lien? If you were recently in a car accident in Corpus Christi, or any other city in Texas, it is likely you went to the hospital. If you don’t have health insurance, you have likely received something in the mail from the hospital or third party, notifying... Read More

Pedestrian Accidents & Safety Pedestrians are everywhere. Whether you’re walking from your car to a restaurant across the street, or just taking a casual walk through the neighborhood. People walking on foot are considered pedestrians. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines a pedestrian as “going or performed on foot.” With more distracted drivers on the road... Read More

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