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Car accident in Dallas involving drunk driver results in car fire

On Sunday, August 26, 2018, a car crash near Dallas, Texas involving a suspected drunken driver brought westbound traffic on Interstate 30 in Grand Prairie to a standstill, according to multiple news outlets including Dallas News.

Details of the car accident in Dallas, Texas

Grand Prairie Police said the car crash near Dallas involving three cars occurred when the suspected drunken driver crashed into a vehicle on I-30 near MacArthur Boulevard causing a multi-vehicle car accident in Dallas, Texas, which caused oil to spill from the vehicle and ignite the fire, delaying many travelers, including, Beto O’Rourke, Democratic US Senate candidate from Texas, who was in the area. The fire and the Dallas car accident scene cleared as of 7:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Common injuries after a car accident that results in vehicular fire

Car fires usually occur when the fuel system loses their integrity after an impact car accident, causing gasoline (or diesel fuel) to spill in amounts that contribute to fires. Here are the common personal injuries after a vehicular fire.

  • First-degree burns affect only the outer layer of the skin. The burn site is red and painful. However, the skin affected usually heals on its own within a few days.
  • Second-degree burns affect two layers of the skin, the outer layer of skin (the epidermis) and part of the underlying layer of skin (the dermis). The burn site appears red, and there might be blister and ooze.
  • Third-degree burns damage the epidermis and the dermis. Third-degree burns may also affect the nerve endings, bones, muscles, and tendons. The skin may appear charred or leathery. Due to the depth of burn, new skin may not grow. Even with the best medical care, massive third-degree burns heal slowly and poorly.
  • Fourth-degree burns destroy all the layers of skin and fat. It also affects the muscle and bone. Fourth-degree burns can be fatal.

Contact a car accident attorney in Dallas to discuss your options

Being involved in a car accident in Dallas is bad enough, but when you experience burns as a result of a vehicular fire, it is even worse. Burns are painful and often leave victims with both physical and emotional scars. Not only can the treatment be painful, but it is also costly. When you put into consideration the amount of time you will miss from work due to the injuries, the consequences can become enormous. While you can’t go back and prevent the car fire, there are steps that you can take now to protect your future if you have been involved in a car accident in Dallas, Texas which resulted in a fire and personal injury to your body.

If you have been injured or if you have lost a loved one after a car accident in Dallas, Texas, call The Patel Firm PLLC’s Dallas personal injury law office, today. At Patel Firm PLLC we will provide you with a car accident attorney who cares. Dallas personal injury lawyer Minesh J. Patel will help you seek financial recovery for your losses, which can include medical cost, lost income, and compensation for your pain and suffering. You can call, text, or email the firm at any time. 24/7/365, someone at The Patel Firm PLLC is ready and waiting to speak with you. Reach out to us today by contacting us online or calling us at (361) 400-2036.

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