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CCPD: Pedestrian fatalities in Corpus Christi Rose in 2018

According to a data released by the Corpus Christi Police Department, an alarming amount the fatal auto accidents that occurred in Corpus Christi in 2018 involved a pedestrian trying to cross a roadway. The rise of pedestrian fatalities is further evident when this data is compared to the immediately preceding years.

Most of the people injured in Corpus Christi attempting to cross the roadway did so without using a crosswalk. There is no ordinance barring jaywalking in Corpus Christi, but it is illegal to cross a roadway without using a crosswalk in Texas. When you cross a roadway without using a crosswalk, the driver is generally not at fault if it results in a car accident.

Police Capt. Russell Sherman cited that the extra distance to a crosswalk is sadly the major reason why people jaywalk. Corpus Christi Caller Times reports him as saying, “Nobody wants to walk the extra however many feet to get to an intersection and cross where it’s safer.” “They’re putting themselves at risk for the sake of convenience,” he said. He however emphasized that under no circumstances should anyone try to cross a freeway.

Safety tips for pedestrians walking in Corpus Christi

  • Cross only on a crosswalk
  • Make use of the sidewalks
  • Make eye contact with the driver
  • Yield to vehicles on roadways
  • Stay alert

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