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Church bus flips over in Texas City car accident

Church bus flips over in Texas City car accident

According to ABC 13, KTRK Houston, a church bus was involved in a car accident with another vehicle at the intersection of Lowery Expressway and Century Boulevard in Texas City, Texas.

Details of the car accident in Texas City, Texas

Details at currently limited, but authorities have indicated that 12 people from a church group from out of state were taken to hospitals around the Texas City area for evaluation. Texas City is located in Galveston County, and part of the Houston, Woodlands, and Sugarland metro area. The condition of the folks in the other vehicle, a black sedan, were not known at the time the story was reported. The cause of the car crash is still being investigated.

Common injuries after a car accident in Texas

After any car accident, injuries are likely. At the very least, it makes sense to get checked out by a medical provider to make sure there are no issues you may be overlooking because of adrenaline initially after the car wreck. Here is a list of common injuries after a car accident along with a brief description:

Whiplash injuries after a car accident- After any car wreck or car accident, whiplash injuries are a common injury.  Whiplash occurs after a car accident when the head and neck are jerked around because of the impact from the car accident. Stinging, soreness, and difficulty moving ones head and neck area are common signs of whiplash injuries after a car accident.

Neck and back injuries after a car accident– herniated discs in the neck, and herniated disks in the lower back are also common injuries after a car accident. Herniated discs, also known as slipped discs can be extremely painful and debilitating.

Broken bones after a car accident- broken bones after a car accident, such as a broken arm after a car accident, or a broken leg after a car accident, can change someone’s life forever. Recovery is long and time consuming, and often times, there can be reduced function of that part of the body.

Head injuries after a car accident- A head injury after a car accident, such as a concussion after a car accident, hematoma after a car accident, or even worse, a hemorrhage after a car accident, can have devastating consequences on the injured party. Many head injuries are considered traumatic and should be taken extremely serious from the moment the injury occurs.

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