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Electric Scooter Regulations

Corpus Christi ready to regulate electric scooters

In response to the growing concern over electric scooters on Corpus Christi roads after they were introduced in the city more than a month ago, TIRZ No. 3 issued a six-month trial program regulating electric scooters. These electric scooter regulations are being discussed to answer lingering questions on how dockless vehicles, like Bird, Lime, and Blue Duck scooters, will be regulated and what actions will be taken in the event of an accident and/or injury. The six-month trial would be binding through a right-of-way agreement. The provision will also include location requirements, required training, a scooter company’s licensing fees, parking rules and rescission of the license if any term of the agreement is broken. At the moment, Bird and Blue Duck have hundreds of scooters scattered all over Corpus Christi.

Proposed regulations relating to riding and parking of scooters

  • Electric scooters can’t be ridden on streets with a speed limit higher than 35 mph.
  • According to the regulation, the dockless vehicles must be parked upright on sidewalks and not on the street or parking spaces meant for auto vehicles.
  • In situations whereby a scooter company is notified of an incorrectly parked vehicle, the company must move them to a sidewalk or removed them within two hours of receiving notice.
  • Electric scooters must not block wheelchair ramps, commercial loading zones, bicycle lanes, railroad tracks, building entryways, vehicular driveways, transit stops, passenger loading zones or valet parking service areas, benches or pedestrian access, including disabled person access.

Proposed electric scooter regulations relating to licensing

  • According to the presentation, the license costs $500 plus an additional $10. Electric scooter companies must also make a payment of $1 for each scooter per day.
  • Before a license is issued, the scooter company must provide the details of a local fleet manager. This includes the name, phone number and email of the manager. A phone number to report any violation must be posted on each scooter.
  • The state can rescind the license if a scooter company knowingly issues a false statement on any matter related to the license. The license can also be revoked if they fail to maintain insurance or take action when complaints are made.

Proposed electric scooter regulations relating to training of riders

  • It is required of the companies to train their customers and employees on how to use the scooter properly. This should include how to ride, operate and park the scooter.
  • Information should be made available on helmet use, legal areas for parking and riding and the limitations of the use of the vehicle.

Proposed regulations relating to data sharing

  • The city requires a monthly data report from the companies. The report must include the number of rides, how many scooters were serviced, the most frequent areas of operation, the average number of rides per day, and any reported accidents and injuries. According to the presentation, all these data will be anonymous.
  • The dockless vehicle companies are required to provide routes, trends, origins, and destinations of the rides. They must also provide information about the distance of each trip, the time taken to reach the destination and the date and time of each trip.
  • Through the experimental program, authorities will gather information from complaints made to know the enforcement needed.

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