CPS worker, two foster children killed in Dallas auto accident

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CPS worker, two foster children killed in Dallas auto accident

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A woman and three foster children who were in her care were involved in a fatal head-on crash on Tuesday October 31, 2018 in Van Zandt County, east of Dallas according to WFAA.

Details of the Dallas car accident

The deadly car accident in Dallas happened around 7 p.m. on Tuesday, October 31, 2018 in Van Zandt County, near the DFW Metroplex. Connie Wells, a 61-year-old CPS caseworker, was driving three foster children on TX-19, northwest of Edgewood in Van Zandt County when her vehicle was struck head-on, causing the deadly Dallas car accident.  The protective worker of 10 years was traveling in a 2018 Chevrolet Cruze when she was hit head-on by a teenager driving a Dodge Dakota pickup truck after passing in a no-passing zone. Two teenagers in the Dodge pickup were taken to a hospital to be evaluated for personal injuries following the DFW car accident. Wells and two of the three children sadly died as a result of the personal injuries they suffered from the auto accident in Dallas. The last child was flown to a children’s hospital nearby in critical condition.

Driving TIP of the day: Don’t Rubberneck!

Rubbernecking is very common among drivers. It is the act of straining your neck to get a view of what is going on up ahead or why traffic is at a standstill. Rubbernecking stems from curiosity and can lead to fatal accidents. Rubbernecking is a form of distraction because it takes the driver eye off the road. The next time you feel the urge to stick your neck out after passing an accident scene or when stuck in traffic, remember that:

  • It increases the likelihood of rear-end collisions
  • Rubbernecking takes your attention off the road and may cause drivers to swerve off their lane.
  • It can result in traffic back up as drivers tend to slow down when they are curious to know what’s going on.

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