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Don’t Delay Your Personal Injury Case

Minesh Patel - Austin Car Accident Lawyer

When people ask about how long their personal injury case will take, they may not be understanding the full matter. It is, however, completely understandable as to why they want to know. People who have been injured by someone else may be enduring physical and financial damages. Often times, securing a settlement may help them reclaim some or all of the money they lost by being out of work.

Before asking about how long your personal injury case will take, ensure that you have initiated the matter and that you have spoken to a personal injury attorney. It is in your interest to do so sooner than later because time is a critical component of your case.

Why Timing Is Important

The clock has begun. There is a two-year statute that starts on the date of the accident. Meaning that you have two years from the date of injury to bring a personal injury claim on injuries sustained in an accident.

When you think about it logically, you can see how much waiting to initiate your case can work against you and your interests. For example, imagine if you were in a car accident. Then, a year and a half later you meet with a personal injury attorney about knee pain.

Although the delay may be understandable, that doesn’t mean it is advantageous. Granted, life is busy. You may have a job, family, and commitments. If and when an insurance company sees the gap in time, they may want to know what happened in between, or worse, not believe your reported injuries. They may think that because so much time lapsed before you claimed an injury, that you aren’t really injured.

Controlling The Narrative 

The evidence controls the narrative. When there isn’t any, insurance companies have room to argue. Using the previously established example, what if you had gone to the hospital after the accident? During which time, there would be documentation to connect the accident to your knee injury. Upon being released, you contacted an attorney.

There is little to no room to dispute your claim. A doctor’s diagnosis is there to back up your claim. You have removed an insurance company’s ability to insert their opinion or contradictory story by being thorough.

The Answer 

So how long will it take? Like most legal answers, it depends. The complexity of the matter, how many parties are involved, the severity of the injuries, and the availability of the courts are all factors that influence the length of your personal injury case. Your attorney wants to wrap up your matter as quickly as possible to get you the compensation you deserve. However, getting a hold of witnesses or defendants, coordinating availability with opposing counsel, and the completion of your medical treatment will determine the length of the matter. Always understand that at The Patel Law Firm, your matter is being vigorously worked on and no stone will be left unturned on the journey to resolve your injury claim.

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If an injury is sustained at no fault of your own, it is important to contact an attorney immediately. The attorneys at The Patel Law Firm, PLLC, offer free consultations if you have been injured in an accident. Let us guide you through the process. Our Texas personal injury attorneys are experienced in handling  complex matters for individuals across the state. Contact us today.

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