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What Is the Average Settlement for a Slip and Fall Case in Texas?

What Is the Average Settlement for a Slip and Fall Case

When commercial property owners or managers fail to maintain their properties in reasonably safe condition – in order to help ensure the safe passage of guests like you – dangerous slip and fall accidents can happen. In fact, slip and falls are some of the most common accidents out there, and they are also some of the most serious. If a property owner or manager’s negligence leaves you injured in a slip and fall accident, don’t delay consulting with an experienced Texas slip and fall accident attorney.

What’s In this Guide

The Amount of an Average Slip and Fall Settlement

While no two slip and fall accidents are ever exactly alike, they do all share certain characteristics that can help you gauge the value of your claim.

The Extent of Your Medical Bills

One of the primary elements of your slip and fall claim will be the extent of the medical bills you incur. Slip and falls can lead to very serious injuries, which – in turn – can lead to extensive medical costs. Injuries that are commonly associated with slip and fall claims include:

  • Broken bones, including complicated fractures that can lead to dangerous health complications
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) that can be life altering
  • Spinal cord injuries that are not only exceptionally painful but are also slow to heal and can lead to dramatic decreases in range of motion
  • Internal injuries that, because they can be difficult to diagnose, can become life threatening before they are identified and treated
  • Serious cuts that, when on or near the face, can be disfiguring

Serious physical injuries often require ongoing medical treatment and care, which can seriously compound the medical expenses involved. Some of the most common medical costs include:

  • Emergency treatment and care
  • Surgical care
  • Hospital stays
  • Prescription medications
  • Care from doctors, therapists, and specialists
  • Medical tests, treatments, and procedures
  • Pain management
  • Physical therapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Adaptive physical devices
  • Home health care

Your Lost Wages

While you are recovering from your injuries, working may not be an option, and you will likely experience a decrease in earnings as a result. If your injuries interfere with your ability to do your job, to return to work within a reasonable amount of time, or to continue advancing your career, you could be facing a decrease in your earning potential, which amounts to more serious financial losses. An important point to keep in mind is that many of us invest considerable emotional energy in our careers, which means that losses in this category can include an element of pain and suffering.

Your Expected Future Monetary Damages

Your expected future monetary damages refer to those financial losses that are expected to affect you in the future, including career losses and any ongoing medical costs. Ensuring that your complete damages, including those that extend into the future, are well represented in your slip and fall claim is essential to obtaining the compensation to which you are entitled and that you need to regain your health and maintain it into the future.

Other Costs Associated with Your Recovery

If your slip and fall accident requires you to travel for medical care, therapy, treatments, or testing, these costs – along with other incidental expenses – can be addressed in your claim. Those extra expenses you incur that are directly related to the injuries you sustained in the slip and fall accident should be included in your claim – along with your anticipated future medical expenses and lost earnings.

Pain and Suffering

Your physical and emotional pain and suffering is another important factor in the value of your slip and fall claim that should not be ignored or discounted. The emotional shock and physical pain of being injured by slipping and falling can be immense and can lead to signs of psychological distress like the following:

  • Severe mood swings
  • Increased anxiety, including anxiety disorders
  • Depressive episodes
  • Sleep disturbances, including nightmares and/or night terrors
  • Emotional lability
  • Changes in personality
  • Self-isolation
  • Difficulty connecting with others
  • Difficulty concentrating

While it’s more difficult to attach a price to these emotional damages, they can be profoundly difficult to overcome and should be well represented in your slip and fall claim.

Calculating Damages in a Slip and Fall Lawsuit Settlement

Your resourceful slip and fall accident attorney will advocate tirelessly for a settlement that addresses your legal damages – or losses – in their entirety. This includes your full range of economic losses, such as your medical bills, lost earnings, and incidental expenses, and your noneconomic damages, which amount to the physical and emotional pain and suffering you were forced to endure as a result of the property owner or manager’s negligence. Calculating your overall damages involves gathering relevant evidence that tells a credible story regarding the losses you’ve experienced.

An Experienced Texas Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You Secure Your Slip and Fall Settlement

Recovering from your slip and fall accident to the fullest extent possible will very likely require that you receive just compensation that addresses your physical, financial, and emotional losses in their entirety. The surest path forward in your situation is with an accomplished Texas personal injury lawyer in your corner. Your lawyer will deftly tackle all of the following tasks in pursuit in his or her efforts to maximize your slip and fall settlement (and bolster your recovery):

  • Gathering all the relevant evidence in the creation of your strongest slip and fall claim
  • Skillfully negotiating with the insurance company for just compensation
  • Preparing for trial (in the event that the insurance company refuses to negotiate fair terms – in good faith)
  • Helping you understand the ins and outs of your claim and helping you make the right decisions for you

All told, having a dedicated slip and fall attorney on your side is the single most important thing you can do to help maximize the value of your unique slip and fall claim.

It’s Time to Consult with an Experienced Texas Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

Slipping and falling as a result of a property owner’s negligence is not only a shock but can also lead to substantial legal damages. If you’ve been so injured, the savvy Texas slip and fall accident attorneys at The Patel Firm recognize the gravity of your situation and dedicate their practice to helping clients like you prevail with favorable case resolutions. We care about your case, so please don’t delay contacting or calling us at 361-400-2036 for more information today.