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What Is the Average Settlement for a Slip and Fall Case in Texas? When commercial property owners or managers fail to maintain their properties in reasonably safe condition – in order to help ensure the safe passage of guests like you – dangerous slip and fall accidents can happen. In fact, slip and falls are some of the most common accidents out... Read More
Importance of Hiring a Lawyer for Slip and Fall Cases Imagine this: you’re shopping at your preferred grocery store when all of a sudden you slip and land hard on the ground. You aren’t sure what happened, but the bottom of your pants are wet, and your tailbone is in a lot of pain; you have just become the... Read More
What You Need To Prove To Win a Slip and Fall Case Slip and fall injuries are among the most common types of injuries sustained in the US. Your typical daily activities can put you at risk for falls at any place or time. If you or someone you know has suffered an injury after a slip and fall accident as... Read More
How much is my Texas slip and fall case worth? We are always asked by prospective clients how much their slip and fall case is worth. It is a valid question because they need to plan financially and understand what they are facing. They likely have significant medical bills and have missed some work time. The value of a... Read More
Where do slip and fall accidents commonly occur? Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. However, they occur more often in some locations than others. You should know that the location of your slip and fall accident will have some impact on how you will go about pursuing compensation for your damages and... Read More
Residential slip and fall injuries and homeowner’s insurance If you are injured as a visitor in someone else’s house, will your host’s insurance step in to cover your damages? There is no direct answer to this question. A number of factors determine whether or not the homeowner’s insurance cover your injury claim. If you have been injured... Read More
Who is responsible for a slip and fall accident in Texas? Thousands of slip and fall accidents happen every year. The cause of these accidents ranges from wet floor, defective stairs to a rough patch of ground. In these instances, the owner of the property can be held responsible for the accident. However, it is difficult to legally prove that... Read More
Types of slip and fall accidents 1) Standard Premises Negligence Case: This case is based on the fact that an unsafe or defective condition on a premise caused an injury. Examples: A person slips as a result of oil spills on the floor. A person trips and falls as a result of hidden extension cords.... Read More
What is Premise Liability? What is premise liability anyway? Premise liability is a legal principle that holds property owners responsible for accidents and injuries that occur on their property as a result of an unsafe or defective condition. After an injury at a business in Texas, or other premise, contact Corpus Christi injury... Read More

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