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Residential slip and fall injuries and homeowner’s insurance

If you are injured as a visitor in someone else’s house, will your host’s insurance step in to cover your damages? There is no direct answer to this question. A number of factors determine whether or not the homeowner’s insurance cover your injury claim. If you have been injured at someone’s home after being invited and it wasn’t your fault, you may have a claim against the homeowner. Call the injury lawyers at The Patel Firm PLLC in Corpus Christi, Texas for a free case review.  

Does the owner have homeowner insurance?

This is the first question that you should ask after suffering an injury at someone’s home in Texas. Thankfully, most homeowners have to carry homeowner’s insurance, as most mortgage companies require it. Some homeowners who do not have a mortgage, however, might not have homeowner’s insurance. In that case, the homeowner would be personally liable for your damages.

Report the injuries to the homeowner insurance company

Report the injury you suffered to the insurers immediately. If you hire a Corpus Christi personal injury attorney to help you, they will take the claim reporting process over for you, so you don’t have to worry.  Taking too long to report your injury after slipping and falling at a home in Texas, may cause insurance companies to second guess your claim. Get the details of your claim on the record with homeowner and report your injury as soon as possible.

Making claims against homeowners

Some homeowners may not give you the name of their insurer. The may also refuse to report possible injury claims to their insurer for fear of their coverage being canceled. The only thing to do in such cases is to sue the homeowner with the help of a qualified Corpus Christi slip and fall lawyer. Once the insurance is tracked down and a claim is made against an insured owner, the insurance company will assign an adjuster to your case to evaluate it. Always ensure your Texas injury attorney is present before you speak to any insurance adjuster.

Was the homeowner negligent?

For you to have a premises liability case after falling at a home in Texas, you must be able to prove that the homeowner is not only liable for your fall but also that his/her negligent act caused the fall. Just because you slipped and fell on someone else’s property does not mean the owner was negligent. The homeowner insurance will not cover your damages if it results from your carelessness, but if it was their fault you got hurt, they were likely negligent, meaning you have a claim against the homeowner and their insurance, for your slip and fall injuries.

Common Types of Residential Slip And Fall Accidents

  • Staircase Accidents
  • Accidents on Rugs, Carpets, or the Floor
  • Slipping on Ice or Snow on the homeowner’s property
  • Tripping on a Broken Path or Sidewalk

Contact a slip and fall accident lawyer in Texas today

If you have recently been injured after a slip and fall accident in Corpus Christi, you should contact the injury attorneys in Corpus Christi at The Patel Firm PLLC. The Corpus Christi slip and fall lawyers at The Patel Firm PLLC have the legal knowledge and personal dedication to ensure that you receive the representation and compensation you deserve. We are known to be great advocates of victims of slip and fall accidents in Corpus Christi and all over Texas, and we are ready to help you in your time of need. Our Corpus Christi personal injury lawyers will fight aggressively until justice is served and you are compensated.

Please can call, text, or email our Corpus Christi personal injury law firm any time for a free legal consultation. 24/7/365, someone at The Patel Firm PLLC is ready and waiting to speak with you. Contact us now. Give us a call at (361) 400-2036.

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