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Who is responsible for a slip and fall accident in Texas?

Thousands of slip and fall accidents happen every year. The cause of these accidents ranges from wet floor, defective stairs to a rough patch of ground. In these instances, the owner of the property can be held responsible for the accident. However, it is difficult to legally prove that a property owner is responsible for the injuries you suffered when you slipped or tripped.

Property owners have a duty to act carefully so that slipping or tripping would not happen on their property. They have an obligation to secure their swimming pools, trampolines and other so-called “attractive nuisances.” However, visitors also have an obligation to be careful and watch where they are going.

Determining Liability

Before you can hold an owner responsible for the injuries you sustained when you slipped or tripped and fell on his or her property, you need to be able to prove that one of the following is true:

  • The property owner or an employee on the premises must have been responsible for the spill, worn or torn spot, or other dangerous surface that caused the accident.
  • The premises owner or operator knew of the unsafe or dangerous surface but did nothing before it caused an accident.
  • The premises owner or operator should have known of the dangerous conditions because an ordinarily prudent person would have known under the same circumstances and removed or repaired it.

Did the owner act reasonably?

Negligence claims are always based on whether the accused party acted reasonably. To determine if a premises owner acted reasonably, one can check whether efforts were made to ensure the premises was safe and clean. Here are some questions you should ask to determine whether a property or business owner acted reasonably.

  • Did you trip over an uneven or bulging area of carpet, or you slip on a wet surface, had the dangerous surface been there long enough for the premises owner to have known about it?
  • Was poor or broken light the cause of your accident?
  • Was there a safer place to place what caused you to trip or slip and fall?

If the owner is found to be at fault in at least one of the answers you provided, you have a case.

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