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Types of slip and fall accidents

1) Standard Premises Negligence Case: This case is based on the fact that an unsafe or defective condition on a premise caused an injury.

Examples: A person slips as a result of oil spills on the floor. A person trips and falls as a result of hidden extension cords.

What you need to prove in this case:

  • There was an unsafe or defective condition on the property
  • The unsafe condition led to an accident which caused an injury
  • The property owner created, knew or should have reasonably known about the unsafe or dangerous conditions.
  • The owner failed to fix or warn visitors about the condition before the accident that caused the injury occurred.

2) Negligent Activity: This case involves a claim that a property owner’s employee caused an injury to another person while actively performing some activities on the premises.

Example: An employee trying to take something at an elevated height knocks something down on to a person below.

What you need to prove in this case:

  • An employee fails to act in the required manner, causing an injury to another person.

3) Negligent Undertaking: This involves cases is which property owner undertake to render services or perform some duties to another which is necessary for the protection of the other’s person or things. Negligent undertaking cases in this context typically involve a landlord/tenant relationship.

Example: A landlord promises to fix a problem with the house wiring, but fails to so which causes electrocution and injury to the tenant.

What you need to prove in this case:

  • The premises owner or landlord agrees to perform a duty that would not have otherwise existed
  • The accident victim or tenant relied on the landlord to perform that duty
  • The injury was as a result of the premises owner’s failure to perform that duty.

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