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Drunk Driver Hits Corpus Christi Home

A suspected drunk driver hit a car at an intersection before crashing into a home on Friday, October 19, 2018, according to KIII-TV.

Details of the Corpus Christi car accident

Just after 6 p.m. on Friday night, October 19, 2018, a driver traveling at an intersection on 6000 Block of Cresterrace Drive rear-ended another vehicle who was stopped at a traffic light, causing another drunk driving accident in Corpus Christi.

The impact of the DWI crash in Corpus Christi was so violent, it pushed the car it rear-ended into the street before smashing into a home just in front of the street. The house the drunk driver in Corpus Christi hit was occupied by a family, including two sisters who were watching T.V. They ran outside after they heard the impact of the Corpus Christi car wreck. They observed the driver of the vehicle that caused the drunk driving accident in Corpus Christi that caused the damage, was knocked out, and his passengers were fleeing the vehicle. The Corpus Christi homeowner said the car ended up just some feet away from his one of his daughter’s room. The suspected Corpus Christi drunk driver was taken to the hospital and officers said he could be facing felony charges.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Cars from Crashing into Homes?

Homes close to intersections are at a greater risk of being hit by a car. To prevent this, there are a number of safety measures that can be put in place to make sure that such homes around intersections and sharp bends do not suffer an increased risk of accident or injury. Such preventive measures include

  • Setting appropriate speed limits
  • Installing proper signage and traffic signals
  • Building of physical barriers to protect the buildings
  • Repairing any road defect

Contact a car accident lawyer in Corpus Christi

If you or someone you love has suffered an injury after a car accident in Corpus Christi, Texas, call The Patel Firm PLLC’s Corpus Christi car accident lawyer Minesh J. Patel who can guide you through the process. After a Corpus Christi car accident with a drunk driver, it is important to speak to a personal injury lawyer in Corpus Christi that can help you understand your rights.

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