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Five mistakes to avoid after a Texas truck accident

The aftermath of a Texas trucking accident is as much scary as it is confusing. Victims often have to deal with a new reality- the injuries sustained in from the truck accident may require urgent medical treatment. This can all be overwhelming, and lead to mistakes that may not otherwise happen. In the event of a trucking accident in Texas, it is important to hire the services of a qualified Corpus Christi trucking accident lawyer, to ensure insurance companies do not short-change you or try to take advantage of you.

The following mistakes should be avoided at all costs after a Texas 18-wheeler accident:

1) Refusing medical treatment: it will be difficult to prove that the injuries or symptoms you discovered days or weeks after the truck accident are related to the auto accident if you decline medical treatment immediately after the truck wreck. Medical records documented based on doctor findings after a trucking accident can go a long way to helping prove the severity of your injuries.

2) Not calling the police: Even if nobody sustains any major injury after a truck accident, it is essential you call the police to the scene of the auto accident. Truck wrecks with an 18-wheeler or semi-truck require the police to come to the scene so damage can be properly documented.  The police can assess the situation, interview witnesses and document a report that will become key to any lawsuit against the truck company, or lawsuit against the truck driver that may follow.

3) Posting about accident on social media: This can be particularly detrimental to any lawsuit filed against a truck company in Texas you may have to file. Insurance companies for truck companies can easily go through your social media account and scrutinize whatever you discussed with the hope of twisting your words to argue you are not damaged from the truck wreck.

4) Failing to gather useful information at the scene of the truck crash: one of the things you should do after any type of car accident is to get the driver, vehicle, and insurance information from all the parties involved. You shouldn’t wait for the police or any one else to do this for you. Always ensure you have the necessary information before you leave the scene of the auto accident.

5) Failing to call a Texas truck accident lawyer immediately: Many car accident victims waste too much time before hiring the services of an accident attorney after a truck accident in Texas. They expect that insurance companies will treat them fairly, only to discover this is far from the truth. Often times, injury victims are taken advantage of by insurance adjusters trying to save the trucking company money but short changing you.  Call an experienced truck accident lawyer in Corpus Christi immediately after any truck accident in Texas.

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