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Man killed by an SUV after surviving a motorcycle crash in Desoto

After surviving a motorcycle crash, a man was killed while trying to make his way off a freeway in DeSoto according to CBS DFW.

Details of the motorcycle accident in Desoto, Texas

The motorcycle accident in Desoto, Texas happened on Interstate-35, near Parkerville Road, around 1 a.m. on Friday, August 31, 2018. According to police, the driver of the motorcycle lost control of his bike and was thrown off it while riding with a group of other motorcyclists. He survived the initial Desoto motorcycle accident, but then was tragically hit and killed by an SUV while trying to get out of harm’s way. The southbound lanes of I-35 in the DFW area were shut down for hours pending police investigations. The SUV driver that hit the motorcyclist causing the Desoto car accident after the initial motorcycle accident, has not been charged with a crime at this point.

Leading causes of traffic accidents in Texas

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the following were the leading causes of vehicle accidents in Texas in 2016:

  • Reckless lane change: 37,523
  • Uncontrolled speed: 32,155
  • Tailgating: 26,954
  • Disregard stop sign or light: 22,500
  • Failure to yield – stop sign: 21,598
  • Driver inattention: 19,126
  • Distraction in vehicle: 12,424
  • Failed to drive in single lane: 10,835
  • Unsafe speed (under the limit): 9,148
  • Faulty evasive action: 7,858
  • Failure to yield – turning left: 5,246
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol: 5,108
  • Failure to yield – private drive: 3,589

Vehicle types in 2016 involved in car accidents resulting in death in Texas

  • Passenger cars: 1,915
  • Pickup trucks: 1,341
  • SUVs: 907
  • Motorcycles: 497
  • Tractor-trailers/semi-trucks: 403
  • Vans: 141
  • Trucks: 111

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